Autumn in Maine

Travel Your Way to Healing

It’s been a while since my last travel blog entry. I could not think of anything good to write, even travel features. There's nothing sentimental but it just came to a point where I looked at myself totally in a mess. 

Well, I guess it's normal. Feeling low and messy at times, is part of personal growth and being human. I'm still alive and interacting in my surroundings, the feeling of inadequacies and desolation is often the result of these interactions and pressure.

Life is a process and a work in progress. We need to experience all patterns of emotions to discover our strength, figure out where we're heading, what awaits in our journey and what's best for us. 

One healing process that really best works for everyone is traveling. Nothing beats the journey to healing than see the world around us, explore nature and breathe life on the scenic road. 

Exploring the wonders of the universe even by just scanning the colorful pages of a travel book or magazine is a great diversion from anxiety and torment. 

So I scanned several pages of my old books and magazines to divert my focus and ease the feeling of failure and undesirability that warped my whole system for the past months.

Until I stumbled on the section of a travel magazine called “Travel your way to healing”. Wow! 😍 

For a passionate writer like me this is completely strange because I don’t usually need gooey articles to revive my keenness in writing and definitely, slushy sentiments don’t normally drive me to escape somewhere. But at this trying time, I know this is all what I needed to restore my self-confidence.

Massachusetts Fascination 

Travel your way to healing reminded me of Kris Aquino's trip to Boston, Massachusetts in 2010.  She brought her two sons to visit her childhood home, a red-brick, two-storey house in Newton, Massachusetts, at a time when her soul needed a boost. 

Massachusetts is one state in America that fascinated my childhood. The hit song of the Beegees, with the same title, might have something to do with it, but it's more on the state's vibrant landscape, historical buildings, and of course, Harvard University. 

Then the entire New England region. Because it's a former British colony before the American Revolution. 

Seeing the old family pictures of Kris Aquino during the self-exile of her father in Boston, then opposition leader, Senator Ninoy Aquino, brought some vigor in my worn-out system.

Boston during Autumn 

That's when I realized the value of traveling as a healing journey. That indeed, taking a trip somewhere else is a delightful way to heal our disgruntled spirit. Escaping to another place is a great way to reinvigorate our inner self and breathe.

Discovering Maine

Apart from Boston, the magazine also featured a family photo of the Aquinos taken in Maine, another New England state. 

The Aquinos in Maine

It was taken during Autumn season. And the backdrop of the photo, where brilliant foliage dangled in trees like frills of eternal happiness, enticed me more to dream an autumn travel. 

It began my interest to discover Maine. And learned that among the states in the New England region, it's Maine where travelers can truly experience the best Autumn travel. 🍁🍂

Autumn Travel Dream 

Though I have not experienced an autumn season in my life, Philippines has only two seasons, dry and wet, and I have never been to a country that has autumn season, I always thought it's the most beautiful, dramatic, and romantic season of the year.

It's where the brilliant colors of nature start spreading its loveliness and where the environment turned poetic in every drop of the leaves. It's so warm and charming. Brilliant foliage looks like natural backdrop of a world where life is timeless. 

It feels like a perfect healing scene for a wounded soul, for a tired mind and body. Autumn season is where an inner peace can be transcended to life in harmony. The brilliant hues make the environment so dreamy and relaxing. 

Autumn, indeed, is the year's last loveliest smile according to William Cullen Bryant.

Autumn travel is in my bucket list.

I started browsing the web where in the world one can experience the best autumn travel. 

Most of my search result pointed me to the New England region in the United States!

New England Dream 

New England, which is composed of Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine and Rhode Island, is a popular region in the United States renowned for its breathtaking beauty during autumn season.

The region's brilliant canopies of trees can be attributed to Northern Hardwood forest that runs through the six NE states down to Quebec in Canada.  

Best Places in NE During Autumn 

According to website, "of all the places on earth, fall in the New England is the prettiest. The region is totally made for autumn season".

The best destinations in the New England to enjoy autumn season are the following:

1. Stowe, Waterbury and Burlington, Vermont - are gorgeous villages where the prettiest autumn foliage releases its magical mist. These places are surrounded with Vermont's Green mountains where brilliant colors spread wonders in mid-September to October. 

2. Acadia National Park, Maine - best destination for hikers and adventure seekers, Acadia offers the exhilirating view of the wilderness and sweeping valleys. And it's lovelier during autumn season.

3. Salem, Massachusetts - a quaint town near Boston that offers a great autumn getaway comes October, the peak foliage time. It's also a great destination for Halloween event with activities being celebrated around the town. 

4. White Mountains, New Hampshire - the rugged mountains that come alive and colorful during autumn provide a relaxing healing journey for hikers and travelers who seek the thrill of adventure in the valleys. 

5. Providence, Rhode Islands - Classic homes, impressive landscape and classic architecture, Providence has plenty of relaxing scenes to offer that heal troubled mind for travelers seeking calmness in an autumn travel. Just like most villages and towns in the New England region, the best time to travel is during October.

There you go! Traveling our way to healing. A great way to channel our inner peace.

Hold on to hope and never give up dreaming. One day, this dream will come true. Autumn Travel for personal healing, relaxation, calmness, amusement, and fun. 🍁🍂