Nature refreshes one's soul.

It always feels good to be at the consoling embrace of the mother earth! It picks up my appetite in life.

Last weekend, finally, I was able to visit La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City with my friend, Rowie Tagaan. Upon entering the area, we were greeted with a beautiful scenery of nature - thick vegetation, tropical large trees, winding pathways and rare forest plant varietiesLa Mesa Ecopark offers a soothing respite within the bustling metropolis. 

Very relaxing surrounding at La Mesa Ecopark. I always admire this kind of scenery
it relaxes my senses and invigorates my tired mind
A scenic pathway of the Orchid garden

Amidst the chaotic scenes in the city, heavy traffic density, air pollution, crowded streets, fast-paced lifestyle, there's this beautiful natural,  cool spot to relax where life seems taking a slow turn allowing people to stop for a while and think about the beauty of the environment.

A 33 hectare public park located outside the natural boundaries of the La Mesa watershed and 40 meters below the reservoir, the La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon city provides visitors with a genuine nature adventure experience within the bustling city. It promotes awareness of biodiversity conservation and sustainable green environment.

 Rowie at Shell Flower Terraces (above)
and at the Orchid Garden (below)

I adored nature and every chance I got, I would try to visit the nearest countryside to escape the noise and tension brought by the highly urbanized metropolis. Nature allows my spirit to experience serenity even just for few hours. It's a perfect sanctuary for a tired mind.

Look at these amazing plants! Aren't they lovely? 
Like those awesome foliage during Autumn season
An array of native open huts to rest on while having dry picnic
The panoramic view of La Mesa Ecopark 

What's inside the Ecopark?
  • Watershed
  • Tropical and rare trees
  • Biking area
  • Horse back riding
  • Zipline
  • Butterfly house
  • Orchid Garden sanctuary
  • Food stalls
  • Swimming Pool
  • Riverside
  • Native Open Huts
  • Several winding paths and grounds
  • Flower Terraces
How to Get to La Mesa Ecopark:
  • Catch a public utility bus bound for SM Fairview and drop off at Pearl Drive.
  • Once you get off, hire a tricycle (just waiting along the road) and tell the driver you're going to Ecopark.
How we got there:

From Robinsons Pioneer, Mandaluyong, we rode a bus bound for SM Fairview. Fare is P38.00 each. Then we disembarked at Pearl Drive and hired a tricycle for Ecopark, fare is P15.00 per head. The area leading to the entrance gate of the park is so spacious I mistakenly thought it was already Ecopark. 

Shuttles provided by the Lopez Group (with ABS-CBN logo) are available inside the park to bring visitors from the entrance area to the actual location of the Ecopark, but you can choose to walk. We did not ride the shuttle, we chose to walk along the scenic road and enjoy the cool atmosphere and the beautiful scenery of nature. 

How much it will cost you?
  • Tricycle ride is only P15.00 per head
  • Entrance Fee is P50.00 for non-Quezon city residents
  • Rate is a lot cheaper for Quezon city residents, students and senior citizens (just present your ID)
  • Food is not really expensive, for our lunch, we only spent 100.00
  • Visitors are allowed to bring food for dry picnic

The greenest part of the Ecopark, a photography haven
Staircase going to the platform area where La Mesa Reservoir can be viewed

La Mesa Ecopark provides a very healthy and pollution-free outdoor recreation for city dwellers and visitors. The rare tropical trees offer a cool and soothing feeling of being in a quiet and stress-free surrounding. Such a beautiful retreat indeed! It is also a center of Bantay Kalikasan environmental campaign that raises awareness of preserving and protecting the mother nature.