The feel of the holiday rush is here! Shopping malls have already extended their closing time to almost midnight to give the public more time to enjoy shopping.

So how's everyone preparing for this year's holiday season? Do you have already a final list of your shopping adventure or still on a gift-hunting mode?  

Here are some cool gift ideas for travelers:

Everybody would agree with me that the most basic gadget or equipment that travelers should have is really a digital camera because photo memories are what make a travel experience worthwhile and unforgettable. Personally, this is number one in my Christmas wishlist.

To capture moments on the road is really the most priceless souvenirs that travelers can keep, better than those items bought during the trip, thus, a digital camera is a must. It doesn't matter if it is only a point-and-shoot camera, as long as it is good in creating memories.

This is an excellent choice for backpackers and people who love the idea of a light travel. A backpack bag is more convenient and practical to carry (especially if you're just taking a short trip) than those luggage, suitcase types and check-in bags.
Cellphone, iPad, camera are the top electronic devices/gadgets carried by travelers and along with these items come a charger for each and based on experience, these gadgets are often stuck and lost somewhere inside the bag. A gadget organizer then sounds very ideal to have when traveling.

When you're on a trip, you don't need to bring your bag every time you leave the hotel, you only need to bring with you some important items/documents like passport, wallet, cellphone, camera, and other personal accessories, thus, a sling bag is  necessary.

It doesn't hurt if you are a little organized during your trip a some of the "little" things often messed up inside the bag. This travel kit will allow travelers to organize important items/toiletries neatly.

Whether you are just traveling around the country or taking an escape in a foreign land, having something to make you warm is very important. Scarf, jacket, sweater with hood are some of the best "comforters" during cold weather.


Basically, a printing company that integrates social network, this will let you print photos uploaded in Facebook or any other social networking sites by choosing any of the dynamic printing packages they offer. This is one of the most innovative ways to keep travel memories alive through photo prints. 

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