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Monday, February 8, 2021

Love In The Bubble. Four Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day in The Time of Pandemic

February 08, 2021 0
Valentine's day 2021 - Love in the bubble

So, officially the world will celebrate Valentine's day in the bubble (at home). 

The pandemic really kills everything in our lifestyle, plans and connection to everyone. First the holiday season, second the family reunions, and now the Valentine's day. 

What else is there to be hopeful for? 

Of course life itself. Let's be grateful that despite the rampage of COVID-19, we are safe, healthy, and not in the hospital under ventilator. And that's enough.

So, how about the day of hearts? 

That's Sunday! What a perfect day to mark the occasion, if only we are free to go out, enjoy the day, go somewhere, have some great dinner or movies, and lots of fun and laughter with friends and loved ones. But we are still not out of the woods with coronavirus. Sulk!

So, how can people mark the occasion when social distancing and health protocol are still very much in place? And wearing face mask and social distancing rules make everything so inconvenient and annoying?

Fret not! Here are some ways to make this Valentine's day, still a day of love, happiness and blessing:

1. Home Celebration

Yeah, where else but home? 😄We need to come to terms with our destiny that this V-day, we will stay in the bubble, and mark the occasion at home. 

The old adage that goes: home is where the heart is, will surely have great meaning at this year's Valentine's day due to the global pandemic. Home is the safest place right now on earth. Outdoor fun is out of the question.

Home celebration is ideal too because it is less than expensive. With the ongoing health and economic crisis, the last thing we do is spend and splurge. The home bubble spares us from further trouble in our finances.

Home Valentine's moment

So how will you celebrate the day at home without feeling any less? Perhaps you could cook a simple but special meal, whip some desserts or refreshment then have a romantic setup in the living or dining room or stay Alfresco in your veranda or garden.

It's as romantic as dining outside plus it's a lot cheaper. One year on since the pandemic curtailed everything in our lives, we become expert adapting to the new normal of the pandemic. Home dinner is one.

You can transform your home into a beautiful space of love and happiness with all those cute goodies and embellishment sprucing up your living room.

2. Alfresco dining

Or you can dine outside but in a careful setup where health is safe. 

If there's one thing the pandemic really altered the way we dine outside it's the social distancing setup inside the restaurant. It's pretty inconvenient having a two-seat apart thing when you're in a group. 

The mandatory social distancing rule tends you to sit in a separate table, one meter away from your companion. You need to labor when you speak, and put face mask while you talk. So it's pretty much uncomfortable. 

But there are restaurants in Metro Manila that allow you to sit beside your group and no distancing rule is required if you choose the Alfresco setup.

Alfresco dining at Blackbird

Blackbird in Makati city is a great place to spend dinner or lunch this Valentine's day. It's a relaxing place with trees around the Ayala gardens surrounding the area. Its Alfresco dining is superb, breezy atmosphere and they offer great food! 

Check my blog about Blackbird HERE.

3. Movie marathon at home

Or better yet do some movie marathon at home. After all, it's Sunday!

I remember people rushing to watch movies comes Valentine's day in the previous years. However, since the pandemic shutoff the world, all cinemas, concerts and other form of entertainment and leisure were stopped since last year.

Perhaps, staying at home and do some movie marathon is the best way to mark the occasion. Here are five of the most romantic movies to devour this coming Sunday, and don't forget to prepare pancakes and potato chips because popcorn is so outdated. 😄

Check Here some of the best romantic movies to devour this Valentine's day like chocolates for a woman's heart

  • Moulin Rouge (Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor)
  • This Means War (Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy)
  • The Cutting Edge (D.B Sweeney and Moira Kelly)
  • Down To You (Freddie Prinze Jr and Julia Stiles)
  • Sleepless in Seattle (Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan)

4. Love bomb your friends/loved ones

So what the hell is this? It's not that you're sending explosive stuff to your friends and loved ones just to let them know how much they mean to you this Valentine's day.

And if you are single like me this Valentine's day, don't sulk! 😂

The pandemic makes a lot of people single due to the home quarantine anyway. So just this consider V-day as a passing moment, but never mop or feel sad. 

We can be single and still happy. Remember that happiness is just a state of mind.

The act of giving actually boosts physical and mental health, so this Valentine's day, channel your energy by showing your care to your friends instead. 

Love exists in so many places, not just in a romantic way. Showing gratitude and affection to others improved our mental sense. It alleviates symptoms of depression. 

Love hamper gift

Here's how to love bomb your friends:

  • Send them heart-shaped cookies
  • Write personalized notes and send in their social media
  • Send letterbox flower delivery
  • Gift them afternoon tea set (I love to receive this 😂)
  • Curate a love-themed hamper basket or grazing board

Afternoon tea set gift
Afternoon tea setup at home

Silver living in the dark rays of pandemic

In every crack window, there's a spark of light filtering through open holes. So don't be so disheartened if you cannot enjoy the celebration like before. Just keep in mind this situation is only temporary.

One bright light that we can look forward despite this difficult time is that we can save massively. Our finances would not get hurt because we're staying at home.

