I'm Joyce Lamela, travel and food blogger from the Philippines. I also blog about fashion trends and world royals.

I am passionate about writing my story of adventure and exploring new places. I love to travel, I love nature and photography. And taking photos while on the road is my way of sharing to the world how moments transform into beautiful memories when we travel.

There's always a unique story in every adventure, and this is what I want to record in this blog to inspire others to travel and explore the world.

People call traveling a luxury. I call it life! There's something in traveling that I find very liberating, it's the joy and excitement of discovering other places, marveling at its breathtaking natural wonders and spectacular landmarks, exploring culture and tradition and learning from its history.

I travel not only to escape the clutters of everyday life in the city but also to see the other side of life beyond my station, I want to experience how it feels like being in a completely different environment, different atmosphere, different culture and learn something new.

I travel because life does not end in the surrounding I currently lived. It revolves around and the discoveries are endless and priceless and the memories are eternal. Traveling picks up my appetite in life.

Basically, I love writing, and scribbling my travel exploits is something I find very fulfilling. During my travels I would closely observe the activities, the culture, the lifestyle of the locals, and record the details in my diary. It's a good way of keeping the memories alive.

My ultimate dream, however, is to embark into a grand leisure trip abroad, Europe, the Caribbean, French Polynesia, Japan, are some of the world's best holiday escapes I longed to visit. I am also dreaming to experience Autumn in the New England region (USA) particularly in Maine, or spend a week in the Alps in Switzerland, or see King Ludwig II's fairytale castle in Bavaria, or experience Cherry Blossoms festival at Springtime in Japan.

Another passion is landscape photography. I love taking memories with the environment. It's a poetic statement how traveling provides inspiration and energy. And embarking into a long road trip, taking photos of everything I would see in the surroundings and writing travel memoirs are life's greatest wonders that I would like to indulge for a lifetime.

I love being close to nature, the scenery of the lush tropical environment, breathtaking vistas, mountain landscape, beautiful sea side, cool and breezy countryside provide a different level of excitement. Nature tripping is my ultimate definition of experiencing life to the fullest.

I hope I could travel to far away places and some off-the-beaten track destinations to delve better into the fascinating world of adventure and travel.

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I am a country girl by heart. I love being in the countryside. The mountains. The seaside. The breeze from the wilderness. The scent of flowers and freshly-cut grass. The silence. Everything! Countryside makes me pause for a moment and think life in the correct perspective. I like the tranquility that nature provides.I hate parties and never hang-out with friends. I love being at home, it's more peaceful, more quiet and I have all the freedom to work on my two passions -- writing and cooking. But in a strange twist of the story, despite being a homebody, I love traveling to the core! I was born and raised in the province of Surigao del Sur at the outskirt of Mindanao peninsula, nestled between mountains and the sea, facing the mighty Pacific Ocean, this explains why I love beaches and the countrysi


Unknown said…
Joyce Lamela ! I also love travelling. Basically I am a tourist and like to visit historic and attractive places around the world. I think the best way to commemorate the trip should write in my diary. I visited Europe before my bus to washington dc tour with my family. It has different kind of attractions like’s historic, natural places, Wonder places, Museums, attractive Park and beaches. During tour we do lots of funs there. The atmosphere is especially enormous.
Joyce said…

Thanks for posting a comment here. Wow! You travel a lot, that's so wonderful and you've been to many places! You're one lucky guy hope I can do that in the years to come too!
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