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Friday, August 3, 2018

The Marketplace Rustan in Eastwood

August 03, 2018 0
The Marketplace Rustan's in Eastwood

Food marketplaces are taking shoppers to a whole new experience in dining. Aim to cater everyone with a one-stop shopping experience including food, it slowly revolutionizes the culinary landscape in the Philippines.

Food halls of marketplaces are where diners can customize anything that goes to their meals. From delicatessen to fruit selections. Shoppers whose hunger pang kicks in while doing grocery can just stop by at the gourmet station and grab a bite. This is how The Marketplace by Rustan's positioned itself to consumers, combining the upscale customer service and the luxury quality of goods.

A high-end supermarket with a repertoire of extensive international brands, The Marketplace by Rustan's in Eastwood, Libis  also has a premium gourmet section that offers freshly-cooked meals sourced out from superior brand of imported products.

The gourmet bar follows a brasserie-style  selections of food that is so very European in nature. It has a fruit bar section where diners  can choose which combo of fresh fruits they want to mix in their platter. 

 Rustan is known for its wide array of household and lifestyle premium products. And this signature image has not lost at its Marketplace branch in Eastwood. Superior brands, with choices ranging from rare finds to familiar picks spread across its elegant shelves.

With colleagues taking lunch at The Marketplace

It is touted to have patterned after the Marketplace by Jason's in Singapore, Hongkong and Taiwan. But more diner-friendly, designed for sophisticated Filipino consumers. I love the food section because of its dainty and very elegant interior. The environment is also quiet and relaxing.

From high quality vegetables and fruits, to freshly-cut meat and premium quality salmon, to choices of imported cheese, cereals and top tiered wines, The Marketplace brings shopping premium grocery items to a whole new level.

My usual visit to The Marketplace however is not entirely to do grocery but to have a quiet brunch or late lunch. I like the delicatessen section with its intercontinental fares meticulously prepared for diners who have penchant over French and Italian meals.

Roasted chicken in thyme and lemon soaked in black pepper. Ultra-savory and satisfying

I like the pink salmon also. I have tried it the first time I dined there with friends. Tasty and does not leave any greasy feel. Other recipes include sausages, crispy liempo, other chicken concoctions and some appetizers.

This place is good for people on the go and also those who want to just chill out with friends. The atmosphere is similar to a high-end cafe where pattesseries are served. One of its most prominent sections is the Lartizan Boulangarie, a pioneer of baking French traditional breads in the Philippines where sourdough from wild yeast has been used on its bread.

Gravy is equally satisfying made from high quality ingredients
I like the roasted chicken in thyme and lemon, it is heavily soaked in black pepper and made even more savory by the tasty gravy. It is cooked in high precision and balanced temperature making it more juicy and tender while skin is not overly roasted.

So heavenly savory! It captures the taste of those who like food coated in high grade spices. This is one of the best-sellers at Rustan's, therefore a must-try. Price for the whole roasted chicken is Php360.00 and already good for 6 persons.

Other food on display at the deli bar
Salad and fruit bar

Lartizan has the most complete selections of artisan breads made from whole grains and wheat. Wholly organic, they produced unbleached breads free from chemicals. I love the wheat croissants, though other diners might prefer the pastries, muffins and other bread varieties, I like the texture and taste of croissants.

They have hot chocolates but what I tried is the brewed coffee because that day I want something aromatic and acerbic to balance the greasy tad of chicken. Though I am not into coffee, I like this version at The Marketplace. It has a smooth taste and the aroma is very pleasing. Unlike other coffee made from roasted beans, this brewed coffee has no pungent overtones. Just the right blend for people who are not into strong coffees. Grand Palazzo building at Eastwood where The Marketplace is located[/caption]

The Marketplace by Rustan's is located at the ground floor of Grand Palazzo building, Citywalk 2, Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City. The location is just right infront of 1880 building. It is open from 9AM to 11PM.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Five Things to do in Eastwood, Libis Quezon City

July 15, 2018 0
Eastwood City Walk

Eastwood is a vibrant financial district in Metro Manila located in Libis, Quezon City. It is a quaint community, an executive hub, surrounded with skyscraping office buildings, shopping centers, food strips, and modern condominium units.

A great destination for people on the go and those who love the glittery lifestyle.

Most of Eastwood buildings have been leased to BPO companies and due to the proliferation of global entities in the area, fast food chains and restaurants serving intercontinental cuisines have also mushroomed in the district in recent years.

Skyscraping buildings in Eastwood

A highly urbanized chic environment will greet you the moment you enter Eastwood. And because this is a financial district expect a surging price for shop and style. But you may still enjoy the place without thinking too much how much you will spend.

Food strip area

Here are five things to do in Eastwood

1. Fun and chill - Eastwood recently becomes a favorite party destination among yippies and people who love the night life. A number of bar restaurants can be found along the city walk of Eastwood.

2. Shop and wander - Eastwood offers a conducive environment for shopping and leisure. Exclusive boutiques of high end and signature brands found its home at Eastwood mall and at its chic commercial buildings.

3. Eat and drink - Eastwood is a perfect destination for gourmand travelers. It is home to classy restaurants serving international dishes. Choices range from affordable meals to luxury dining.

4. Chill at cafes - A number of cafes existed in Eastwood. From simple cup of coffee or tea to expensive cafe shops, everything is available anywhere in Eastwood.

5. Leisure Trip - If you are not in the mood of shopping and dining, you may just grab a quick bite of short meals at food stalls and just spend the day taking a leisure tour around Eastwood. You may wander along its manicured gardens or chill at benches while gazing at towering buildings. You may visit also a chapel dedicated to the great pope, St. John Paul II, which is located near The Market Place, just across the 1880 building.

Paseo walk benches

Paseo walk

How to get there?

Eastwood can be reached through a jeepney ride from Cubao, Quezon City. If your drop off location is at farmers plaza, walk straight ahead to Gateway then walk to Aurora street until you reach Mercury drug store in front of Villarica pawnshop. 

Look for jeepney going to Ever and Rosario. Transportation fee from Cubao to Eastwood is only Php10.00 and estimated travel time is 35 minutes. 

There are no public bus companies serving the Eastwood route, if you are not comfortable with jeepney you may hire a taxi or take grab.

Tram ride around Eastwood

However, within the community there are tram taking visitors around Eastwood. The ride is free. 


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