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Friday, September 21, 2018

Uptown Mall, BGC: A World of its Own

September 21, 2018 0
Dancing fountain in Uptown Mall, BGC

Serves as a podium to the four towers of Uptown Corporate Center, Uptown Mall is the latest establishment to hit the Philippine landscape of luxury shopping. 

Aims to serve the public with a penchant over upscale brands, it is home to elegant fashion boutiques, restaurants and premium supermarket. It's a world of its own, lying at the heart of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, Metro Manila and basking in glory of opulence and sophistication.

Owned and managed by Megaworld Corporation, a real estate giant in the Philippines whose centerpiece of property development is a high-end financial district, Uptown Mall is a signature for luxury and leisure. Apart from BGC, megaworld is also the developer of McKinley and Eastwood in Libis, Quezon City.

Uptown Corporate Center

Uptown Mall personifies what an urban living looks and feels like. Fabulous. Sophisticated. Posh. Glitzy. Dreamy. Anything you want for a glamorous lifestyle is provided by this upmarket shopping destination.

The place houses chic international brands of fashion, retails and restaurants. Outside the shopping center is an artistic surrounding that awes visitors with its gorgeous ambience and highly urbanized feel. On its ground is a Las Vegas-style dancing fountain which takes action of live animation each night starting at 6:00 in the evening.

Dancing Fountain

The dance fountain features lights and sounds that change in synchronized movements of the water fountain. It's so dreamy! As though you're in a wonderland, witnessing a ball of magic and wonders exploding before your eyes.  People across all ages will surely love this spot. For adults, it will bring back the child in you.

The animation features electric colors and a fire show. It's a real fire element so do not get closer to the fountain perimeter. It will scare the hell out of you 😀. I find this so extra fabulous as water fountain releases movements that relaxed senses.

On the fourth level is a beautiful lobby surrounded with plants, benches, restaurants and bars. There's a food hall near the tower 3, an upgraded version of the food court, where food stalls are located. 

What's nice about this hall, aside from the wide selections of recipes, is its chic interior and design concept. Remarkably artistic.

Food court in Uptown Mall

Stood at the center is a chapel of St. Gabriel Archangel. This is the spot where visitors can take a moment to relax, look around and slow down a bit after shopping.

Other perks at the mall include a 24-hour VIP Cinema completes with a butler service and access to free popcorn and water. Skin and body care boutiques for personal pampering. This makes Uptown Mall a one-stop elegant shopping destinations in the metro.

Hello Kitty cafe in Uptown BGC

Across Uptown Mall is the Uptown Parade, an upmarket food and bar strip that defines the party lifestyle in Metro Manila. It's the latest destination for the yuppies and those who love the energy of night clubs and resto bars. Its most prominent tenant is The Palace Superclub, dubbed as the largest night club in Asia.

But Uptown Parade is not entirely about partying and bar hopping, it is also a place to taste some of the best dishes in the world through an array of finest international restaurants dominating this strip. Some of these brands are first of its kind in the Philippines. 

Highly westernized, Uptown Parade will surely give you a dose of distinct flavors and party feel.

Uptown Mall is located in the 9th avenue, 36th and 38th streets, BGC, Taguig. Opens from 10AM to 10PM Monday to Saturday and Sunday mall hours extended to 11PM.

How To Get There?

The easiest way to reach Uptown Mall is through a taxi or grab ride but if you're under a tight budget, a jeepney ride is more practical. Drop by at Guadalupe. 

Walk to Jollibee area and look for a jeep with a sign board of Gate 3. Uptown can be reached by 15 minutes through this route. Tell the driver to drop you off at Uptown. Fare is Php 9.00.

Follow the same route in going back to Guadalupe. Or you may walk to the highway in front of PhilPlans for a jeepney ride back to Guadalupe. Look for 7-11 route.

Friday, August 3, 2018

The Marketplace Rustan in Eastwood

August 03, 2018 0
The Marketplace Rustan's in Eastwood

Food marketplaces are taking shoppers to a whole new experience in dining. Aim to cater everyone with a one-stop shopping experience including food, it slowly revolutionizes the culinary landscape in the Philippines.

Food halls of marketplaces are where diners can customize anything that goes to their meals. From delicatessen to fruit selections. Shoppers whose hunger pang kicks in while doing grocery can just stop by at the gourmet station and grab a bite. This is how The Marketplace by Rustan's positioned itself to consumers, combining the upscale customer service and the luxury quality of goods.

