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Monday, May 7, 2012

Precious Garden Resort

May 07, 2012 2

Location: Babak, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao Province
Entrance fee in the restaurant is free as long as you will order food!

After spending lunch at the GAP farm, we're off to Precious Garden resort in Samal. We rode a jeep from Maa going to Magsaysay to catch a bus ride for Samal Island. The ride took more than an hour. The bus will travel to the island via barge, don't worry it's not scary, you just have to sit comfortably at the bus and just look around and enjoy the scenery. Most of the time, sea water that divides between Davao City and Samal Island is very calm and no big waves to worry.

Precious Garden can be reached through a tricycle ride from the city road where buses passed, fare is only Php10.00. 

 The garden restaurant

Honestly, I love this resort. So relaxing!! The beautiful landscape, the tranquil environment and the food, everything was fascinating! The atmosphere of the restaurant is ultra comforting, felt like I was in Italy!! Precious Garden originally is a restaurant until the owner decided to convert it to the resort, developing the surrounding to create a tropical atmosphere in a European setting, sooooo spectacular! Its pizza recipes are worth trying.
At Precious Garden and because I was extremely tired, I looked so irritated here hehe!

It has a two-story hotel within the garden for visitors who may want to stay overnight, the rooms are directly facing the neatly-trimmed landscape of tropical plants and flowers. The structure of the hotel is so romantic because all its rooms have verandas where visitors can relax overlooking the garden and the beach side. 
Restaurant area
The beach side area of Precious Garden, just a walking distance from its restaurant

The pre-nuptial photo shoot went through successfully as we planned and we enjoyed the rest of the day in the garden. We ordered pizza and after resting for a while we moved to the beach side to watch the romantic sunset. Its beach resort is just a walking distance from the restaurant.

We went back to Davao at 6:00 pm.

Precious Garden accepts booking for wedding events and other special celebration. For more information, please visit Precious Garden site here

Thursday, June 17, 2010

RMPC Beach Resort

June 17, 2010 2
RMPC beach resort

RMPC beach resort is located in barangay Camudmud, Babak district, Island Garden City of Samal. It is one of the most magnificent beaches in Mindanao with sunkissed white sand and crystal green water. What I love about this resort is its spacious ground and comfortable cottages at affordable rates. Plus you can organized fun games with friends due to its wide playground. Unlike other resorts, RMPC allows visitors to bring food and drinks without additional charges.

This resort offers a relaxing atmosphere especially at night. When we had an overnight stay here last May 2010, we enjoyed the night resting at the ground talking with friends under moonlight because cottages are quite far from the beach side so we'd all the freedom to laugh and talk without disturbing other occupants. 

The quiet environment of the resort is very ideal for a perfect holiday get away. There's enough time to loosen up and unwind here, the crystal green water is super fabulous and seemed sparkled at the rays of the hot summer sun. The resort can be reached through a bus ride or via ferryboat. Visitors may choose to spend meals either at the lined-up waiting sheds or at the table provided within the ground.

Cottages of RMPC Beach Resort 
With friends during our overnight stay at RMPC in May 2010

RMPC Beach resort is a safe place for everyone because it is not located in an open-sea but smacked in a secluded countryside of Samal Island under the backdrop of trees and mountain, perfect for a well-deserved vacation. Aside from its spacious ground, the resort has trees lined up along the beach line protecting visitors from the scourging heat of the sun. The idyllic environment is a welcome respite and a good venue to unwind with friends and family. Cottages are not directly facing the sea but covered by some trees and plants, so visitors can be assured of a very private accommodation.

relaxing environment of RMPC

Rates vary, depending on how many nights you will stay at the resort, but the rate is very much affordable even during pick season at summer. Each bedroom of the cottages can be comfortably occupied by two to three persons.

The most ideal way of going to this resort is by taking a boat ride from Sta. Ana or Sasa Wharf, travel time only takes an hour. Life at this beautiful beach is more tranquil, fascinating and relaxing, it has a very friendly area where people are free to frolick with in the ground, the beautiful atmosphere of the countryside adds a more amazing experience with in this beach.

You can make an advance booking at the resort just reach the management through this telephone number: (082) 302-7501. For rate inquiries, click the price list below to enlarge.



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