Everyone dreamed of embarking into a Tuscan holiday  and who would not be? It's probably one of life's greatest indulgences!

It's one of my ultimate wishes in life too. Aside from Cornwall and Cotswold in England, St.Kilda in Scotland and Klosters in Switzerland, another European destination I am dreaming to visit someday is the region of Tuscany in Italy.

Famous for its three romantic and artistic cities: Florence, Pisa and Sienna, Tuscany is home to several historical landmarks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and medieval castles. It is in this province that, well according to various sources, travelers can taste authentic, home-made Italian cuisines, pizzas and wines. I am not into pizza (I hate it) because I don't like the taste of crust bread so maybe I would just choose other traditional Tuscan foods like Pappardelle sulla lepre or Crespelle Crepes with Aperitif.

I've been fascinated with Tuscany ever since I was a teenager because of its captivating countryside and enthralling landscapes and vineyards and this amusement was even intensified when I watched "Letters from Juliet" (which was entirely shot in Tuscany). 

I also read the blog of Lisa Jobs, a Harvard communication graduate and eldest daughter of the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, where she described how wonderful and fulfilling to be in Tuscany and how she had hoped to live there. Oh God, me too!!

Lisa, whom the PC unit -- Lisa of Apple Incorporated, was named (though Steve Jobs denied it at first :-D), wrote a beautiful line in the last paragraph of her blog about Tuscany: "Italy is where the soul went to find calm and love and I want to hold the best of it at the palm of my hand".

The gorgeous countryside of Tuscany region

Tuscany is one of the most popular regions in Europe among travelers because of its unique historical landmarks and romantic holiday locations where everyone can freely stroll around its countryside and coastline with a soothing feeling of being "at home". 

Tuscany is home also to famous Italian geniuses like Galileo Galili and Leonardo Da Vinci. It is in this region where visitors can witness the rich artistic and renaissance culture of Italy. Tuscany's capital city is Florence, just three hours from Rome.

South of Tuscany overlooking the Mediterranean sea

Its fascinating villages, especially Sienna and Pisa, are just some of the favorite wedding and honeymoon destination choices among the rich and the famous. Aside from its romantic countryside, the region overlooked the fabulous Mediterranean sea with its gorgeous sparkling cobalt blue water beckoning below.

Authentic Italian wines are famous in Tuscany because of its vast vineyards particularly in the  chianti countryside. Someday, I know, this wish will come true.

According to a Tuscan holiday website, the best way to experience a relaxing holiday in Tuscany is to stay in a Villa with various choices from holiday farm houses to apartments and cottages. 

Most of these villas are directly facing a scenic view of the countryside, villages and beaches with rich verdant flowers and lush plants cascading nearby.

You may visit the Tuscan Holiday website for more details how to get there. Check this site