The pandemic virtually forced us to stay at home. With nothing much to do other than wait for the world to reopen its door for leisure again.

However, as traveling slowly reopens,  adventurers at heart start eyeing destinations and activities how to make the most of the outdoor life after a year of home quarantining.

Though, things are no longer the same as before where we are free to explore the places anytime we like, we can still enjoy adventure as long as we are mindful with the health protocols and coronavirus guidelines set by the government.

Me at one of my nature trips pre-pandemic

Outdoor adventure is such a relaxing escape. It brings tons of benefits to our mental state and helps us breathe life comfortably. 

The calmness of nature and the refreshing view of the greenery fill our system with the vitality needed to go through times of uncertainties. An excursion to the mountain, trip to the countryside or simply chilling among the verdant trees in a botanical garden allow us to reboot from stress.

In addition, the natural beauty of the environment gives our soul a time to rest. It heals emotional and mental troubles especially during this difficult moment of our time.

By staring at nature alone is a gift to our sanity and vitality. It gives us a sense of balance, stabilizes our inner self and energizes our physical strength. It's a great diversion in life.

Here are five outdoor travel ideas inspired from the recent Weibo posts of our favorite C-Drama couple, Dilraba Dilmurat/Dilireba (who played Changge in The Long Ballad), and Leo Wu/Wu Lei (who portrayed Ashile Sun in the same series). 

Nature trips we can consider comes weekend, to help us slow down a bit. And take a breathe from all the muddles brought by pandemic.

1. Cycling Road Trip -  This is one of the favorite outdoor pursuits of people who love to hop in a bike. According to a cycling aficionado in her blog, "there's a feel-good factor that can be reaped from riding a bike on an outdoor adventure. It makes you smile and feel better because it is outdoor and you can bathe on the fresh air and sunlight".

Leo Wu during his recent biking road trip

Taking a cycling road trip in the countryside energizes the physical strength as you pedal through the breezy atmosphere. It also offers the best opportunity to see the environment in its natural beauty. 

2. Visit the nearest lakeside - A weekend getaway to the lake offers an opportunity to connect with nature and chill. Being in a scenic atmosphere gives us a different level of relaxation. And that's all what we wanted during this difficult time. 

Leo Wu pedaling his way through the scenic road and lakeside

The peaceful and tranquil surrounding of the lakeside provides relief and sanctuary from the chaos of the world. More over, a trip to the lakeside does good to our lungs because the atmosphere around the lake has negative ions and at its purest compared to the city air.

Qiandao lake in Zhejiang province, China

3. Chill in a mountain resort - Ah, mountain resort, who would not want to be in this tranquil place at this difficult time? Indeed, nature resort gives our body and mind an ultimate relaxation. It's a great opportunity to unwind and go off the radar for a time.

Reba chilling in a scenic surrounding

4. Dine in a Garden Cafe - Imagine relaxing in a tranquil environment, surrounded with lush tropical plants, while enjoying meals or a cup of coffee with a French toast? It's one of life's greatest comforts. 

Reba chilling in a garden cafe 

Dining Alfresco, with a view of perfect blooms and all the elements of nature, is a breather, a relaxing escape, a comfortable food getaway. 

It makes the dining experience more special and relax. Nothing beats outdoor dining in a time we all need to take a reset in life to forget the terrible things in the environment. 

So, relax, chill, and sit comfortably in a garden cafe, and enjoy an afternoon tea.

5. Walk around the nature trail - It does not have to be a rigorous mountain hike or a laborious  nature trek. A simple slow walk along the nature path soaked in verdant plants is enough to invigorate a mundane weekend.

Reba taking a nature walk

Immersing in nature is one of the ancient remedies to reduce stress and restore vitality. It does not necessarily to be very far from home, a public park with a huge portion of land shrouded with lush trees is enough to experience this comfort.

Wu Lei during his recent biking expedition in the countryside

Nature walk offers a quieter more peaceful life. It relieves anxiety and distress, as noises we can hear are only chirping of the birds, water running from a stream, rustling of the leaves and gentle swishing of the breeze.

Dilireba taking a walk in a quiet trail

A nature walk is very therapeutic. More and more people in some parts of the world take part in the so-called "forest-bathing", which involves a leisure walk around the forest or wilderness. 

Smelling the fresh blooms

It found out according to a study in Japan, that "forest-bathing" or a nature walk increases immune function and lower pulse rates and blood pressure. It also provides us with a happy hormones.

Reba doing some "forest-bathing"

So, just like what Dilireba did in her recent Weibo post - taking a nature walk and taking a whift of fresh blooms - schedule a trip to nature, mini-forest, a public park or a botanical garden near you and do some leisure stroll to calm your tired spirit and invigorate weary thoughts.

Walking along the scenic path and looking around the trees and flowers can do a miracle restoring our depleting energy and helps us recover from life's tension. The alluring view of nature alleviates distractions from the mind.

Our fave C-Drama couple, 
Reba and Wu Lei, 
taking off from their busy schedule to be with nature

Indeed, outdoor adventure is a therapy, a great stress reliever. Start planning a weekend escape from these five ideas from Reba and Wu Lei's latest outdoor trip. 

Who knows, a nature trip might be just want you needed to de-stress.

Photo credit: Wu Lei (Weibo) and Dilireba (Weibo)

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