Mergrande Ocean Resort is a paradise with in the city of Davao. The name itself beckoned a haven of happiness and excitement, taken from the coined words Mer, a French term means Ocean and Grande, a Spanish word means Great.

At the large shoe structure within the fairytale mini-park of Mergrande

Strategically located within the beachfront of Bago Aplaya, Talomo District, just a few mile drive from downtown Davao, Mergrande Ocean Resort is a wonderful choice for people who want to relax in a resort with a mini-themed park. There's a beautiful Disney-like themed park within the area so it will be an exciting vacation treat for kids.

(The elaborate private park within the resort)
At the receiving hall of the resort

A perfect venue for parties, celebrations, family reunions and seminars, Mergrande Ocean Resort offers a spacious function area just beside the pool. Amenities and facilities include a pavilion, exclusive villas, billiard hall, a mini-fairytale castle, a structured-maze, swimming pool, a golf course and a tennis court.  Visitors can enjoy the magnificent sunrise at the seaside which is a short walk from the cottages.

Playground area of Mergrande

At night, Mergrande is a picture of loveliness and serenity, the lively environment is filled with lights and ornaments. The pathways leading to cottages are trimmed with flowers, grass and plants. It has a detailed pavement developed for a more comfortable stay.

Categorized as a class A resort in Davao City, tourists are assured of peace and warm accommodation. You can reached Mergrande Ocean Resort through a jeepney ride en-route to Toril, Davao City just disembark at Dumoy district. From there, you can catch up a pedicab/trisikad ride all the way to the resort.

I had an overnight stay with my friends) in Mergrande last August 2009. The cottage we rented was good for 3 persons Php 1,500 air-condition, since we're five in the group, we paid Php200.00 each for the two excess heads. We did not go swimming at the beach because the waves were erratic we might drown hehe! We stayed at the pool which was exciting and fun because there was a slide to play on.

Mergrande's entrance fee is only Php 50.00 and swimming pool entrance is Php 60.00 (adult and child). Visitors are allowed to bring their foods but alcoholic drinks has a corkage fee.

For more information of this resort, visit their official website here.