Timeless Charm of Saigon and Angkor is an evocative traveler's tale, sharing stories on the road, including humor and discoveries, while exploring two of Southeast Asia's historic destinations.

Saigon and Angkor are Southeast Asia's most beautiful and relaxing travel destinations. However, despite its hidden charm and timeless beauty, Saigon and Angkor are largely misjudged due to its war-torn history. 

People have reservations about these places and not often included in the travel bucket list of comfort-seeking tourists. But folks you are missing the biggest picture of loveliness. 

Here are the cities that exude charm and tranquility were the scenic atmosphere is timeless. They still resonate memories of an old world with surroundings that are not yet entirely consumed by modernity. Saigon and Angkor are remarkably relaxing with no worries of being squashed in the horde of people in the street, waiting for bus or taxi.

Perfect destinations indeed for people who are not only soul searching but also looking for unique nature tripping destinations abroad. Saigon has been dubbed as the Paris of the Orient while Angkor is one of the world's most astounding cultural landmarks. 

Spending the first week of another year at these places provided me with the kind of peace of mind I needed. For five days, I was drifting far away from the torment in the workplace and was able to sort out things. I came home with a rejuvenated self-esteem. 

This travel memoir will tell you why you should visit Saigon and Angkor even once in your lifetime. If you like travel stories and adventurous pursuit tales, this book will surely charm you. It has a bonus chapter for budget traveling ideas. 

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