A perfect Caribbean  dream at Saint Barth! (image from www.stbartsvilla.com)

Officially known as Saint Barthélemy, this enthralling Caribbean Island, east of Puerto Rico and north of St.Kitts, is part of the overseas collectivity of France. Its capital city, Gustavia, was named after King Gustav III of Sweden (Saint Barth was once a Swedish colony). Its total land area is only 21 square kilometers but this romantic island is home to many fabulous, secluded beaches with crystal green and cobalt water from the Caribbean dominating its spectacular coastline, Saint Barth ranks number one to many travel guide sites as World's most romantic island. 

Saint Barth is one of the favorite destinations of the rich and the famous in the Caribbean because of its exotic and private resorts, high-end designers, amazing landscape, tropical location and chic bistros and its main source of income is tourism.
A taste of paradise at Shell Beach - Saint Barth! (image from sbhonline.com)
Its distinct culture and traditions are predominantly French and its monetary unit is Euro. Saint Barth is home to more than 20 pristine beaches with most of these are still underdeveloped which offer a more fascinating and private adventure. The Gustavia Harbour is one of the best attractions in the island with a panoramic view of the sea and the horizon. It has a small airport known as Gustaf III airport serving charters and regional commercial aircraft. One option of going to Saint Barth is taking a ferry ride from the neighboring island, Saint Martin.
 Gustavia Harbor
Saint Barth often attracts travelers because of its fine weather, fantastic landscape and natural beauty of the sea, hence, the island is frequently visited by high-end designers and fashion artists for a photo shoot and magazine pictorials.