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Thank you for dropping by and checking this page But before introducing the activities, features and services offered by this site, let me share to you first how I came up with the name of this site.
Gourmand is a French word for a person who has a huge appetite over fine dishes and drinks, a connoisseur of food. My goal in creating this blog is not only to explore travel destinations but also to explore different cuisines, culture and leisure adventure. And share my exciting stories of adventure, learning, discoveries and experiences to the world.
Thus, this blog is all about food finds, restaurant reviews, fine dishes, travel destinations, budget trips and beautiful places in the world, sharing experiences about the trips and practical guide to traveling and food adventures.
This travel blog was originally created in 2010, however, I kept changing the names and web address for the last nine years until I settled with Gourmand Travel Guide name in 2018.
So this site with its new name is quite new in the web, but most contents had been written for more than five years. And have been updated to be more informative.
Tuscany, Italy
This site is not solely about my personal travel exploits, it also features other spectacular holiday destinations around the world, places I've long been dreaming to visit.
Some destinations featured are based on my personal research and readings about the world's best holiday getaways as suggested by travel sites, magazines and travel books.
I always love traveling because of the fulfillment it offers. Exploring other places, discovering culture and history, marveling  at the unique landmarks are always fun, it offers new avenues of learning.
Angkor complex, Cambodia
I am a nature lover and my definition of a quality life is a regular sojourn to the countryside, mountains and beaches and feel the stillness of the earth.
Traveling  is such a welcome respite and a good breather from the sordid life in the city. It is a perfect sanctuary for tired body and mind, a balm for a weary soul. It allows us to seek peace and calmness in another please and helps relieve tension and anxiety.
So be with me in this adventure and learn from my experiences as I share to you my discoveries on the road and flavor.
This is a taste and trip of the Gourmand Traveler, be inspired with my stories and feel free to share it to others.
The world is a beautiful place of great wonders just waiting to be explored. Let's explore and wander!

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             -  Joyce Lamela, Admin