Ayala Fairview Terraces in Fairview, Quezon City has a very relaxing atmosphere complete with some elements of nature - verdant trees, rolling garden, green landscape, something which all the Ayala establishments are  popularly known for. 

Not overly crowded, even at noon time, Ayala Terraces' surrounding is covered with lush tropical trees and a landscape of plants and flowers, the atmosphere is naturally breezy and relaxing. 

It makes me breath comfortably. It has an outdoor garden and sky garden where mall goers can stroll around and marvel at the tranquil atmosphere.

So today, while looking for something unique to spend my late lunch, and to feed my blog for a new food trip, I dropped by here and started scouting for a unique restaurant. 

My choice is always oriental, so I narrowed my hopping  to Japanese, Korean and Chinese food establishments. After an hour of wandering around, I went to the second floor of the garden area and noticed this beautiful place set in an all-glass walling.

Cool and homey, with some oriental details on its interior, it immediately caught my attention. While peering at the huge poster outside the door, someone greeted me with a smile and with a very cordial approach. I looked at him nodding. 

I am always fascinated with restaurant staff manifesting courtesy. It added value to the products and services of the establishments. So I followed him inside. He ushered me to a table with a perfect view of the garden.

Initially, I thought Kanzhu is a Japanese restaurant. Food selections in the menu are oriental dishes typical to Japanese restos, and the staff's cordial approach is reminiscent to a Japanese hospitality. I was wrong. When I looked around, I saw a huge printed paragraphs expounding the origin and history of Kanzhu. It was only then that I knew Kanzhu is a Chinese restaurant 😄😁

Kanzhu hand-pulled noodles, according to its history, originally came from Northern China where Kanzhu chef, Kevin Yu, came from. The ethos of Kanzhu is to have the dough twirled in the air by its chef to create a firm hand-pulled noodles. This ritual is often done in the resto's open kitchen so that diners can take a peek on how things are done. Unfortunately, I was not able to witness this spectacle. I don't know why. Perhaps, I was a bit hungry when I dropped by and forgot to peer at the open kitchen.

This restaurant has varieties of noodles in the menu. But I was not in a mood for some  noodles adventure. My appetite was looking for some seafood, so I settled for a rice toppings of mixed seafood in satay sauce with chive dumplings. And I was a little surprised because with Php185.00 price tag, the set meal was so huge for a single person. A lot cheaper compared to other oriental restaurants' set of meals. This mixed seafood set has a very generous serving, with rice that is already good for three persons! This combo meal pack composed of rice, seafood in satay sauce, chive dumplings, crispy wonton appetizer and a glass of blend Iced tea. I like the chive dumplings because each piece is stuffed with what it tasted like green vegetables, perhaps Chinese pechay or spinach. The crispy wonton appetizer, served before the main course, is terrific. I like how it was fried into perfection.

I wrapped my meal with a dessert. Azuki Green Tea Cheese cake which tasted like tiramisu in a heavy cream 😄😁 Price tag is Php 95.00.

Azuki Green Tea Cheese Cake Php95.00

But what really pleased me with this food trip was the hospitality of the staff. Everyone was so courteous and accommodating. They made sure diners felt comfortable at every turn and all needs have been served and catered. While having an interlude for a few minutes, because I have to post several photos in my instagram haha! Someone dashed towards me and asked me, in a very courteous manner, if I would like the dessert to be served at that moment. Wheew!

The staff of this restaurant perhaps have been trained so well on excellent restaurant etiquette. Both are subtle with their actions and very attentive.

Mixed seafood set meal. Consists of rice and seafood in satay sauce. 

This restaurant is worth of your visit. Not only their oriental food selections are very affordable. Each has a generous serving per set. I have a full tummy when I left my seat. And I was not able to finish off the rice. Felt like I would throw up if I'll force myself to gorge the remaining food. It's not that I disliked the taste, but the serving was so huge my meal set seemed to be good for three.

Another excellent point of this restaurant at its Ayala Terraces branch is the homey, very oriental interior and atmosphere. It has a direct view of the garden, and everything is just relaxing to the senses, the greenery, the transparent wall, the homey interior. Everything. 

Homey, oriental interior

This is a good place to spend lunch or dinner with friends and loved ones especially during intense summer heat. Cool, warmth, comfortable, everything you want for a relaxing lunch out is definitely served at this restaurant.