The feel of the holiday rush in the city is brewing! Indeed, the most wonderful time of the year is here! Though it is still Advent season (In the Catholic calendar, December 1 to December 24 period is called Advent season. Christmas season will begin on the eve of December 25 and will last on the second Sunday of January, during the commemoration of the Baptism of the Lord), the atmosphere of Christmastime is already felt.

So what's your idea of a memorable, awesome Christmas celebration?

Mine is always be --- a quiet celebration with my family back in the province. I always love celebrating Christmas in the province. More relaxing. More peaceful. Happiness is all over the place. I can hear myself clearly and feel the moment so meaningfully.

Unlike in the city where everything is so loud and chaotic, Christmas celebration in the province is more subdued and joy is everywhere.

Oh God! I hate those blasting firecrackers, going to the shopping malls also is not my thing because I detested the idea of swarming along with the crowd, unless I have something very important to buy that would compel me to visit a department store or supermarket, mall hopping during the holidays is not really my idea of experiencing life to the fullest during Christmas season. So city Christmas is something I never dreamed to experience every year. But I have no choice since it's also my decision to work and live in the city. And returning home to the province for the holidays seems quite impossible at the moment.

I missed celebrating Christmas and New Year in the province, I missed to be with my family and childhood friends. Christmas season is always my happiest moment of the year, so many wonderful memories to reminisce, back in the province, the celebration is always amazing, reunion with family and friends, endless laughter and sharing of stories, sharing meals, feast on food, joyful mood in the neighborhood, caroling with friends, visiting relatives, oh yeah, the joy of the season is truly felt, Ahh! Nothing but happiness! 

I've no travel plan this Christmas as I am preparing for our New Year's getaway to Vietnam and Cambodia so I will have to celebrate Christmas quietly at home with my sister in Caloocan and attending Mass at the Church. But if I would be given a chance to take a quick trip this Christmas, I will choose a countryside trip.

Though I am wary and a little bit uncomfortable visiting a place without a companion, I just feel it's time to conquer my fear and go into an adventure alone. I want to experience the thrill that other bloggers had been raving about taking a solo trip. It would be more exciting to end the year with a whole new experience. But since I am kinda chicken out to really try this experience because of fear of being robbed or abducted or become a victim of heinous crimes or whatever craziness and horrifying events present in the environment, I will choose a place that is a little bit familiar to me - Tagaytay.

Tagaytay is my top choice since it is closer to Metro Manila and I've been there quite a number of times. Although it's a little bit crowded during the holiday season, I would still love to visit the place and perhaps dine at Bag of Beans or travel to Sonya's Garden. I've never been to Sonya's and that's one of my travel regrets at the moment. The place sounds alluring and I love the surrounding! Those amazing plants, gardens, herbs and organic food! Perfect place to chill for a nature lover like me.
How about you readers, what's your travel plan this Christmastime? Feel free to share your views at the comment section of this blog. Thank you! Have a wonderful Holiday celebration!