Cherry Blossoms destination in Asia

It's springtime! The charming view of the Cherry blossoms rises to its glory in spring so now is the perfect time to start planning for a Cherry blossom travel.

In Asia, there are three countries known for their Cherry blossoms wonders: Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. And if you want to experience the best of the Cherry blossoms travel, check these stunning Asian destinations to score travel deals. 

The charm of Cherry blossoms

Why people are so fascinated with Cherry blossoms? Perhaps due to its spectacular hue that epitomizes happiness, romance, and timeless beauty.

Visually enticing and charming to the eyes and senses, Cherry blossoms are the depiction of fantasy. Seeing a sea of pink flowers in the surrounding feels like a fairytale, a vision of charm and smoothness, as if the whole environment is soak in sweetness. 

The Asian region offers some of the best destinations to witness this myriad beauty of pink.


Japan, no doubt, is the world's most popular destination to experience the best of the Cherry blossoms adventure. Sakura is part of the Japanese landscape and one of the country's significant symbols of spring. 

Best Cherry Blossoms destination in Asia
Cherry Blossoms in Japan. Getty Images

Although Sakura trees are grown and cultivated around the world, none matches Japan's pandemonium of blush pink petals.

It's everywhere in the country, framing city canals, blanketing mountains, and countryside with the sea of pink - and with it, the scenery of happiness and endless beauty of nature.

Best Cherry Blossoms destination in Asia
View of Mt. Fuji in springtime. Getty Images

Japan is home to the finest Sakura trees in the world where springtime saw the whole country cloaked in the charm of pink.

It's difficult to predict the peak of the Cherry blossoms season in Japan, however, most travel guides to Japan suggested March to April as the best time to travel to the land of the rising sun.

Where to experience the best Cherry blossoms travel in Japan?

1. Kyoto - This ancient capital of Japan tops the list of best places to witness the charm of the Cherry blossoms season. The full blooming season starts in the middle of March and lasts until mid-April.

In springtime, the imperial city of Kyoto transforms into a pink of paradise. Everywhere is filled with charming sights of the flowering Sakura trees. The grand palaces, ancient temples, and ornate shrines. and traditional "machiya" houses clad in Cherry blossoms comes springtime.

Although all of Japan is swathed with magnificent Cherry blossoms, Kyoto offers the most stunning scenery of the blooms. 

Head to the Kyoto imperial palace, Kyoto botanical park, Maruyama-Koen park, and Philosopher's path for the most thrilling cherry blossoms adventure.

2. Yoshino - A town in Japan's Kii Mountain, east of Osaka. It is the gateway to Mount Yoshino, known as the mountain covered with thousands of Cherry blossom trees. It is Japan's most popular Cherry blossoms viewing point.

Cherry blossoms typically start in late March down to early April when the blooms reach their full beauty. The range of elevation varies so the blooming season is scattered by a couple of days between the Shimo (lower), Naka (middle), and Kami (upper).

Yoshimizu shrine, Kinpusenji temple, and Nakasenbon park are the best spots in Yoshino to experience the best of the Cherry blossoms season.

3. Osaka - A bustling city of Japan famous for its authentic Japanese cuisine, Osaka is one of the country's best destinations for the Cherry blossoms experience.

Its famous landmarks - Okawa riverside, Osaka Castle, Kema Sakuranomiya park, Osaka Mint Bureau, and Tsurumi Ryokuchi park - are famous backdrops of sakura trees where the surroundings burst into the sea of blush pink.

4. Lake Kawaguchi - It is located on the border of Fujiwaguchiko and Minobu towns in southern Yamanashi Prefecture. This lake shines the best of its charm during Cherry blossoms season.

It is where the view of Mt. Fuji, Japan's highest peak, can be best enjoyed. And its glistening beauty rises in springtime, especially in mid-April.

One of the nicest spots of Cherry blossoms viewing is at the seaside promenade near the Kawaguchi Music Forest. 

However, travelers are being warned that Mt. Fuji is not visible the whole day at Lake Kawaguchi as clouds obstruct the view of the mountain, especially during hazy months. The best time to see its charm is in the morning and near the afternoon.

5. Yoyogi Park, Tokyo - This 134-acre of massive cherry blossom trees and greenery is one of the most charming spots in Tokyo for a Sakura tree bloom viewing. It is famous for picnic-at-the-park during springtime.

6. Nakameguro, Tokyo - It is considered the best neighborhood for Cherry blossoms viewing. Each springtime, between the last week of March and early April, its canal-like waterways teemed with brilliant pink blooms. 

The highlight of the season is Nakameguro Sakura Festival where shops and restaurants sell Cherry blossoms-inspired items along the canal.

7. Shinjuku Gyoen - A huge park and national garden located in Shinjuku and Shibuya in Tokyo. It is home to more than 20,000 trees with approximately 1,500 varieties of Cherry blossoms, thus, the best spot to experience the Cherry blossoms viewing comes in spring.

Shinjuku Gyoen is scattered in three different garden styles. The French garden, the English garden, and the Japanese-style garden. It is the best spot to experience the best of nature in Tokyo.

However, unlike other spots in Japan for cherry blossoms viewing, Shinjuku Gyoen is not free. It has an admission fee and opens from 9:00 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon.

