Ice skiing is not a familiar sport to most Asians because this is only popular in western countries, but this outdoor adventure is one of my fascinations in life because it is associated with winter and I love snow! :-D

This is quite extreme because it requires a good amount of determination and bravery. Skiing is a very intricate and difficult sport and people must have enough training and orientation before plunging into the rugged cliff of snow. That's what I love about it because I want to indulge in an adventure that requires responsibility, effort and drive. Rugged slopes at winter is very dangerous due to its the perilous platforms and freezing environment plus there's a constant fear of avalanche!Which makes skiing a very interesting sport!

This exciting sport exemplifies real adventure and thrill because presence of mind, enthusiasm, courage and body coordination are required. Ice skiing adventurers are just admonished to take precautionary measures when indulging in this kind of sport.

One of the most popular skiing resorts in Europe is Kloster, a tranquil and spectacular mountain in the municipality of Prattigau near Zurich in Switzerland. It has a unique combination of a mountain resort and a romantic village. Klosters is the favorite skii-resort of the British royal family where Prince Charles and his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry are frequently bonded here several times in a year. 

Innsbruck in Austria is another popular European skiing destination, it is a renowned winter sport center and the host of three Winter Olympics. It is located in the federal state of Tyrol in Western Austria. With its remarkable ski lift past structure and excellent facilities. Innsbruck is ideal for beginner skiers with its friendly route along Stubai Glacier.