One of the beaches in the island of Anguilla 

If you are looking for a tranquil, peaceful and yet fantastic holiday vacation to a far off paradise never often visited with globe trotters then Anguilla is a perfect choice. Anguilla is a paradise-like island east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean facing the Atlantic Ocean, this relatively small island stretching only 35 square miles with more than 30 spectacular beaches, is part of the Commonwealth Realms of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in the West Indies.

Soft-powdery sand of Anquilla Beach with gentle splashing of waves from the Caribbean Sea.

Popular for its stunning and romantic beaches, Anguilla is one of the most spectacular holiday destinations in the Caribbean. This is one of the smallest islands in the Atlantic coast, but Anguilla is gifted with 33 spectacular beaches with shorelines composed of soft-white sand and awesome beach view.

Its idyllic atmosphere is very ideal for travelers who want to relax and spend a quiet moment with love ones in a faraway place. This small dependency of the United Kingdom has amazing coral reefs and natural wonders, some of its beaches are the holiday setting of regattas, a sophisticated boat racing famous to European nationals. Boat racing in Anguilla, just like other British protectorate islands, is considered a national sport

 Shoal Bay perfect!with its fabulous white powdery sand and sparkling crystal blue water

Aside from its breathtaking beaches, Anguilla is famous to travelers because of its soothing sea breeze and low humidity coming from the Atlantic coast. To people who always love to relax and experience a more romantic vacation and want to witness the amazing sunrise and sunset at seaside, Anguilla offers this fabulous treatment on the south and north shores of Barnes Bay, Crocus Bay, Katouche Bay, Island Harbour, Limestone Bay, Little Bay, Long Bay, Meads Bay, Prickley Pear Cay, Sandy Ground, Blowing Bay, Cove Bay, Elsie Bay, Forest Bay, Little Harbor, Maunday's Bay Beach, Merrywing Bay, Mimi Bay, Rendezvous Bay, Sandy Hill Bay, Savannah Bay, Shoal Bay West, and Windward Point.
The beach front of CuisinArt Luxry resort and Spa 

One of the island’s most famous luxury resorts is CuisinArt Resort and Spa with its magnificent beachfront and garden villas that offer a more fabulous retreat. Rates on its luxury room and one bedroom suite are cheaper during summer season with only $400 and $785 per day. But the rate on beachfront and garden villas vary. Beachfront villa with single bedroom is $2,100 on summer season, raising to $2,325 on Autumn season. Garden villas are cheaper with only $1,225 two bedrooms during summer and $1,430 during autumn season. Rates are good for a single person only.

 Its amenities include a swimming pool, Azure Beach bar, CafĂ© Mediterranean near the pool side, Venus spa and fitness center, Tennis court, Children playground, Orchard and Herbs Garden, Hydroponic farm, a Mediterranean restaurant, beach and water sports and many more. For reservations and inquiries you may call this number 800.480.8555 toll free

 Front view of CuisinArt resort

One of the beachfront villas of CuisinArt

CuisinArt Resort and Spa is such a fantastic choice for a wonderful holiday in the Caribbean  as it offers a fabulous view of the breezy sea and azure water of the Atlantic.

Malliouhana Beach Resort in Anguilla

Another famous luxury resort in Anguilla is Malhouhana, it has more than 50 amazing rooms and suites, the resort is set in the sprawling 25 acres of tropical surroundings leading to the white sand beach. It has two restaurants which offer Western and Mediterranean cuisine.  Package tour rate per person for 7 nights is $730.

Facilities include a tennis court, boat rental, outside jacuzzi, 2 swimming pool, a toddler pool, spa treatment, aerobics gym, bicycle rental, beauty salon, shops, wine cellar, sophisticated bars. Other activities: snorkeling, windsurfing, water sports and scuba diving. This resort offers a baby sitting for parents who did not bring a nanny to their toddlers. 

Visitors often praised Anguilla's secluded beaches because it provides comfort and tranquility with only the splashing of ocean waves can be heard at night. Anguilla is part of the West Indies and in order to get there, travelers will need to book for a flight to any US or Caribbean countries/islands.