I often associate my unforgettable experience in travelling with the terrific foods I tried in a particular travel destination, so I always make it a point to document all the dining adventure I made when travelling :-)
Here are some of the best appetizers and mouthwatering dishes I tried while having a wonderful time exploring the places.

Swiss baked chicken style at Pearl Farm

If there’s one thing I truly love about dining at Pearl Farm it’s their ultra-mouthwatering European dishes! I had the best time of my life while spending dinner at this world-class resort!

Swiss baked chicken

The Swiss baked chicken with melted parmesan cheese was insanely scrumptious!!Oh so yummy!!! I wrapped up the meal with mixed vegetables in savory sauce, pasta, fruits and desserts.

With P1,500 stab dinner for each person, you would never want to leave the restaurant without trying all those dishes that lined up in the food stations!

Makis! (Sushi Dito, Pearl Farm, Sangkai and Rai Rai Ken)

Okay, I am a certified Maki girl. I love this Japanese food and could not be contented with just ten slices of whatever maki available in the dining table.

Kani Cheese Maki-Shushi Dito
California Maki-Rai Rai Ken
California Maki--Sangkai Japanese Restaurant Davao City

I would devour Maki insatiably! So if you want me to shut up while dining, just give me one bowl of any kind of maki and my attention will be focused on it hehe!

Two of my very favorite Makis are California and Kani Cheese, simply delectable!! The best California maki I tried was at Sangkai, an authentic Japanese restaurant in Davao City. Rai Rai Ken also offers the best variety. Sushi Dito, another restaurant in Davao City that offers oriental cuisine also has delectable makis. Their Kani Cheese maki is extra savory!Yum yum…

Creamy Carbonara (Café Demitasse, Pearl Farm) and Baked Penne (Kangaroo)

I love pasta, I prefer it than pizza and burger.  My favorite pasta recipe is carbonara. Whenever I am in a café house there’s no other item in the menu I would excitedly look forward other than carbonara.

Oh-so-yummy Carbonara!

I like its very creamy white sauce and the spicy taste. It makes my dining experience more amazing and comforting. But I prefer Carbonara that has a little sweet than plain cream.

Hongkong's Roasted Chicken with hard- boiled Egg, hungarian sausage and Vegetables

Hongkong foods, as I often heard from other Filipino travelers, are not as pleasing as people would think because of its too oriental appearance and taste.

Roasted Chicken meal
Fresh sushi I tried in Hongkong subway resto

But when I visited Hongkong last June 2013 and dined at one of the food courts in Admiralty, I find the food appetizing and delectable.

For my lunch, I chose the roasted chicken menu. It has vegetables side dish and hard-boiled egg. On the following day, after strolling around Avenue of Stars in the Victoria Harbour, I and my friend spent lunch at the subway and I chose Sushi with oriental noodles.

American Starter At Villa de Oro in Boracay

It sounds revolting but American starter menu is equally bulky as consuming a full meal breakfast.

I chose this menu for my breakfast while staying for two days in Boracay last July 2013. It was awesome and I had a full stomach after the meal!

American starter consists of two toasted club bread with honey and butter as filling, two slices of ham and two sunny side up eggs. I finished the meal with one cup of tea and one banana.

Lutong Macau? Hehe

In the Philippines, we have this strange expression Lutong Macau which refers to the winner in a contest believed to be heavily favored by judges and already voted even before the start of the contest. It might be an odd and unfavorable expression, but when it comes to food Lutong Macau is simply awesome.

Taking lunch in Macau

Spicy rice meal

I tried one local dish when I visited Macau last June 2013. It consisted of roasted Hungarian sausage and spicy rice accompanied by hot tea.

Foods at Razon of Guagua

If you’re visiting Manila, don’t forget to drop by at any Razon’s restaurants. This restaurant offers the best savory foods that satisfy hunger. 

Lunch time at Razon's
Delectable halo halo!

The outlet I would recommend is the one in McKinley Hill, Taguig. They have a unique sizzling bulalo and oh-so-yummy halo-halo cooler.

Mushroom Burger, Tagaytay

I am not a burger person but this variety truly rocks! When visiting Tagaytay, aside from taking a bite at Bag of Beans, drop by at Mushroom Burger junction along the Aguinaldo Highway, they are offering a very tasty burger stuffed with cultured mushroom.

More food features coming up! check this page regularly to read my "delectable" reviews!