Spanning across 14 hectares of farmland is this hidden gem of Brgy Sabang, Naic, Cavite. Torres Farm and Resort is a private holiday destination owned by Eric and Anna Baylosis.

Since opening its door to the public in 2016, the resort receives good feedback and continues to attract visitors. Its biggest draw is its unique concept which allows visitors to experience a tour around the world feel.

The resort will transport guests to the world's most popular cities through its instagrammable spots filled with iconic landmarks of different countries and a private swimming pool for almost each of the themed village. 

The World Landmarks

Eiffel Tower.

Upon entering the resort you will be greeted with Eiffel Tower, the eternal symbol of France. It sets on a bare ground and has no nearest neighboring landmarks unlike other spots. This is one of the most crowded areas and the most breezy, so try to experiment an angle to capture the Tower with your back at the sun to have a perfect snap without blurring the object.

Fairy tale Castle of Disneyland.

This iconic landmark of Walt Disney is built in the middle of the lake in the resort and looks like the centerpiece of Torres Farm. It has a direct view of all the spots inside the resort. Designed in a pagoda-like setting, the castle is still under construction but can be reached through a bridge.

Disneyland theme

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like basking under the warm sunshine atop  a luxury resort in Santorini? Well, you can now experience that at Torres Farm through this awesome landmark. 

The cobalt blue and white structures of the seaside villages of Greece's most popular island, Santorini, where many have claimed is the mythical Atlantis, has been recreated at Torres Farm. Sets on an elevated ground covering an entire block, the building has a Mediterranean lobby, a Greek architecture ground and sculpture and a roof deck where visitors are allowed to climb for a snap.

Pyramid of Egypt.

Who does not want to visit this legendary ancient landmark of Egypt and get lost in its civilization? However, setting a foot in Gaza to view the clusters of mythical pyramids sounds like an impossible task currently. Torres farm, However, let you experience it first through its lone pyramid structure in the resort.

Taj Mahal of India.

If going to India is not at your travel bucket list at the moment but dream to see Taj Mahal. Now you can fancy the experience at Torres Farm. This beautiful landmark located in Agra, India is a work of love. And built due to a lost love. 

Taj Mahal, which means "Crown in the Palaces", is an ivory-marble mausoleum built in 1632 by a Mughal Emperor to house the tomb of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It has become a symbol of endless love which drew tourists across decades to India. 

This is one of the most relaxing spots in Torres Farm. It has a huge swimming pool with tables under shed. It has shower rooms below the structure. And one of the most airy spots in the resort.

Pantheon of Rome

This spot is designed as a replica of the famous renaissance architecture of the Romans, often called a Romanesque design, the Pantheon of Rome is formerly a temple style building in ancient Rome.

At Torres Farm, this iconic Roman building is recreated to let visitors feel the sophisticated Roman feel. This is one of the most beautiful villas in the resort with a private swimming pool.

Japanese Garden village

A visit to Kyoto perhaps is one of the ultimate goals of every traveler. Myself is not exempted. Dreamers like me can now take a piece of Kyoto at Torres Farm. This is my favorite villa in the resort.

A traditional Japanese home is often a bungalow type with foyer and large windows. It is often surrounded with a magnificent garden complete with oriental plants, bamboos, blooms in season.

At Torres Farm and Resort, this Japanese villa is one of its most exclusive suites. However, when there's no guests booked at the villa, this can be visited by the public. It has a beautiful bridge above the swimming pool, a sun bed, a nest and cherry blossoms replica.

If you adored Japan and its landscape, this area at Torres Farm will make you swoon with delight. Awesome, serene, breezy and relaxing, Japan villa will entice you to extend your stay and just chill at its amazing garden.

Merlion of Singapore.

Set on a footwalk near the pavilion of the resort, this popular symbol of Singapore is another exciting spot to take travel mementos. It allows guests to experience the Singapore travel feel with this water-spewing statue.

Statue of Liberty.

This awesome symbol of the United States, which was originally a gift of France to the American people, has also a replica in Torres Farm near the Pyramid. This area is still under construction but I could feel it looks like a New York City theme due to the clusters of building designs at the back.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Located at the public swimming pool garden facing Disneyland, this iconic symbol of Pisa in the Italian region of Tuscany is one of the most famous landmarks in the world.

The replica at Torres Farm is not really huge but good enough to snap a souvenir shot. Just be creative with your angles since it is surrounded with trees and good lighting for clear photos might be difficult to achieve. 

Our Travel

How did we end up at Torres Farm?
I wanted to have an out-of-town trip at the beginning of the year and my original plan was to visit Batangas, my sister wanted a nearest destination and suggested Torres Farm after she saw pictures of the resort in Facebook. 

We left the ParaƱaque Terminal at 9:30 in the morning on board a non-aircon baby bus since aircon buses still have no clear schedule of departure. And we needed to leave early since we were only taking a day trip.

At 11:30, we reached the crossroad of Naic, Cavite. We dropped by at Jollibee for our quick lunch. At near 12:00 noon, we left Naic crossroad and hired a tricycle for Torres Farm and Resort. Ten minutes later, we arrived at the resort. 

We had no advance reservation. The resort however accepts walk-in guests. Upon entering the gate, the smiling lady guard gave as a note and directed us to their tourism office, a long walk from the gate, to pay for appropriate fees. 

But tricycle drivers are allowed to enter. So we requested manong driver to bring us to the tourism office. He did, and asked us to have an additional Php5.00 each for our fare.

The resort has no restaurant but has food stalls inside. We brought snacks and bottled water but did not pay for corkage. They did not ask us either.

Our Experience

It was awesome. We really had fun. The environment is so breezy and the place is so spacious, so even if it was already noon time when we arrived under the sweltering heat of the sun, we still had a good time roaming around, taking photos.

How To Get There?

If via commute and coming from Metro Manila. Go to ParaƱaque Integrated Terminal/Coastal and look for bus traveling to Naic or Maragondon, Cavite. Ask the driver to drop you off at Naic crossroad.


For day trip and picture taking only, you will be asked to just pay Php180.00. Entrance fee: Php180.00 for adults, Php120.00 for kids. When it says picture-taking this means you do not have a table near the pool for stay it has a separate fee.

Our Expenses Per Head

Fairview to PTIX:  55.00, PTIX to Naic: 50.00 (non-aircon), lunch at Jollibee 100.00, Tricycle to Torres Farm 20.00, Entrance fee 180.00, Tricycle back to Naic Crossroads 15.00, bus to Baclaran (aircon) 65.00, Baclaran to Fairview 55.00. 

Asking what's my favorite spot or villa for an overnight stay for couples, family or team outing, it's the Japan villa. Ultra quiet, tranquil, relaxing with a stunning garden and landscape, this spot is an ideal place to have moments with friends and loved ones.