It's holiday season! And while everyone is busy preparing for Christmas shopping list or searching gift ideas for their loved ones, I am making my own list of a unique holiday musing and stick to what I love doing most: Travel and Blogging  ^_____^

Here's the first of the many Christmas holiday travels I want to indulge in.


I love Christmas, it's the most wonderful time of the year and my happiest season! The mere thought of celebrating Christmas makes me to bounce in happiness and excitement, it brings warm memories.

I love the energy of the holiday season, the joy, the fun, the laughter and the vitality of everyone, the exuberance of the holiday rush and the foods to prepare! Seems there's an everlasting peace and happiness in the environment, the thought of Christmas alone gives me so much inspiration and delight, such a heart-warming feeling to relish!

One of the most anticipated elements of the holiday season I often look forward is the unveiling of unique Christmas ornaments by different establishments, felt like I am a child again staring at the vibrant Christmas decors in the surroundings, as if the magic of innocence did not end.

Whenever I travel through FX from Manila to Caloocan on weekend after work, my spirit is on high and truly relax because of so many sparkling lights in the street, it somehow eases the irritation of enduring the heavy traffic and the longing of missing home at Christmastime.

The magnificent Christmas lights at the Garden Restaurants area of 
Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

We're not able to witness the
Merry Musical Lights presentation because we went home before 7:00 pm
we plan to come back some other time to witness the show

Yesterday, I took a one day absent from work because I need to go to Greenhills, San Juan for an important appointment, after the meeting, I and my sister went to Greenhills Shopping Center to visit its Christmas lights and presentations area just across the Promenade, unfortunately the show will start at 6:00 in the evening and we need to go home early to feed our cats hehe! So I told my sister that we just come back some other time, we proceeded to Trinoma in Quezon City instead to view its lively Christmas lights.

Trinoma's Garden Restaurants area on the third floor transformed into a merry fairytale landia at night time because of so many elegant Christmas decorations, all its trees, plants and landscape were covered with beautiful Christmas lights. We seated for a while and took some pictures but unfortunately the show of Merry Musical Christmas Lights in the Garden will start at 7:00 pm, since we still have to travel for another one hour to reach home, we agreed to just come back some other time to witness the show.

Aside from Trinoma and Greenhills Shopping Center, there are other destinations in the city where people can truly enjoy the wonders of Christmastime. The Ayala Triangle in Makati city is just one of these destinations. With its spectacular 800,000 LED bulbs that come to life and dance in synchronization with Christmas medleys, visitors will surely be delighted. Mall of Asia, Star City, Policarpio street in Mandaluyong and Powerplant, Rockwell in Makati are other spectacular holiday destinations in the Metropolis where everyone can witness glamorous Christmas decors. With the exemption of Star City, people can visit these gorgeous displays of Christmas wonders for free, just visit the above-mentioned places beyond 6:00 in the evening to experience the glittery delights of the holiday embellishments.

I cannot wait to visit the Ayala Triangle in Makati sometime next week to view its extraordinary display of Christmas sparkles!

Asking where to go to take some souvenirs for Christmas 2013 memories under the twinkling and vivacious Christmas lights splendour? Here are some of the top picks and most recommended destinations in the Greater Manila Area.

1. Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
2. Ayala Triangle, Makati City
3. Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan
4. Mall of Asia
5. Policarpio Street, Mandaluyong
6. Powerplant, Rockwell
7. Quezon City Memorial Circle
8. Star City, CCP Complex
9. Roxas Boulevard, Manila
10. World Trade Center

It's 12 days before Christmas!!

Updated: December 27, 2013

Finally, just before Christmas Eve! I was able to visit Ayala Triangle in Makati City with friends to view its stunning display of Christmas lights!

After our strolling in Luneta Park and Intramuros, I and Lea went straight to Makati City to meet her cousin, Archel. We made some grocery shopping for our Noche Buena at SM Makati and Landmark then walked along the glittery street of Paseo de Roxas to be at the Ayala Triangle.

 At the lively display of Christmas ornaments in Ayala Triangle
 With Lea Maika
....and Archel

Ayala Triangle brings delight to everyone as it presents one of the most gorgeous sets of Christmas lights in the metro that dance in synchronization with Christmas medleys.