Welcome to Gourmand Travel Guide!
Thank you for dropping by and checking this page, but before introducing this site, let me share with you how I came up with the name of this blog.
I wanted to name it as The Tasty Trip or Traveling Gourmand because the initial concept of creating this blog is to integrate the dishes/food I tried and discovered during my travel.
However, both names are no longer available as a domain address. So I thought of another name combination that still reflects the concept of food and travel, and so I settled with the Gourmand Travel Guide.
Angkor Park in Cambodia
Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia
Gourmand is a French word for a person who has a huge appetite for fine dishes and drinks, in other words, Gourmand means a connoisseur of food. And since this is also a travel blog, incorporating Gourmand and Travel as the blog title makes sense.
My goal in creating this blog is to share my travel story and food trips, my travel experiences, the beautiful destinations I visited, restaurant reviews, and food discoveries during my trip.
Thus, this blog is all about food finds, restaurant reviews, tasty dishes, travel destinations, budget trips, and beautiful places I explored, sharing my personal experiences on the road and flavor.
Phnom Pehn Cambodia
Local food discovery in Phnom Penh City, Cambodia
This travel blog was originally created in 2010, however, I kept changing the names and web address for the last nine years until I settled with the Gourmand Travel Guide name in 2018.
So this site, with its new name, is quite new on the web. However, old travel posts can still be read, some have been updated to provide you accurate information about the place.
Please feel free to send me a message should you want a collaboration. I am open to any opportunities regarding travel collaboration. Just hit the "contact us" page of this site to send me an email.
Tuscany Italy Travel bucket list
Tuscany, Italy
This site is not solely about my personal travel adventure but also about travel features. I wrote special topics about some of the world's spectacular holiday destinations and places I dreamed to visit someday, to give you an idea where to go next.
Some destinations I featured are based on my personal research and readings about the world's best holiday destinations as suggested by travel sites, magazines, and travel books.
The joy of traveling
I always love traveling because of the fulfillment it offers. Exploring other places, discovering culture and history.
I am a nature lover and my definition of living life beautifully is a regular sojourn to the countryside, islands, and beaches, and exploring new places.
Traveling is such a welcome respite and a good breather from the sordid life in the city. It is a perfect sanctuary for a tired body and mind, a balm for a weary soul. It allows us to seek peace and calmness in another place and helps relieve tension and anxiety.
So be with me in this adventure and learn from my experience on the road as I share my travel and food discoveries.
This is a taste and trip of the Gourmand Traveler, be inspired by my travel story and experiences. Do not let fear and worries hold you back from pursuing your travel dream. There's an unexplained joy and satisfaction when we explore other places.
Stay motivated and hopeful. Motivated people can get whatever dreams they set in their minds. Do not wait for the right time to come to start planning your travel adventure. The right time is NOW.
Let's explore, wander, and eat!

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