Christmas is just few "night sleeps" away, the soft breeze and warmth of the yuletide season is already beckoning in the horizon and the good feeling of anticipating long vacation weeks started to send inexplicable excitement of joy and fun. 

For people who are already burnt with stress, clutters, pressure and a sordid environment in the workplace, a leisure walk in the countryside or beach is a great escape. 

While other people just want to stay home to be with family this holiday break, there are some who want to take an extravagant vacation to great and romantic places. So, forget the mall and public parks here are some suggestions of fabulous holiday destinations for a change.


Why not explore the beauty of nature in the countryside, strolling along the peaceful untraveled road, watching leaves fall from trees, hearing the chirping of the birds or just sit around and watch the sunset. The sweet aroma of lush tropical plants and wild flowers send a different feeling of serenity from deep within, this is an excellent ritual to take amidst the clutters of everyday life in the city. Just stare at the spectacular horizon and watch the clouds disappear into the sunset, the tender gushing of water in the river is a perfect relief of relaxing tired mind and body.


This is everybody’s favorite holiday destination, though not ideal to visit during winter season, going to a beach seaside for a walk is an excellent option to combat weariness in life temporarily. The tranquil environment of the seaside and the natural tang of soothing fresh air from the ocean plus the ritual of watching the splashing of the waves provide serenity for anxious mind. There's something magical and mysterious beyond the rushing of the waves to the seashore. So why not spend quiet afternoon at the seaside with close friends and family.


For people living in the city, going to a mountain resort is always a great deal considering the distance, but the benefits of spending precious moments close to nature are tremendous,  it allows us to inhale fresh and unpolluted air and the fresh aroma of wild plants and flowers are excellent for healthy lungs. A leisure trip to a mountain resort is always a welcome respite for people who want to escape momentarily from the annoying life in the city. This place offers tremendous privacy and serenity too, no irritating sounds and  deadly environmental toxin.


Ski-resort is always a spectacular choice to visit for a relaxing holiday. The breathtaking view of the Alps and the snowy surroundings provide relief and peace of mind with excitement. This is ideal for travelers who want to spend the holiday break into countries with winter season. Some fabulous skiing holidays are located in Europe.

It is always good to feel a carefree life this Christmas season walking and strolling along the placid river, beautiful seaside resort where the soothing breeze of nature blended with the spectacular ray of morning and afternoon sun. A skiing adventure is another adventure worthy to take this holiday break, it offers a spectacular view of the romantic horizon and a fascinating village away from the crowded life in the city.

So why not take any of these options this Christmas holiday for a change? The feeling might be very fulfilling.