With our Team Lead, Kim Ortega

Ristorante Bigoli is an Italian-inspired dining place situated right at the heart of the party and food destination of Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City. Actually, no need to put some superfluous descriptions about this restaurant to emphasize its specialties. The name itself annotates that the restaurant is offering a plethora of Italian fares, a kind of food selection that provides delight even to gourmand travelers.

As a food blogger who loves to delve into other culture and cuisine, I am very much fascinated with Italy's long history of gourmet artistry, something that has been the subject of much interest among gastronome adventurers. Its much-loved regional concoctions: pizza and pasta have been around the world and have spawned a variety of versions already. This unique delight over Italian food is what Bigoli has been known for.

Bigoli branch in Eastwood

Through its repertoire of Italian casual dining tradition, Bigoli is trying to bring that part of Italy to satisfy cravings of the discerning foodies in the Philippines. Delish and savory with a balance taste of tangy and spicy thrill, the selections are concocted based on the genuine characteristics of Italian dining.

Bigoli's proximity to our workplace makes it also a convenient destination to have a quick breakfast fix. And to savor the experience of comfort dining in a classy Italian atmosphere. The classical music playing in the air provides a different sense of warmth, a proof to Italy's unique characteristic of being a naturally romantic country.

Salad and Pasta

The breakfast buffet, which has been the steady feature of this restaurant since 2013, is a favorite meal setup due to its affordable rate and tasty selections of signature breakfast favorites. What makes Bigoli an instant hit among food lovers in Eastwood is, apart from its accessible location, its classic Italian flavors that suit to Filipino palate.

This dining destination has been popular among BPO employees around the area due to its quick serving style and the distinct western flavors with a Filipino twist. It is also one of the fewest casual dining establishments in Eastwood that offers breakfast buffet at a reasonable price. It features all-time breakfast favorites like omelet, pancake, Italian fried rice, sausages, and Bigoli's signature dishes, pasta and pizza.

Italian Chiec

The buffet table of Bigoli has four stations: all-day breakfast favorites (pancake, omelet, sausages, chicken, vegetables) salad (freshly cut carrots, cabbage, jelly, croutons, shredded turnip), fruits and Bigoli's classic Italian recipes like pizza and pasta.

I like the Italian chicken marinated in delicate herbs and drizzled with tomato sauce, crispy in the exterior but tender in the interior. I like how the herbs coated the meat, very flavorful and distinctively savory, but not too piquant, just the right amount of spices wrapping the white meat. I also like the white cheesy pizza (not available during this breakfast trip), very creamy in every bite. I'm not really into pizza because I don't like the smell of tomato paste but this white pizza rocks! Crust is thin and crispy and it has a generous amount of cheese and garlic. I love food rich in cheese and garlic, it boosts my appetite.

Formerly Fazoli that had morphed into an elegant food establishment at the heart of Eastwood, Bigoli boasts a cozy ambience reminiscent to regional Italian home. Masterpieces of famous Italian artists adorned the dining area.  A beautiful veranda also overlooks the citywalk and the Romanesque staircase highlights the chic interior of the place. Overall, Bigoli's structure reflects an ultra-homey feel, providing diners a unique sense of comfort.

Interior of Bigoli

Bigoli's breakfast, which serves delectable Italian recipes, has the most reasonable rate compared to other restaurants offering morning buffet in Eastwood. Per person is only Php214.00. Bigoli opens from Monday to Thursday at 6:00 - 10:00PM/Tuesday to Sunday 5:00-10:00AM.

The only downside of their breakfast buffet is the redundant food selections. Most fares are rich in carbohydrates without anything to balance the meal. I am hoping to see changes in the food stations next time, additional varieties, fish and vegetable perhaps or some variations on recipes.

Special thanks to our generous TL, Kim Ortega, for this treat! 😘