Is there a fantasy travel destination that's been hanging in your mind? And where would it be? How about the season, does it matters to you when you plan to travel to a particular country?

For a while, I pondered on my travel plan obsession and concluded, yeah it matters to me.

Although my dream tour is always in the British Isles, Italy, Bavaria and Switzerland, I'm also fascinated with other travel destinations elsewhere in the world outside the continent of Europe, West Indies and the American continent for instance :-)

And as with most travelers, I am heavily considering the season in a particular destination when planning a getaway because it is where the success of the travel partly relies. Surely, no one would visit a place under heavy rain or extreme hot temperature, it can be disgusting and downright disappointing. When I visited Hongkong and Macau last 2013 with some friends, I was extremely frustrated because the atmosphere was intensely hot and I wasn't able to make the most of that travel.

So I thought maybe Spring and Autumn seasons are more exciting. I am attracted with these seasons and often wish to experience it, maybe because my home land doesn't have it.

These seasons sound so cool and dreamy, as if transforming the environment into a picture of loveliness and serenity. While Spring gives birth to the gorgeous Cherry Blossoms and other stunning buds, Autumn provides the surrounding with a romantic sight of foliage turning to reddish orange. What could be more dramatic and interesting than traveling to a foreign land during these seasons? However this life-long wish remains to be a far-reaching dream and maybe it would take more years to roll before it could happen.

Well, let's just say, mind traveling is not a bad idea. Just to get a picture how it would feel like being in a place where Spring and Autumn seasons are possible.

Spring covers the month of April to May, but in some countries it kicks off around March and ends on the last week of May or the most, first week of June. Got to see some lovely pictures of other countries during this season and it's so awesome! 

Spring reflects brilliance and energy and watching trees and flowers spread its lively leaves and blooms is some sort of a relaxing ritual, both literally and figuratively. Oh I hope to visit Japan in the coming Spring to witness the gorgeous Cherry Blossoms. How I love the idea of spending a quiet afternoon, munching food and talking to someone under the vibrant Sakura tree! Oh ho!ho! Looking forward into it! 

Well, others might dislike the idea of watching the environment turns into gloom or having all those discomforting windy windy stuff, falling leaves and raindrops during Autumn or Fall, but I love it, those environmental scenes are so poetic and captivating. The refreshing tang of a soft breeze magnifies thrill and magic, feels like serenity is everywhere.

Autumn naturally occurs around September (though it sometimes occurs in the middle of August in other countries) and usually ends on the first week of November and since we are now in the second week of August, Autumn is just waiting to happen in other parts of the globe.

Going to a foreign land to witness Autumn is a very remote possibility, thus, I will just be gratified dreaming the stillness of the world during this season in my home country. While looking for some photos about Autumn around the web, I landed on Trafalgar Travel site. And behold! They are offering an Autumn Guided Tour!

Autumn Colours 2014 will take travelers around the, OMG!!! my favourite areas in the United States, the New England States!!!This breathtaking Autumn trip journeys around the picturesque countryside of Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine. 

Massachusetts is a very historical place among the six New England States, it is where the American Revolution was born, the arm struggle that had caused the 13 British colonies in the United States to declare independence from the British Crown in the 18th century. Boston triggered the conflict but the first shot that signalled the revolution was fired in the town of Lexington.

So traveling to the New England States at Autumn is more than just a leisure, it's like revisiting important history as well and learn from it, plus the surrounding is so relaxing, thus, making the experience of discovery and learning more awe-inspiring.

Cool surrounding in Massachusetts at Autumn
Photo image from the free photo stock
Lakeside in Vermont at Autumn. So amazing!
Photo image from the free photo stock

Here's the sample of the itinerary:

The journey will kick off at the lovely town of Boston in Massachusetts and will visit Boston's historical sites for few hours then up to the pretty town of Woodstock, strolling around the Acadia National Park and Cadillac Mountain in Maine. According to Trafalgar, Acadia is the first spot in the United States where you can see the sunrise, cool! Then the trip will take you to the vibrant colours of the New England Autumn and to the wooded valley of Pinkham Notch.

The guided tour will take you then to the Castle in the Clouds en-route to North Conway, it is an awesome stone mansion with a spectacular view of Lake Winnepesaukee. Crossing to Vermont, the tour will bring you to the breathtaking Green Mountains with a land area that spans from the tip of Vermont to Quebec in Canada. The Green Mountain National Forest, to which Vermont is very famous, is home to wilderness areas that offer soothing views of imposing mountains, streams, lakes, valleys and hill sides. 

In this aspect. the tour will not include Vermont's fascinating cities of Montpelier and Burlington but just cover the countryside areas.

Magnificent Autumn foliage at the Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont
Photo image from Wikipedia

From the Green Mountains and Ludlow village in Vermont, the tour will move back to Massachusetts (Oh, I love this song of the Beegees!) and to the gorgeous Berkshires! And view the enthralling Autumn Colours that made New England States very famous. There's a stop-over in Stockbridge to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum, the tour will continue to Springfield on the banks of Connecticut River then to the historical towns of Lexington and Concord. Then it's back to Boston.

What a terrific travel at Autumn in New England States! Visit Trafalgar for more exciting travel packages at reasonable rates, click HERE