Traveling! They call it LUXURY, I call it LIFE…
And this is my mantra:
Dream. Explore. Discover. Learn. Live. Read. Eat. Find a travel buddy. Be with someone. Fall madly in love. Have fun and make each moment perfect. Because LIFE revolves! It does not stop in the workplace or in the house, there’s a bigger picture out there waiting to be discovered!
I love to travel because it opens wider opportunities for learning and new discoveries. It enriches wisdom and develops self-confidence. Knowledge becomes wider and experience becomes richer. It makes life more fulfilling and incredibly amusing.
One thing I love about travel planning is the excitement of choosing a holiday destination and the fun of drafting an itinerary, it revitalizes my boring days and energizes my tired soul. 

When traveling, I never worry too much about money because I am a budget traveler. I always stick on my budget plan. I never worry also where to sleep or where to dine, I can sleep anywhere even in a shabby transient inn and I can eat anything. I am not choosy! What I am after is the discovery and the unique experience I would gain.

I wish to write a book about my travel exploits someday, complete with pictures and vivid descriptions of the magical places I visited, thus, planning for another road trip or aspiring a grand foreign travel is very crucial. Hope to invest also on a decent and practical digital camera to realize this goal.

Here’s my dreamy travel bucket list.
Never mind if the list sounds far-reaching or too ambitious, the most important thing is – I have a goal to work on, a sense of direction to follow, a hope to cling to and unwavering drive to make things happen. It gives me a reason to be motivated with life, to work hard, to find ways and to keep things going. 

  • BAGUIO CITY (Philippines) Visited: April 2008, February 2014
  • BRAZIL (it's my dream to visit the breathtaking Iguazu Falls)
  • BAVARIA in GERMANY (To view Neuschwanstein Castle)
  • BORACAY (Enjoy the tropical beach and walk on the ivory sand) Visited: July 2013
  • CAMBODIA (I want to see Angkor Wat) Visited: January 2015
  • CAMIGUIN (Philippines) Visited: April 2010
  • ENGLAND (I love everything about England)
  • FRANCE (Visit the Palace of Versailles)
  • HONGKONG AND MACAU (affordable hehe) Visited: June 2013
  • ILOCOS REGION (Philippines)
  • ITALY (Rome and Tuscany in particular)
  • JAPAN (To see Cherry Blossoms)
  • MALAYSIA (Just want to see KL)
  • MEXICO (It beaches are dreamy)
  • NEPAL (Want to see the Himalayas)
  • NEW ENGLAND REGION (Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts. to experience Autumn)
  • NEW ZEALAND (I like the natural scenery)
  • PALAWAN (Philippines)
  • PEARL FARM (A world-class resort in Davao) Visited: August 2012
  • SCOTLAND (My favorite!)
  • SINGAPORE (The quickest get away)
  • SONYA'S GARDEN, Tagaytay (Cool and Romantic)
  • SOUTH KOREA (I want to see the stunning Jejudo Island)
  • SWITZERLAND (Another favorite next to Scotland)
  • THAILAND (In Phuket!)
  • VIETNAM (very historic and intriguing) Visited: January 2015
Dream, dream, dream!!!

...and to top it all, I want to....

1. Travel around the world and walk among the castle ruins in Europe, visit museums, see the frescoes and classical work of arts of Renaissance artists.

2. Stay for a month in Scotland or Italy or Switzerland and learn from their culture, enjoy the beautiful sunrise and watch the world starts another day in a fascinating place!
3. See the enormous vineyards in Tuscany, Italy, walk around and feel the soothing breeze of the winery region, visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa and try an authentic provincial Italian cuisine at one of the medieval villages in Sienna.
4. Stay for a day in Vatican City, hear mass at St. Peter’s Basilica, pray at Sistine Chapel and view the magnificent paintings of Michael Angelo, visit the tomb of St. John Paul II at the catacombs and wait for the Pope’s Blessings at St. Peter’s square
5. Chill at the terrific seaside of Santorini, Crete and Mykonos in Greece. Spend the whole afternoon walking around its sugary beaches.
6. Visit Cotswold or Cornwall in England. Do fishing, catch salmon, sit at the lake side and be awed at the poetic scenery of nature in Grasmere, England. 
7. Visit Balmoral Castle and Isle of Skye in Scotland. Enjoy a countryside trip to Gloucestershire and drop by at the beautiful gardens of the Prince of Wales in Highgrove Estate. 
8. Stroll around Windsor Castle in England or Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany, learn from its majestic history and enjoy the royal atmosphere that these romantic castles provide.
9. Try a ferry ride crossing the English channel from Dover to Calais. Visit the imposing Eiffel Tower, have a good time at Champs-Elysees, and enjoy a royal adventure at the gorgeous garden of Palace de Versailles.
10. Watch the romantic foliage at Autumn in New England Region in the US, feel its breezy atmosphere while resting at a park bench. Go horse back riding in a Texas ranch. 
11. Take a million pictures of Cherry Blossoms at Spring in Japan. Play with snow and learn skiing in Klosters or Zermatt, Switzerland at Winter. Try Ice Skating in Vienna, Austria. Explore Tulip farms in the Netherlands. Cool down in French Polynesia or Mustique at Summer.

13. Enjoy the amusement rides at Tivoli Gardens in Denmark or see the land of the midnight sun in Norway.
12. Explore the historic regions and provinces in the Philippines. Take an endless weekend road trip to any point in Luzon: Tagaytay, Batangas, Albay, Camarines sur, Ilocos Region, La Union, Benguet.

Life is truly a fascinating journey and I envied those individuals who are fearless enough to leave their regular day-job and become full time travel bloggers, exploring the world and sharing their amazing travel stories. 

Everyday, I am contemplating hard how to find ways to realize my long time dream to spend the rest of my life writing and traveling. Office job is not really for me, and each day feels like hell in the workplace. But I am hoping one of these days, I am fearless enough to pursue my passion.