A high-end supermarket with a repertoire of extensive international brands, The Marketplace by Rustan's in Eastwood, Libis  also has a premium gourmet section that offers freshly-cooked meals sourced out from superior brand of imported products.

The gourmet bar follows a brasserie-style  selections of food that is so very European in nature. It has a fruit bar section where diners  can choose which combo of fresh fruits they want to mix in their platter. 

 Rustan is known for its wide array of household and lifestyle premium products. And this signature image has not lost at its Marketplace branch in Eastwood. Superior brands, with choices ranging from rare finds to familiar picks spread across its elegant shelves.

With colleagues taking lunch at The Marketplace

It is touted to have patterned after the Marketplace by Jason's in Singapore, Hongkong and Taiwan. But more diner-friendly, designed for sophisticated Filipino consumers. I love the food section because of its dainty and very elegant interior. The environment is also quiet and relaxing.

From high quality vegetables and fruits, to freshly-cut meat and premium quality salmon, to choices of imported cheese, cereals and top tiered wines, The Marketplace brings shopping premium grocery items to a whole new level.

My usual visit to The Marketplace however is not entirely to do grocery but to have a quiet brunch or late lunch. I like the delicatessen section with its intercontinental fares meticulously prepared for diners who have penchant over French and Italian meals.

Roasted chicken in thyme and lemon soaked in black pepper. Ultra-savory and satisfying

I like the pink salmon also. I have tried it the first time I dined there with friends. Tasty and does not leave any greasy feel. Other recipes include sausages, crispy liempo, other chicken concoctions and some appetizers.

This place is good for people on the go and also those who want to just chill out with friends. The atmosphere is similar to a high-end cafe where pattesseries are served. One of its most prominent sections is the Lartizan Boulangarie, a pioneer of baking French traditional breads in the Philippines where sourdough from wild yeast has been used on its bread.

Gravy is equally satisfying made from high quality ingredients
I like the roasted chicken in thyme and lemon, it is heavily soaked in black pepper and made even more savory by the tasty gravy. It is cooked in high precision and balanced temperature making it more juicy and tender while skin is not overly roasted.

So heavenly savory! It captures the taste of those who like food coated in high grade spices. This is one of the best-sellers at Rustan's, therefore a must-try. Price for the whole roasted chicken is Php360.00 and already good for 6 persons.

Other food on display at the deli bar
Salad and fruit bar

Lartizan has the most complete selections of artisan breads made from whole grains and wheat. Wholly organic, they produced unbleached breads free from chemicals. I love the wheat croissants, though other diners might prefer the pastries, muffins and other bread varieties, I like the texture and taste of croissants.

They have hot chocolates but what I tried is the brewed coffee because that day I want something aromatic and acerbic to balance the greasy tad of chicken. Though I am not into coffee, I like this version at The Marketplace. It has a smooth taste and the aroma is very pleasing. Unlike other coffee made from roasted beans, this brewed coffee has no pungent overtones. Just the right blend for people who are not into strong coffees. Grand Palazzo building at Eastwood where The Marketplace is located[/caption]

The Marketplace by Rustan's is located at the ground floor of Grand Palazzo building, Citywalk 2, Eastwood, Libis, Quezon City. The location is just right infront of 1880 building. It is open from 9AM to 11PM.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Five Things to do in Eastwood, Libis Quezon City

July 15, 2018 0
Eastwood City Walk

Eastwood is a vibrant financial district in Metro Manila located in Libis, Quezon City. It is a quaint community, an executive hub, surrounded with skyscraping office buildings, shopping centers, food strips, and modern condominium units.

A great destination for people on the go and those who love the glittery lifestyle.

Most of Eastwood buildings have been leased to BPO companies and due to the proliferation of global entities in the area, fast food chains and restaurants serving intercontinental cuisines have also mushroomed in the district in recent years.

Skyscraping buildings in Eastwood

A highly urbanized chic environment will greet you the moment you enter Eastwood. And because this is a financial district expect a surging price for shop and style. But you may still enjoy the place without thinking too much how much you will spend.

Food strip area

Here are five things to do in Eastwood

1. Fun and chill - Eastwood recently becomes a favorite party destination among yippies and people who love the night life. A number of bar restaurants can be found along the city walk of Eastwood.

2. Shop and wander - Eastwood offers a conducive environment for shopping and leisure. Exclusive boutiques of high end and signature brands found its home at Eastwood mall and at its chic commercial buildings.