For lovers, a lot of things to forward to. Just cherish each other's presence and demonstrate your affection in a different way, more handy and personal. Like, uhmm, sending notes to remember? 

This Valentine's day is cheaper. It will keep your purse safe and tight. No more splurging and spending at the mall. You can save a lot. It's a great blessing. 

Happy Valentine's day!

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Here's A Trendy Office Giveaway Idea This Pandemic Holiday Season

December 05, 2020 0
Grazing board

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! But we're still in the middle of the pandemic crisis, physical gatherings, office parties and family reunions in time for the holiday season still not possible. 

It's going to be a while before we could gather and enjoy a cozy office party, again, however, the pandemic should not be an excuse for companies not to give their employees the traditional Christmas basket giveaways. 😜

It's what makes us excite in the workplace comes December. The thought of it brings delight to our worn-out system no matter how simple, cheap or chic the package 😂  

Grazing board by Edible Box

Christmas basket and holiday office giveaways do not necessarily appear grandiose and elaborate, a simple basket is enough to inspire us this pandemic holiday, and reminds us that despite this difficult time, companies still cared for their employees.

There are creative ways to pack for trendy office holiday giveaways. Grazing board is one. Chic and creative but can be prepared in a simple version depends on the budget. 

Grazing board is a perfect idea for the holiday season during this dark period of the global health crisis. It's a feast to the eyes! And the way the goodies are curated in the box ignite our festive mood. And brings excitement!

Grazing board ideas 

Grazing board is the same as preparing a Cheese platter or Charcuterie board. It is a large tray or board loaded with assorted delights, mostly wine, premium cheese, fruits, biscuits, charcuterie, small bread and nuts curated artistically to tickle our gourmet fantasy. 

It's a quintessential party tradition in some parts of the globe and has been cherished for years as the most stylish and trendy way to entertain guests or give someone a gourmet gift. 

Grazes by Mrs.Reyes

The rule of thumb for grazing board giveaway is that it should be food in small bites like bread, cake, chocolates, premium cheese like Cambebert and Brie, fresh fruits, charcuterie and nuts and has a bottle of wine.

Chic and trendy 

Grazing board meant for office giveaways this holiday season, there are grazing board businesses in Metro Manila ready to pack for corporate or even personal orders that fit every budget. And it will be delivered straight to your doorstep!

Here are the most recommended:

1. Grazes by Mrs. Reyes

Grazing board of Mrs. Reyes comes in different sizes: Moyenne, Quadro, Grand box and Platter. Both can be ordered for corporate and personal giveaways. 

Grazes by Mrs. Reyes
Ready to pack for giveaways

Usually it consists of 3 premium cheeses, 3 antipasti, caviar cake, grapes, chocolates, olives, dried cranberries, almonds, walnuts and red wine. Price starts at 1,000. For inquiry and order, check their instagram.

2. Lele Cuisine

Grazing box of Lele Cuisine

Their grazing board is 9x9 and good for two to four persons. Usually consists of 3 premium cheeses, three premium cold cuts, grapes, olives, dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, biscuits, baguette slices, with a choice of white or red wine. Price starts at Php850. For inquiry, check their instagram.

3. Edible Box Co.

Grazing box of Edible Box Co

Their grazing board comes with a choice of white or red wine or scotch, two kinds of cheeses, two types of charcuterie, truffle honey, crackers, roasted nuts, olives, cocktail onions, fresh and dried fruits and dark chocolates. Price starts at 3,250 per board. For inquiry, check their instagram

4. The Grazing Home

The Grazing Home creation

Currently, they have one grazing board creation size good for five persons. Price: Php1,500.00. The board contains a premium assorted of cold cuts, cheeses, fresh and dried fruits, breadsticks, nuts, crackers and Ferrero Rocher. For inquiry, check their instagram.

5. CASED Gifts

Located in Marikina City, CASED Gift offers a smorgasbord of flavorful charcuterie delights in a hard box with a wine of your choice.

Grazing board of CASED Gift

Their grazing box, which comes in a premium hard box with a note card, consists of four premium cheeses, grapes, roasted nuts, crostini, sea salt rosemary crisps, salami, pastrami, Australian raspberry jam, petit beurre, cornichons, almonds, and dried dates. Price starts at Php1,500.00. For inquiry, visit their instagram.

There you go! A creative way to revolutionize your Christmas basket. Forget ham and grocery items. 

Grazing board is a yummy and fancy way to give this pandemic holiday. The way food curated in the box is enough to ignite our holiday festive mood. 

If you've no idea what's really a grazing board, here's a bit of information.

What is a Grazing board?

Grazing takes from the word "to feed", like cows munching grass in the grazing fields. The idea is to feed someone with yummy goodies in small bites that can really make tummy full.

Traditional grazing board

It is usually consists of premium cheeses (Cambebert, Brie, Gouda etc), charcuterie (prosciutto, salami etc), dried and fresh fruits, crackers or biscuits, small cakes, nuts and wine. A complete meal in the party.

