Birthday Tribute to Arman!

Happy Birthday Arman!

I will devote one post for your special day tomorrow, February 9, because you've been a huge part in the success of this blog site. Two of the entries I posted some months ago: Legendary Splendor of Niagara Falls and Central Park in New York, drew tons of readers and drove a massive traffic to this site and I'll credit it to you, because if not for those fascinating pictures of yours I could never post such entries here, and OMG!! I don't know how to thank you! You're so awesome!! I'm forever grateful with your immeasurable kindness.

Thank you so much Arman for being so nice to me even though we have not met yet, you have a golden heart that shines in all corners. Thank you for supporting me in my blogging passion, for giving me permission to publish your photos and for allowing me to "explore" your photo albums! You're such a great blessing! I could never thank you enough for your generosity! 

I know you love to travel too and has a great inclination in photography, though your tight schedule limits the possibility of allowing you to embark into a lengthy travel adventure, I still wish you can really find enough time to explore your favorite holiday destinations and takes thousands of pictures of nature and beautiful landscapes and all those stunning scenery of the mother earth!

Thank you for always listening to my stories and for sharing your wonderful travel experiences around the United States, it sends some fits of thrill to my travel-inclined brain, so fantastically great! Having heard those stories of the changing of the season and the magnificent environment especially the New England region and other destinations pumped my mind with so much inspiration to do a photo trek someday. 

And yeah, I love your stories about Autumn because it's my favorite too, the changing of the colors of the leaves, the subdued, tranquil environment, though I have no idea how it really feels like being in a place during Fall season, I am just day dreaming!

Thank you so much for everything!! May you have a wonderful celebration out there. Wishing you abundance in life and may God will continue to shower you with fantastic graces from Heaven, may He will protect and guide you in every step, every decision you make.Wishing your special day be filled with so much joy, peace and everything that can make you smile. Wishing you also safety in the environment especially during your travel, may you have an unruffled routine in the workplace, and yeah, take extra mile to rest too :-D

Happy Birthday!!!



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