The beautiful landscape of Green Isles Beach Resort

Green Isles Beach is a picturesque resort, cloaked in a beautiful landscape of lush tropical plants and neatly trimmed lawn along the rugged shoreline of Limao district at the spectacular Island Garden City of Samal in the Davao province.

The resort  is just across the Sasa wharf directly facing the bustling city of Davao with just an hour bus ride.This exclusive beach resort, however, is still undergoing some improvement but the sprawling ground can already be used for celebration and private indulges. For people who want to spend a relaxing weekend away from the crowded resort, Green Isle is a perfect choice. 

Travelers may catch a bus ride from Magsaysay Park going to Samal, the bus route normally passes at the Sasa wharf then disembark at the barge port the moment it touches Samal. There are motor vehicles in the area that carry passengers to Limao district where Green Isle is located. Fare ranges from P15.00 to P25.00 depending on the arrangement with the driver of a single motor vehicle. Green Isle is near to Blue Jazz and Paradise resorts.

 one of the elegant Chalets of the Green Isles.
Beach line

The ground has an elaborate trimming, very ideal for sports activities and bonding moments with friends, colleagues and family. It has an open pavilion and neatly covered tables for special gatherings. Visitors may choose to stay at the relaxing waiting sheds along the cliff near the shoreline or take some luxurious retreat at its fabulous chalets on top of the ground.

Chalet balcony
The sprawling ground of the resort, ideal for organizing volleyball and other fun games
UIC-NTP Acquaintance party last July 24, 2010
...joining other games :-)

It has basic amenities such as elegant comfort rooms, shower rooms, a banana boat to those who want to take a fun ride adventure at sea water. The location is ideally smacked in a ground cliff overlooking the crystal green water with a fabulous view of the romantic horizon.

Temperature in the area is moderate and not warm even during at noon because it is partly covered with large "talisay" trees detailing along its rugged cliff. It offers offer comfort to visitors during the grueling heat of the sun.

The sparkling crystal green water of the Green Isles beach resort.

Chalets, situated at the top of the ground strategically facing the soothing seaside are remarkably designed in a Caribbean architecture with a porch to relax, though visibly influenced by the trendy western design, the chalet has a touch of Filipino culture. Accommodation can be arranged ahead of time and can be booked exclusively. Send me a private message for your inquiries so that I can relay the message to the resort's owner.


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