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An Escape to a Paradise!

Here are some of the world's most spectacular holiday destinations where we can witness the most beautiful and romantic sunsets according to Beth Greenfield of Forbes Magazine. These two European villages are known for its legendary sunset viewing and romantic beaches.

Pronounced as "Ia", Oia seemingly belonged to the ancient world of Greece. It is a quiet village located in Santorini, a mystical island of Greece where many archaelogists believed it as the true "Atlantis" the lost continent. Oia is known in the world for its magnificent and spectacular sunset and picturesque surroundings. 

Travelers will be treated to a beautiful and quiet countryside of Oia with narrow streets, blue house roofing, sunbathed verandas, cultural attractions like its maritime museum, art galleries, taverns, tourist shops and cafes.

Oia is perched above a beautiful cliff where the sparkling cobalt water of the Mediterranean awaits below. The tranquil surrounding and the soft sea breezy air are enough to lure travellers to take a repeat visit to this amazing village in Greece. For more information how to get to Oia, visit THIS SITE


Definitely one of Europe's best holiday destinations among the rich and the famous because of its popular club party houses and romantic seaside, Ibiza is beautifully located along the Mediterranean Sea in Spain not far from the island of Mallorca. 

Ibiza is being called the world's capital of electronic music because of several party clubbing houses. But beyond electronic music and clubbing lifestyle, Ibiza is also popular for its sun-kissed shorelines, gorgeous beaches and crystal blue water where sunset can be seen at its best.

Night life is very lively at Ibiza that's why it is the favourite holiday destination among the upper class, Prince William, Prince Harry and Princess Caroline of Monaco's children are just some of the frequent visitors of Ibiza. Its cool cafes, restos and hotels will surely delight travelers.

For more information how to visit Ibiza, visit this TRAVEL GUIDE SITE



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