Rustan marketplace Eastwood

Food marketplaces are taking shoppers to a new dining experience while shopping. And it's no longer confined to street market stalls, even shopping destinations such as Rustans and Ikea have their own stylish food halls serving artisan dishes and gourmet meals. Marketplaces are slowly revolutionizing the culinary landscape in the Philippines, aiming to give customers a one-stop shopping experience. 

Unlike other food halls of upmarket shopping centers in Metro Manila, The Marketplace by Rustan's in Eastwood City offers affordable meals. It has also a boulangerie shop near the food hall for those who love artisan bread. What I love about the dining area of Rustan's is the gourmet meal selection and the savory dishes, worth the value of your money.

The Marketplace Rustan's Eastwood
Grand Palazzo building in Eastwood, Rustan's is located on the ground floor

Food halls of marketplaces are where diners can customize anything that goes into their meals. From delicatessen to fruit selections to gourmets. Customers can just stop by the gourmet station and grab a bite if hunger pangs strike while shopping or doing groceries. 

The Marketplace Rustan's Eastwood in Quezon CityThe Marketplace Rustan's Eastwood in Quezon City

This is how The Marketplace by Rustan's is being conceptualized, combining upscale customer service and the luxury quality of goods. A high-end supermarket with a repertoire of extensive international brands, The Marketplace by Rustan's in Eastwood also has a premium gourmet section sourced from superior brands of imported products.

The gourmet bar follows a brasserie-style selection of food that is highly western in nature. It has a fruit bar section where diners can choose which combo of fresh fruits they want to mix on their platter. 

The Marketplace Rustan's Eastwood in Quezon City
Roasted chicken in thyme and lemon soaked in black pepper

The Marketplace Rustan's Eastwood in Quezon City

Superior brands, with choices ranging from rare finds to familiar picks, spread across its elegant shelves. Rustan's The Marketplace is touted to have patterned after the Marketplace by Jason's in Singapore, Hongkong, and Taiwan. But Rustan's version is designed to fit the buying behavior of Filipino consumers.

From high-quality vegetables and fruits to freshly-cut meat and premium quality salmon, to choices of imported cheese, cereals, and top-tiered wines, The Marketplace indeed brings shopping premium grocery items to a whole new level.

The Marketplace Rustan's Eastwood in Quezon City

Taking lunch with colleagues at The Marketplace by Rustan's in Eastwood

My usual visit to The Marketplace however is not entirely to do grocery but to have a quiet brunch or late lunch. I like the delicatessen section with its intercontinental fares meticulously prepared for diners who have a penchant for French and Italian flavors.

I like pink salmon concoction also, I tried it the first time I dined there with colleagues. Tasty and does not leave any greasy feel. The roasted chicken in thyme and lemon is another recipe to try at The Marketplace. It's full of flavors and I love the calming aroma of thyme.

Rustan's The Marketplace in Eastwood
Rustan's The Marketplace in Eastwood

This dining place in Eastwood has an atmosphere of a high-end cafe where patisseries are served. It's also a great place to spend your meals because the view of the surrounding is so cool. Outside the building, is a thick canopy of trees providing a relaxing ambiance of the place.  One of its most prominent sections inside the food hall is the Lartizan Boulangerie, a pioneer of baking French artisan bread in the Philippines.

The Marketplace Rustan's Eastwood in Quezon City
Roasted Chicken in Thyme and Lemon

The Marketplace Rustan's Eastwood in Quezon City

I like the roasted chicken in thyme and lemon, it is heavily soaked in black pepper and made even more savory by the tasty gravy. It is cooked in high precision and balanced temperature making it juicier and tender while the skin is not overly roasted. This is one of the best-sellers at The Marketplace by Rustan. The price for the whole roasted chicken is Php360.00 and good for 5 people.

 The Marketplace Rustan's Eastwood in Quezon City

Lartizan has the most complete selection of artisan bread made from whole grains and wheat. Wholly organic, they produced unbleached bread free from chemicals. I love the wheat croissants, though other diners might prefer the pastries, muffins, and other bread varieties, I like the texture and taste of croissants.

They have hot chocolates but I chose a cup of brewed coffee to balance the greasy tad of chicken. I like this version of The Marketplace. It has a smooth taste and the aroma is very pleasing. Unlike other coffee made from roasted beans, this brewed coffee has no pungent overtones. Just the right blend for people who are not into strong coffees. 

The Marketplace Rustan's Eastwood in Quezon City

The Marketplace by Rustan's is located on the ground floor of the Grand Palazzo building, Citywalk 2, Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City. The location is just right in front of the 1880 building. It is open from 9AM to 11PM Monday to Sunday. The budget is around Php200.00 per head.

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Updated: October 2022

Online Delivery for Rustan's Meals

Rustan's Gourmet To Go is now available through Grab food! You can place an online order for their affordable dishes such as Beef Steak Tagalog (P105), Meatballs with Sweet and Sour Sauce (P105), Braised Pork Belly (P105), and rotisserie chicken rice bowls with prices ranging between P105 to P360.

They also offer a selection of main dishes such as fish entrees, Miso-Glazed Salmon (P199), Pesto Sour Cream Salmon (P199), Crispy Baked Chicken Parmigiana (P175), and a lot more. You have the option to pair your main dish with Gourmet To Go's salads, sandwiches, sides, and snacks. Rustan's Gourmet To Go branches that offer online delivery through Grab food are the following: Rockwell, Eastwood, Katipunan, Makati, Shangri-La, Uptown, and Central Square branches only.