Happy Holidays! 🎅

The next time you have party gatherings at home, office or anywhere, consider this idea of preparing a grazing platter or grazing board for a change. It's a yummy and creative way to enjoy the food and party. 

Happy Holidays everyone. Have a safe celebration wherever you are! 🎄🎉

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Five Romantic Restaurants in Metro Manila For A Cool Valentine Dinner

February 12, 2020 0

It's another valentine season capping off this week. What makes it a little splendid to mark the occasion is that it falls on Friday, a great day to  let our hair down, unwind and take some breather elsewhere. 

For people who are planning to celebrate the day of hearts over food in a relaxing atmosphere, here are some cozy restaurants in Metro Manila to consider:

Lemuria Gourmet, a French restaurant

Haven't gone to this place yet but based on popularity among food bloggers, Lemuria topped the list of the most romantic and best garden restaurants in Metro Manila. Its specialty is French Mediterranean cuisine and has a good selection of high quality wine.

Ambiance is awesome based on reviews by food bloggers, perfect for a relaxing dinner. Its location in a private village assures diners of exclusivity and a quiet moment while indulging on great French dishes.

Menu Categories

  • French Mediterranean style
  • Pork, chicken, beef, lamb
  • Seafood: prawns, fish
  • Dessert, pasta, soup, appetizers 
Due to the influx of diners during special occasion, reservation is recommended, either by placing a call or through their website. 

This is a French and Mediterranean inspired restaurant, sumptuous French dishes and great wine will surely tickle your Valentine evening.  

Dinner budget starts at Php800.00 per head. Lemuria Gourmet's exact location is at 5 Julieta Circle, Horseshoe Village, Quezon City.

Ninyo Fusion Cuisine

For couples or even group of friends who do not want too much noise and throng of a large crowd when dining, Ninyo Fusion Cuisine is an ideal place to spend dinner comes Valentine's day. Love is in the air also at this restaurant because they offer romantic dinner packages for couples.

Menu Categories

  • European and Asian dishes
  • Salmon, fish, pasta
  • Meat selections, dessert
  • Oysters, soup
Dinner packages on valentine's day include a romantic table set-up for two, customized decorations, food and wine. This restaurant serves a great variety of European and Asian dishes and of course wine. Dinner budget starts at Php600.00 per head. Located at 66 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

Blackbird Restaurant

Indoor dining at Blackbird Restaurant

Touted as one of the 50 best restaurants in the world in 2019, Blackbird ranked 49th in the list of a London-based publication and taste maker, Monocle. 

Outdoor dining at Blackbird

It prides itself as one of the most romantic dining places in Metro Manila with cool dining atmosphere, great food selections and awesome table setup. Situated at Nelson Tower in Makati, the restaurant offers a perfect view of the gardens in Ayala Triangle.

Menu Categories

  • European, Asian dishes
  • Lamb, chicken, pork, beef, seafood
  • Dessert, pasta, salad
  • Appetizers, soup
Now that's what makes this cozy restaurant an ideal place to dine comes valentine's day. 

Washed off in white and wood hue interior, the place has different dining sections to set the mode for the night. Its minimalist, yet classy, interior pleases senses for a homey atmosphere. 

Check my related blog about dining at Blackbird HERE

Blackbird offers a chic and delicate menu of European and Asian cuisines . Dinner budget: Starts at Php700.00 per head. Address: Nelson Tower, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City. Website: Blackbird at Nelson Tower

Basil Restaurant

Basil Restaurant

I spent my birthday dinner here last year with a female friend. I love the place, very quiet, relaxing, subdued, ideal for a smooth valentine dinner. The place is surrounded with trees and tropical plants and the interior is spruced up in great Asian vibe. 

Menu Categories

  • Authentic Thai cuisine
  • Grilled chicken and pork
  • Asian-influenced menu
  • Salad, desserts, soup

The warm furniture, classic chandeliers and earth tone table and wall provide a much-needed relaxation for diners. 

The dishes are authentic Thai recipes and equally sumptuous. Best items in the menu: Grilled pork and the chicken cashew nuts are so extraordinarily savory and luscious, perfectly concocted to achieve that sumptuous Asian flavors. 

They also offer soup, seafood, appetizers and salad. Dinner budget starts at Php300.00 per head. Basil restaurant is located in White Plains, Quezon City.

Galileo Enoteca Deli

Philippine Tattler recommended this restaurant as one of the most romantic dining places to consider this Valentine's day. Set in the middle of the bustling city of Mandaluyong, Galileo Enoteca Deli, by name itself, is an Italian restaurant serves authentic Italian pasta that accompanied with exquisite Italian wine.

Menu Categories

  • Mostly Italian recipes
  • Pasta, fish, meat
  • Desserts, coolers

The restaurant will provide guests with a relaxing Italian countryside dining experience with its flavorful selection of Italian delicacies and winery. 

According to its instagram profile, they offer romantic packages or set of meal for two this valentine's day, selections can be picked at its website. 

Galileo Enoteca Deli. Dinner budget starts at Php700.00 per head. This relaxing place is located at 80 Calbagoy Street corner Malinao Street, Mandaluyong. 


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