Travel experiences, tips and other travel sharing....

I was born and raised in the province of Surigao del Sur in Mindanao, Philippines. I studied college in Davao and took up residence there when I landed a job in the university. In 2013, I moved here in Manila after obtaining my master's degree to explore other opportunities and make the most of traveling around Luzon.

Why do I travel? 
I travel to live and see the wonders of the world. I travel because I want to experience life beyond my station, life revolves and there are many things waiting to be discovered. I want to explore other places and share to the world my stories of discoveries and learning and my experiences of visiting other places.

Foreign Travels:
Hongkong and Macau in 2013
Vietnam and Cambodia in 2015

Luxurious Beach Travels:
Pearl Farm, Davao (Philippines) in 2012
Boracay, Aklan (Philippines) in 2013

Ambitious Travel on the planning stage:
England, Scotland and Wales. Every time we talked about this trip, which I often called a futuristic trip, I would laugh endlessly because it sounds as if I will be taking a trip to the moon! I really have no idea where to get my budget but my friends are determined to make this very ambitious trip happens comes 2016 and our friend, Maria Ashton, who is currently based in Manchester, England, is already very excited to welcome us. Oh, but I am not really certain if I could go with them on this trip. 

Philippine Travels: 
Baguio City
Cagayan de Oro City
Cebu City
Davao Regions (countryside and beaches)
Kidapawan City

Favorite Travel Memories: 
In Pearl Farm Resort at the Island Garden city of Samal, Davao province. Together with friends in the University, we stayed in a detached house floating by the sea, facing the placid Davao gulf. The feeling was terrific because we're above the water. Pearl Farm is known for its ultra-exclusive accommodation and world-class customer service and for 24 hours, I was able to experience it. 

Being able to wake up in the morning, hear the tender splashing of the sea water, smell the fresh ocean breeze and no work assignments to worry, though it was not the first time I experienced these perks because I grew up in a coastal area in Surigao del sur and already accustomed to a sea life, it was superb because it was in Pearl Farm where privacy equates luxury. Pearl Farm is located at the foot of the mountain in Samal Island so it offers both the privilege of experiencing a mountain scenery and a beach atmosphere.

Unforgettable Travel Memories:
During our Hongkong travel. I was traveling with my friend, upon our arrival, we were clueless where to find the immigration, we did some exploring inside the airport. After presenting our passport at the immigration, our next concern was where to exit and locate the bus going to Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. We kept on asking people inside the airport but their broken English exasperated us. 

Finally, after one hour of walking and wandering, we figured out where to go (I was carrying a piece of paper where I wrote the direction of the bus station hehe!) and located the number of the bus going to Tsim Sha Tsui. We kept on laughing while inside the bus. We disembarked at station 14 and easily located the address of Delta Hotel where we stayed for three nights.

When my friends and I visited Cambodia we also experienced so many uncomfortable moments but we laughed it off and considered it as part of travel adventure discoveries.

Discovery in traveling is really on the bloopers and slip-ups because that's what adventure is all about!

Amusing Travel Discoveries: 
I discovered that in Hongkong, drivers don't actually give change and the fact that they speak little English, communicating with them concerning your change and fare is a little bit difficult, so it is really a must to buy an Octopus Card when traveling to Hongkong. 

Another discovery in Hongkong is about transient inns, these are budget lodging houses that offer very affordable rates but in a stark contrast to traditional hotels, they don't actually offer comfort. So if you are not prepared with the inconvenience of staying in a very small space with no hotel feel do not book for a transient inn, but if you are a practical, budget-conscious traveler like me who does not care about comfort as long as it is affordable and conducive for sleeping, then it suits you.

Another amusing discovery was also during our trip in Vietnam and Cambodia, due to different culture and languages we had a difficult time communicating with the locals, but we were able to wind it off and had fun with the trip.

Things to look forward in Traveling:
I always prefer a scenic atmosphere of nature when choosing a travel destination, I prefer it than the city feel, so the things I always look forward in traveling is visiting a garden, a park with lots of elements of nature, flowers, trees, pond, lake, landscape sort of things.

Things I Lost while Traveling:
My precious UV protection, computer-coated eye glass. I lost it in Macau and I was extremely disappointed because I only bought it three months back before the travel and quite expensive. I lost it while strolling around The Venetian.

Best Travel Food experience: 
At Pearl Farm Beach resort. It was so scrumptious and ultra-delectable. I love the Swiss baked chicken with cheesy sauce!

Worst Travel Food experience:
I could not think of anything as I am not choosy when it comes to food, I eat whatever I find when I am on the road. Food provides comfort so I always make it a point to have something to munch during travel especially if it is a long road trip.

Dreamed Travel Destinations:
I've lots in my bucket list. Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Greece, France, Monaco, Mexico, French Polynesia, New Zealand and Bavaria in Germany are some of my dreamed holiday destinations. I wish to experience Spring travel in Japan to see Cherry Blossoms or an Autumn travel in New England region in America to see the terrific foliage. Mustique in the Caribbean is another dreamed travel destination.

Travel Fulfillment:
Having a travel buddy who would go with me on a holiday adventure. Someone who shares my passion and interest in traveling and photography. I am planning to publish a book also about my travel adventure.

Best Travel Tips:
  • Determine your budget for the trip.
  • Plan the travel ahead of time, do research and read other traveler's testimonies about the place you will be visiting. This is to avoid wasting your money and wasting your time.
  • Draft a concise itinerary ahead of your trip.
  • Depends on what type of adventurer you are, the best tip I can give if you really want to learn from your travel and experience the best of it - do not book for a tour guide, discover the place by yourself, always do a research and be cautious.
  • If you're traveling under a tight budget, make sure you only carry a light pack bag to avoid the cost of paying extra for a check-in bag. 
  • Avoid stuffing your bag with unnecessary things. 
  • Bring a small map or print the direction of the hotel you'll be staying, including the spots you're going to visit.

You may share your Random Travel Thoughts by posting your comments here. What type of a traveler are you? And what's your best and worst experience in traveling, discoveries and learning?