3. Eat and drink - Eastwood is a perfect destination for gourmand travelers. It is home to classy restaurants serving international dishes. Choices range from affordable meals to luxury dining.

4. Chill at cafes - A number of cafes existed in Eastwood. From simple cup of coffee or tea to expensive cafe shops, everything is available anywhere in Eastwood.

5. Leisure Trip - If you are not in the mood of shopping and dining, you may just grab a quick bite of short meals at food stalls and just spend the day taking a leisure tour around Eastwood. You may wander along its manicured gardens or chill at benches while gazing at towering buildings. You may visit also a chapel dedicated to the great pope, St. John Paul II, which is located near The Market Place, just across the 1880 building.

Paseo walk benches

Paseo walk

How to get there?

Eastwood can be reached through a jeepney ride from Cubao, Quezon City. If your drop off location is at farmers plaza, walk straight ahead to Gateway then walk to Aurora street until you reach Mercury drug store in front of Villarica pawnshop. 

Look for jeepney going to Ever and Rosario. Transportation fee from Cubao to Eastwood is only Php10.00 and estimated travel time is 35 minutes. 

There are no public bus companies serving the Eastwood route, if you are not comfortable with jeepney you may hire a taxi or take grab.

Tram ride around Eastwood

However, within the community there are tram taking visitors around Eastwood. The ride is free. 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Twin Lakes: A European-inspired vineyard strip in the Philippines

April 05, 2018 0
If there's anything I can rave about this latest "It-place" in Tagaytay, it's the stunning view of the ridge and the relaxing atmosphere!

Spectacular view of the ridge and valleys

Twin Lakes estate, a stretch of land spanning across 1,300 hectares of rolling hills and valleys, is currently  creating so much hype in the social media due to its spectacular landscape and breathtaking view of the Tagaytay vista, prompting tourists and Philippine locals to throng to the area to experienvelope and see it for themselves.

Gorgeous garden atop the hill, the outdoor view of Starbucks

It is touted to be the first vineyard resort complex in the Philippines with wine producing community that would surely remind us of Europe's most popular wine-producing regions, Burgundy in France and Tuscany in Italy.   

This breathtaking commercial strip has numerous reasons to stun visitors. With its natural scenery of nature, rolling hills, an unobstructed view of the majestic Taal Lake and exquisite restaurants, no doubt Twin Lakes is an ideal destination for nature and food lovers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the metro. It is also home to a flourishing business center with numerous high-end food establishments lining up the cliff.

Stunning ground where visitors can relax and enjoy the view

One of these food establishments that has been reaping quite a number of praises due to its terrific location above the hill is Starbucks. Dubbed as "The Most Beautiful Starbucks in the Philippines", this branch in Twin Lakes has a good reason to fascinate coffee and likewise not-so coffee lovers. Perched above the hill and surrounded with a manicured garden and LED-glowing white roses in full bloom, the place provides a perfect venue to loosen up while sipping coffee or enjoying frappe! This Starbucks branch is set on a quaint Mediterranean architecture with a homey outdoor feel that truly relaxes tired senses.

Spending the last leg of my first solo travel adventure in Twin Lakes 

However, Starbucks is not the only food strip that lined up the edge of the Twin Lakes ridge, there are numerous bistros and restaurants that find its home above the hill, overlooking the magnificent valleys and Taal Lake. Some of these establishments offer the best of Filipino and international cuisines diners can choose on. This makes Twin Lakes a spectacular destination for food lovers and adventure-seekers.

Spending my late lunch in Starbucks. And chose this outdoor location to see the best view of nature. Terrific atmosphere!

Diners can chill at one of the restaurants and coffee shops, breathe the smoothness of the valleys and enjoy the incredible view of nature. Or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while waiting for the sun to set. Or simply just let hours pass while emptying your mind from toxic thoughts. Twin Lakes estate is a perfect destination for a tired soul. Tranquility at its best! So even if you're traveling alone it doesn't matter, you won't feel isolated.

I visited this amazing complex on my birthday - alone, and had a great moment of "me" time. The view was simply magnificent and relaxing. Everywhere was a charming natural beauty of the countryside that I thought I would never see for as long as I lived in a highly urbanized city like Metro Manila.

