Turning our world upside down

Mundane weekend. 

Confines sometimes just in writing manuscript or editing and polishing chapters of my book. Reading self-help articles or playing with our cats. 

For others it could be just watching TV series, doing movie marathons, enjoying video games or just hanging out with friends.

Yeah, a bit boring, need to change the view and look for some alternative of getaway to spice up our weekend. 

But where?

Museum? Yeah. Why not? 😀

It's so rare that we consider visiting a museum as a perfect place to chill or an ideal place to bond with friends. After all, it's a stoic place of silence and artifacts and footprints of the past. 

Upside Down musuem

A place for paintings and boring historical books and objects that take us back in time. And definitely gazing at the lifeless paintings and sculptures is not our rosy definition of a fun weekend.

But there are some exceptions.

A bizarre museum 

Depends on your travel appetite, and definition of fun and art, there's one unique museum in Metro Manila that doesn't confine in the traditional concept of a museum.

Bathroom scene

It does not contain any of those tedious artifacts. Nor contain any world maps and historical books. Silence is not even a sacred rule at this museum. 

In fact, it is noisy. lol! 

Burglary feels 😱
Chaotic bedroom climb 😀

And a bit crazy to whirl around and pose and take bizarre pictures of inverted objects, like some crazy flying stuff in weird movies. Awesome and queer! 

This is how you open a ref 😀
When mama is not home 😄

It's a unique place of wild imagination and creativity, where bonding with friends turns into an action of fun and adventure that brings back the joy of childhood.

Zen room

Upside Down Museum

It whips  up one's creativity into another level, challenging imagination to experiment ideas how to come up with a unique pose to look funny, hilarious and yet logically appropriate for the inverted objects.

Bedroom scene 😀

It's a place where optical illusions and floating objects provoke one's senses to explore the hidden scene of a home design and interior. It's a place where minds and logic absolutely work hard to decode the element. 

Fun is a bonus.

You gotta ponder a hell of a second how to decode the scene of a home or the correct position of the object to experiment your pose and position. 

Work from home haha! 

It's really not your typical museum of culture and knowledge, it's a wild world of mind-bogging objects that tickle one's imagination and creativity. 

Living room scene

A scene where objects and home furnitures that seem floating or turning upside down, letting visitors decipher a certain home design. And coming up with an angle pose that compliments the object, always pumps up excitement and a whole new level of fun. 

Our unique city adventure

Museum trip!

Last weekend, I had a chance to visit this exciting place with my two colleagues, Reyn and Aya. 

Music room
Jungle scene

Actually, we've been planning for months to go out on weekends since moving back to our respective function to bond and have fun.  

With Aya and Reyn

Initially, we planned to go to Enchanted Kingdom. But the distance and the hot weather prompted us to change our plans. And considered Upside Down Museum instead.

In the pod? 😆

For several months, since my sister visited the museum last year and showed me her hilarious photos, I was so eager to visit the place too. 

Going there was a bit of a challenge since we departed at LRT Araneta station in Cubao. 

We needed to take two trips to LRT before reaching Gil Puyat station. We arrived at the museum close to 12:00 noon and we were sweating hard.

But it was all worth it!

The moment we stepped inside, excitement swirled, especially when we saw those floating objects and the giant mirror facing a house exterior. 

A window illusion. 

Window illusion 

At the finished photo, we appeared like climbing the wall and trekking the windows, but actually, we just laid down at the design and the photographer took shots at the giant mirror! 

Amazing, isn't it?

The museum 

Reportedly founded by a Korean couple and took inspiration from other Upside down museum in Malaysia, Thailand. Taiwan and the US, this version in the Philippines is a bit larger and more floating objects have been added.  

Bedroom 😂

Its 1,700 square feet area offers home scenes that let visitors decode how the angle supposed to be seen. 

It brings delight to those who love fun activities and those who are seeking a different kind of weekend getaway.

Seeing myself on the other window

A unique place to bond with friends and family. Upside down museum brings relaxation to another level with its numerous inverted objects. 
Reclining room

Leaning house, two-way window mirror, living room, kitchen and dining room, bedroom, giant sneaker, vintage house exterior, Hello Kitty room, lavatory and a lot more. 

Sneaking inside the house 

All of it can be experienced at Php 450.00 for adults and Php 330.00 for students and senior citizen. Then you can have a day of fun. 

Aya and Reyn in deep conversation

Important tip: To make the most of your time, think of a better and fun angle before coming to the museum to save time. The place is so crowded over the weekend.

Giant sneaker 
Vogue mirror
Barbie box

But if you're running out of ideas, there are staff marshal inside the museum to help you take pictures and suggest pose to come up with the right angle.

Not all upside down 

However, this fun destination is not all about optical illusions and inverted home furniture, there are objects you can choose to pose a normal angle. 

The white room
Park bench 

A giant sneaker, a mirror painted with a lifestyle magazine print, a broken park bench, a bath tub, and much more. Plus, some Marilyn Monroe moment. 😁

Marilyn Monroe moment

You only need to experiment different angles to come up with amazing shots and memorable moments. 

Heartache? 😂

A bit of Korean in you

It's a place for people from all walks of life, even adults and senior citizens can join the fun and take mementos. It's not only for kids but also for the young at heart.

This museum also has a cafe. And because this was founded by a Korean couple, the cafe offers Korean desserts, drinks and food. 

So if you are into Korean stuff, this cafe will suit your palate. They have bulgogi rice meals, Korean noodles and yummy desserts.


Upside down museum is located in front of the World Trade Center in Pasay right at the Boom na Boom grounds in CCP complex, Pasay city. It is just beside Star City and Wensha Spa.

How To Get There?

The easiest and most affordable way of going to Upside down is through an LRT ride. Alight at Gil Puyat station and on the right side of the road, look for jeepneys bound for SM MOA and world trade center. Transportation fee is only minimum, Php9.00 (2018 rate).

Drop off in front of World Trade Center and walk on the right side. A huge signage of Wensha Spa can be seen from the road. Follow this sign and walk to the CCP complex, the museum is on the far end of the area.

Fees and Operating Hours

Entrance fee: Php450.00 for adults and Php330.00 for senior citizens and children. Kids below 3 years old are free. 

Operating hours of this museum is from Tuesday to Sunday at 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. Monday is their rest day. 

Photo credit: All photos featured here are provided by Reyn Tabuzo. Thank you!! 🤗

Finally, some rest

Some Tips to Consider Before Coming to the Museum

To make the most out of your time, please remember these tips:
  1. Do not wear skirt or dress during your visit, you cannot freely move with different angles. Wear something comfortable like pants or shorts.
  2. Watch the videos near each area to see suggestions how to pose. There are marshals around the area to help you take photos and coach you how to pose but some of them are not approachable so better think of your own creative pose before your take.
  3. Bring water. Goods at the museum cafe are very expensive so better bring your own.
  4. Come early. If possible at the opening hour, to have enough time taking photos. Afternoon is a little crowded. A throng of visitors flock to the area usually at mid-afternoon.
  5. Edit and rotate your photos before posting or sharing in the social media.
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