It's summertime in the Philippines!

The surrounding seems like a terrible "sun ball" already!Even in the morning, the sweltering heat of the sun is so unbearable that everyone would like to escape to a quiet beach or a scenic mountain to avoid being "roasted". 

Hmmm, with this current weather condition in the city, my longing to go back home is more intense than ever. Though there are several beach and mountain resorts in Davao City, I always feel that my home province is still the best place to hop in when I think of taking a relaxing and fulfilling "nature" adventure. 

I came from Surigao del sur, a beautiful province in the outskirt of Mindanao peninsula almost forgotten by many tourists because of its faraway location and underdeveloped neighbourhood. It is directly facing the mighty Pacific Ocean on the opposite side of Guam, Hawaii.. 

Due to the province's location in the Pacific, the place, no wonder, is endowed with breathtaking pristine and gorgeous beaches and stunning shorelines. The province lacks promotional machineries on tourism, thus, most of its finest beaches and countryside tourist attractions remain undiscovered and unheard.

Tourist attractions in the countryside include the Enchanted River in Hinatuan and Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, but unknown to many, Surigao del sur also houses some of the finest and pristine beaches in the Philippines! The province also has the longest coast line in the country with almost all sea side has no break water. 

When I was still living in the province, I and my friends would love to play around the coastline, waiting for the sunset to grace the earth, we would frolick around at low tide then we would pick sea shells, walking, traversing the vast area not knowing we already arrived in a different place!

Here are three of the undiscovered stunning beaches in Surigao del sur, one of these locations is my home town, the other two municipalities are our direct neighbours, 30 minute ride each.

We have our own Marihatag Tree Park beach, a government-operated resort not far from the town proper. Fronting the resort is the beautiful island which is still unspoiled because it is privately owned. It can be reached through a "bangka".
We call this "puro" or island in Marihatag
One quiet December afternoon at Marihatag Tree Park Beach

Two of our neighboring towns have terrific beaches too. Cagwait Beach Resort and Britania Group of Islands in San Agustin. With its sugary shorelines, sparkling green water and relaxing countryside, these attractions will truly make your beach adventure a fulfilling experience.

Britania composed of 24 islands and islets, it has a stunning blue and green water plus mangroves, rock formations and caves. If you are into adventure, then this place is surely the best destination for you. This beach side is still undiscovered so you will experience a very exclusive, private holiday adventure. San Agustin is just 30 minutes from our place (Marihatag) and roughly seven hours from Davao City. 
Britania Island in San Agustin
Ivory sand of Britania Group of Islands

Another terrific beach resort in our area is located at Cagwait beach resort. Reports claim that it is very similar to Waikiki Beach in Hawaii with its ivory sand and shimmering green water. The municipality of Cagwait is only next to my home town.
The stunning seaside of Cagwait Beach resort

I would love to go on adventure in my home town and two neighboring municipalities one of these days, next week maybe when I return home, Yeeey!So nice, why I have to dream to go to Boracay and other beaches when I am surrounded with spectacular seaside near the Pacific ocean?