Incredible! Simply incredible. Twin Lakes charm is so fascinating I thought I was lost temporarily to its majestic appeal. The stunning view of the valley brought so much relief and helped my thoughts to unload anxiety. I didn't feel the awkwardness of being out there alone, in contrast, I felt a unique calmness within myself. I was able to enjoy my first solo travel on my birthday.

The best time to visit Twin Lakes is in the afternoon when the sun is about to set. It's pretty cool to watch the environment turns subdued without the glare of the harsh sun. The atmosphere is a lot softer and very relaxing. It helps you to slow down a bit. And enjoy more the place and its scenic ground.

How to get there?

Twin Lakes is located along Brgy. Alfonso in Cavite, passing Ayala Serins and Sky Ranch. It's almost on the boundary of Tagaytay and Batangas. And can be reached through a Tagaytay-Nasugbu bound bus or jeep. Travel time is more or less one hour from Olivarez. Jeepney fare is Php20.00. However, if you're coming from Bag of Beans, travel time is more or less 40 minutes.

Additional suggestions if you want to go solo traveling to Tagaytay and experience the best of the city alone. In fact, you can really enjoy this beautiful city in one day following below itinerary:

Disembark at Olivarez/Rotunda and look for jeep bound to People in the Sky, from there, you're free to explore.

1. People in the Sky - don't expect too much here, this is just an abandoned building with rust all over the place, but you can get a perfect view of the Tagaytay vista here. Souvenir shops are also available. Entrance fee is around Ph40.00.

2. Picnic Grove - a spacious ground for people who come as a group. You can brought food here and enjoy the calm atmosphere while having your barbeque. It offers a good view of the Taal lake.

3. Bag of Beans - from Picnic grove, catch a jeepney ride back to Olivarez then look for another jeep bound to Mendez or Nasugbu. Bag of Beans is just along the road. What I like about this place is its fresh and sumptuous dishes. If you're a coffee lover, this restaurant offers one of the best coffee concoctions in Tagaytay, you can choose the freshly brewed too and get the aroma you desired.

4. Puzzle Mansion - If you love art and images and intrigue how mosaic put together to create fantastic portraits then this place is right for you. This can be reached through a tricycle ride. Fare can be negotiated with the driver.

5. Sky ranch - A 5-hectare Leisure park with amenities similar to a playground. Plus a great view of Taal lake. Entrance fee during weekdays is Php80.00 and Php100 during weekends and holidays. Here, you can ride the Sky eye, touted to be the tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines, ride fee is Php150.00. Sky ranch opens at 10pm on weekdays and 8pm during Weekends and holidays.

6. Twin Lakes - From Sky ranch, you can take a bus or jeep bound to Nasugbu, Batangas. It has no entrance fee but you need to dine at any of the restaurants lining along the cliff to get a perfect view of the vineyard and to explore the ground and  beautiful garden. The best time to visit Twin Lakes is in the afternoon when the sun is about to set.

There are still plenty of areas and parks to visit in Tagaytay but if you're running out of time and taking only a day trip, the above suggestion is the most ideal to experience the best of Tagaytay.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Paris Hilton Beach Club

August 16, 2015 0
The Paris Beach Club, also known as the Paris Hilton Beach Club, is one of the gorgeous amenities of this residential property located in Parañaque, Metro Manila, called Azure Urban Resort. This upmarket property is touted to be partly owned by American heiress and Hollywood celebrity, Paris Hilton. The elegant architectural design and furnishing were said to be personally conceptualized by Paris Hilton herself, integrating some of her personal touches. 

The velvet pink upholstered couch in the indoor cafe area is very much a Paris Hilton personality - stylish, chic, at the same time fun and playful. The illuminated hallway has an earthly tone with dark cushioned chairs and classic chandeliers. This amenity features a spacious infinity pool, a sun bathing lap pool and a stunning man-made beach, complete with ivory sand and palm trees. It integrates a relaxing tropical setting with a Caribbean beach-feel atmosphere.

However, as of this writing, the beach club is exclusive to Azures occupants only and not yet open to the public, my friends and I were lucky enough last weekend to spend one night at one of its residential units. 

Illuminated hallway of the Paris beach club with an earth tone furnishing
Gorgeous velvet pink upholstered couch

Azures residential property is located between the intersection of Parañaque and Bicutan, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines, and just a walking distance from SM Bicutan shopping mall. It's less than an hour away from Ninoy Aquino International Airport and approximately 40 minutes away from Metro Manila’s major financial districts, Makati City and Bonifacio Global City.


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