8. Hiroshima Ueno Park - Located in Shobara city in the Hiroshima Prefecture, Ueno park is famous cherry blossoms viewing spot. In spring, the Sakura blooms around the pond create a spectacular scenery of beautiful pink blooms.



Ever since the K-pop trend makes a sweeping wave across the Philippines, Filipinos cannot get enough of South Korea. However, this country has so much to offer other than K-dramas and K-pop idols. 

Apart from Japan, South Korea is a popular Asian destination for Cherry blossoms. And there are many spots in the country where travelers can witness the full blooms of Sakura trees in spring.   

Best Cherry Blossoms destination in Asia
South Korea. Getty Images

1. Jinhae, South Korea

Jinhae-gu is a district in Changwon city, South Korea surrounded by mountains and pines and famous for its irresistible Cherry blossoms at Yeojwacheon stream and parks. 

It is at Jinhae port where the largest Korean spring festival takes place, the Gunhangje festival where Cherry blossoms are on full display. It is organized in the first week of April and visitors will have the best Cherry blossoms experience in the city of Changwon.

2. Gyeongju, South Korea

Cherry blossoms season in South Korea starts in late March and runs until the third week of April. This period offers the best Cherry blossom experience in this amazing country.

To enjoy the full blossoms viewing, travelers are advised to head to Gyeongju, the ancient Silla capital home to many historic sites.

During the Cherry blossoms season, Gyeongju has many festivals attributed to Cherry blossoms including marathons and performances. Gyeongju is accessible from Seoul through the KTX train of the express. 

3. Seoul, South Korea

The capital of South Korea is itself a myriad of beautiful things to see for travelers. It has century-old palaces, sublime gardens, and skyscraping buildings. However, it's in its bustling streets that travelers see the eclectic beauty of Seoul.

In April, Seoul celebrates the Yeouido Spring Flower Festival. Visitors can witness a myriad of Cherry blossoms' beauty along the Hangang River. It's said to be filled with other eye-catching blooms such as forsythias, deutzia, and azaleas.

Seoul Cherry blossoms viewing includes fringe activities like street performances and fireworks. So if you want to visit Seoul for its finest beauty, consider visiting during springtime.

The beautiful spots in the city to see Cherry blossoms:

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace
  • National Palace Museum
  • National Folk Museum of Korea
  • Changyeongqung
  • Seokchon Lake
  • Insa-dong where cherry blossoms and traditional Korean houses give an aesthetic pleasure

4. Jeju island - known as the "Hawaii of Korea", the island lies in the Korea Strait. It's where the spring season comes first, thus, Cherry blossoms can be first experienced at Jeju island. During this season, Jeju island teemed with Canola flowers and magnificent Cherry blossoms.

Seongsan Ilchulbong Sunrise Peak, a UNESCO world heritage site, Hallim park, and Mount Sanbangsan, are the best spots to experience Cherry blossoms on Jeju island. The peak of Cherry blossoms season on Jeju island is between mid-March and early April. 

5. Busan - A cultural hub of South Korea and its second most populous city. Its beaming skyscraping buildings roll spaces between green mountains and beaches, while beautiful bridges span across the sea.

Busan is not only a beautiful place to explore the culture and modern life of South Korea, but it is also a great spot to view Cherry blossoms.

Gamcheon cultural village, made up of colorful houses built on the foothills of a coastal mountain, made Busan a beautiful Cherry blossoms destination as this vibrant town transform into a village of timeless beauty with Sakura trees.



While Japan and South Korea are the most popular destinations in Asia for Cherry blossoms in springtime, Taiwan is not far behind.

Best Cherry Blossoms destination in Asia
Wuling Farm, Taiwan. Getty Images

However, unlike Japan and South Korea, Taiwan has no specific forecast for the peak of the Cherry blossoms season.

Blossoming of its Sakura trees varies each year but generally, the best time to see Cherry blossoms in Taiwan is around January to the early part of April.

Spots to make the most of Cherry blossoms experience in Taiwan

1. Alishan Forest Recreation - a mountaintop recreational area surrounded by lush forest and rolling tea farms. Famous for its spectacular sunrise and hiking trails, it is also a popular destination for Cherry blossoms travelers. It has a festival called the Alishan Cherry Blossoms festival that runs midway through March and early April.

2. Qingjing Farm - Located in Nantou county, in the quaint Taiwanese town of Qingjing, the farm is famous for its picture-perfect view of Cherry blossoms.

There are beautiful scenic spots in Qingjing farm to view Cherry blossoms, at the Sakura trail and Guanshan trail. The best time to go is the Middle of January to the middle of March.

3. Wuling Farm - Located in the Heping district of Taichung, Taiwan, Wuling Farm yearly organized a Wuling Farm Cherry blossoms festival between February and March. What makes this location uniquely different from other spots in Taiwan is that it is home also to a sweeping 30,000 Cherry trees. So there's a lot more to see at this farm than just Cherry blossoms.

4. Wuji Tianyuan Temple - A stunning Taoist temple located at the foothills of Datun mountain in Danshui, just 30 minutes from Taipei city, so it's a bit accessible to travelers. 

It's one of Taiwan's best spots for Cherry blossoms viewing. What made it a beautiful travel destination at springtime is its breathtaking scenery. Cherry blossoms adorned the ornate 5-tiered pagoda and dozens of romantic lanes lined up with Yoshino cherry trees.