Greece in Europe enthralls international travelers, especially those who love beaches and romantic seaside, due to its numerous islands and lovely coast line. The country is blessed with spectacular beaches with sun-kissed shorelines, crystal blue water and breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. It is also a country where tourists can step back in time and marvel at its beautiful Neoclassical architecture and several ruins. However, the major draw of Greece remains to be their beaches.

The Mystical Beaches of GREECE!

Greece boasts captivating beaches and historic villages. The mystical islands of  Santorini, Myconos, Crete, Piraeus are just some of the country's charming destinations. Voted by the Blue Flag Campaign (BFC) as the country with the second-highest number of clean and well-maintained beaches in the world, Greek islands accomplished the criteria of BFC which include water quality, environmental management safety and fabulous beach surroundings.

Here are three of Greece's most gorgeous islands:


 Above Photo: Beach in the Greek Island of Crete


 The irresistible Greek Island of Mykonos believed to be the birthplace of 
the Greek god of the Moon, Apollo.


Aqua green water of the mystical island of Santorini, world archaeologists at one point released a study revealing Santorini as the real ATLANTIS, the legendary island which was mysteriously sank at the bottom of Atlantic Ocean.

If you are outside Europe, traveling to these breathtaking dreamy Greek island destinations might be a real burden to your budget but with careful planning and determination everything is possible and you can make things happen. So why not take the first step now---save and save.