I would have my first solo beach trip to Puerto Galera had the government not placed the Greater Metro Manila and nearest provinces back to ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) rule. 

It seems we have not moved on from the last year ordeal, or at least improved how we handled the pandemic. Philippines is at the mercy of the devastation of coronavirus, and yet the government seems at a loose how to fight the spread of the virus effectively.

White Beach, Puerto Galera at day time

It's already irritating having to endure this situation again and again. While some parts of the world are already on the recovery period, with their effective measures to suppress the disease, Philippines is lagging behind. So non-essential travel has been stopped.

First solo beach trip

Since early this year, I've been planning to revisit Puerto Galera in my birthday this year. I would have booked in advance but due to travel restrictions and complicated travel requirements to accomplish, I put it on hold and waited for updates.

Puerto Galera trip. November 2019

In March, Puerto Galera became open to tourists. I planned to book a room accommodation towards the end of March but it was announced Metro Manila will be placed in ECQ. All my plans for a solo birthday trip to the beach became dust.

The inept response of the Philippine government to the pandemic really got into my nerve. How can they be so incompetent in a time people are so desperate to get back into life. It's so terribly upsetting.

So my planned solo beach trip this April 3, my birthday, retreated back into a home-bound agony.I am started to lose appetite in life.

But why Puerto Galera?

I love Puerto Galera. It's been my childhood dream to visit this stunning island. In November 2019, I finally accomplished this travel goal. It was my last travel adventure outside Metro Manila. 

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Happiness comes in waves

It's just so lovely. I mean, the wide beachfront, white sand, breathtaking view of the ocean, turquoise-clear water. Everything!

What made White Beach, Puerto Galera super ideal is its close promixity to Metro Manila. Just less than three hours travel in early morning. It's an ideal beach to spend quiet weekend with. I love the atmosphere and there are tons of affordable room accommodations and restaurants near the White Beach.

I would just want to spend a quiet weekend on my birthday at White Beach. And just imagine the world in a different time, simpler, calmer, quieter, lovelier.  

I just want to lay in the sand, feel the softness of the environment, breathe on the crisp breeze coming from the ocean, listen to the splashing of the waves, and just watch the world go by. 

And do endless beach-walk. Life is easier and calmer at the beach.

Someday, when the world is safe from the virus, I could travel again. I could have my solo trip elsewhere. I just feel at this time that I would not want anyone to accompany me on a trip. I want to be a solo traveler from now on. 

It's better to travel alone. It's more liberating and more enriching. Someday! 

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