LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. No, it’s not about what you think ^__^

It’s all about the glamorous landmarks and structures around the world that magnify the concept of LOVE, beyond the idea of Romance. More like an expression of creativity and art.  Oh! Whatever art means :-D

Two of the most popular landmarks in the world that are frequently romanticized by literary writers due to its glorious history are Taj Mahal in India and Windsor Castle in England. Ancient in existence and shrouded with legend and mystic, both are intricately built in opulence and grandeur.

Through books, we all knew how the beautiful white marble mausoleum, Taj Mahal in India, came into existence and why diarist, Samuel Pepys, dubbed Windsor Castle in England, as the most romantic castle in the world. But what some of us did not know  is Robert Indiana's iconic creation called LOVE.

Of course it does not sound like a certain ball of magic has just exploded in the universe with this discovery, but it’s fascinating to know that such tourist attraction existed! How and why Robert Indiana, an American artist, came up with this unique sculpture is a matter of great interest. 

The story behind this "Lovely" sculpture started in 1964 when Indiana designed a LOVE image intended for printing for the Museum of Modern Art's Christmas Card in Manhattan, New York. The design largely drew interest from other sectors that the artist consequently created his first LOVE sculpture in 1970, built in Cor-Ten steel in red and green, it was later put on display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in Indiana.

The sculpture quickly became a phenomenon and experts started analyzing the art work of Robert Indiana, one historian noted that the original image reflected Indiana's childhood orientation in attending a church's service where the only phrase he always saw on the wall was "God is Love". Others commented the image as full of "romanticism, somewhat religious and autobiographical".

And so it goes....

Years rolled and the image is being copied in countless forms and featured  in movies and TV series, which largely augmented public's curiosity about this famous work of art. LOVE then went on to become one of the most replicated sculptures in the world.

But the replicas in the United States look more stunning and exquisite, maybe due to its elaborate design set against the backdrop of elegant surroundings and high-end buildings. Its appearance, which gleam against the rays of a beaming sun, looks extraordinarily poetic, no doubt, every traveler dreamed to catch a glimpse of this gorgeous sculpture and take a snap. 

My ever kind friend, Arman Esmas, is one lucky fellow to have visited two locations of LOVE sculpture in the United States on a separate occasion. so grateful that he had given me permission to feature his photos here.

Arman at the iconic LOVE sculpture that overlooks the Love Park, officially known as The John F. Kennedy Plaza, near the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 
Arman at the LOVE replica in Sixth Avenue 
(officially Avenue of the Americas), Manhattan, New York City.
This one looks stunning! This could be 
one of the largest versions of the sculpture built in the United States.

...And LOVE is Everywhere!

Eventually, the popularity of LOVE grows and its replicas are found in many parts of the globe : In Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, England, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and even in the Philippines where two versions are installed, one along Eastwood mall, Quezon city and the other one in Naga City. Oh Darn! Why I wasn't able to spot one when I visited Hongkong and Macau in 2013?

In case you are traveling to the United States and would like to take souvenir photos before this famous image, aside from the Indianapolis Museum of Art in Indiana, LOVE sculpture can be found in the following places:
  • Sixth Avenue, New York city
  • Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn New York
  • Scottsdale's Civic Center in Arizona
  • Lehigh University Asa Packer campus
  • Love Park or the John F. Kennedy Plaza in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • New Orleans Museum of Art
  • University of Pennsylvania campus, Philadelphia
  • Brigham Young University, Utah
  • Middlebury Campus, Vermont
  • Ursinus College campus, Philadelphia
  • Red Rock Resort Spa and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas
  • Farnsworth Art Museum, Maine
  • Art Trail, Arkansas
  • McNay Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas

What a lovely discovery! Isn't it amazing to think about this beautiful sculpture than be occupied with the thoughts of war and economic turmoil? This is more inspiring than be constantly stressed with the news of political tensions.

If you're an art buff and adored poetry and mysticism, you will surely love to grab a shot of this popular image. 

...And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, find one near you, have your moment and make history.

Special Thanks to Arman Esmas for allowing me to feature his two amazing photos of the iconic image!