Cornwall has a famous association to the Duchy of Cornwall to which the annual income of the heir-apparent to the British throne is generated. His Royal Highness, Charles, the Prince of Wales, gets his annual income from this duchy, that's why the King-in-waiting is not included in the Civil List of the crown. 

The Duchy of Cornwall, established by King Edward III of England in 1337 for his son, Edward the Prince of Wales (often called the Black Prince, he died during the Hundred Years of War and the throne was passed to his son, Richard II), is a crown property and its income, since the 14th century, supported the daily activities and expenses of the heir-apparent.

Rugged beach at Cornwal Photo source: Photographed by Adrian Houston/Corbis

Cornwall is one of the ceremonial counties in South West England with medieval remains of castles and palaces, most notably the Tintagel Castle, believed to be the birthplace of King Arthur, the legendary British King, then there's St. Michael's Mount, a fairytale castle perched atop in Mount Bay overlooking the coastal area of Penzane where visitors could gaze the warm sea below. This beautiful English county is known for its rugged coastline and beaches. Sailing and surfing are the popular water sports in Cornwall

 The ruins of Tintagel Castle at Cornwall, said to be the birthplace of King Arthur, the legendary British King. Image from
St. Michael's Mount. Image from

Cornish beaches such as Bude and Newquay are some of the major surfing destinations in the British Isles. Cornwall is one of the sunniest areas in England making it an ideal place to visit even during winter season as the temperature would not go down below 11 degrees Centigrade. For people who find surfing as life’s most wonderful beach adventure, Cornwall is a terrific place to visit. 

Cornwall has a spectacular countryside, where taking a leisure walk along its breezy road with trees and plants can be a soothing adventure. There's a beautiful landmark in Cornwall called The Eden Project, one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in England, it is a world’s largest greenhouse with artificial biomes housing plants collected from other parts of the globe. 

Eden Project Complex, created by Tim Smit, designed by architect Nicholas Grimshaw and Anthony Hunt and Associates (an engineering firm), is located at Kaolinite Pit near the town of St. Blazey and St. Austell.  It has adjoining domes that house plant species, tropical environment and Mediterranean environment.

Going to Cornwall made easy through a railway transit, by air or by car to the south west region of England. Train leaves London Paddington railway station on a daily basis to Penzane, online ticket purchase is available at 

If by air, flights are available from London Gatwick to Newquay, Cornwall. Overnight stay at Cornwall is not a problem since the place is offering terrific hotels and tourist lodge houses at reasonable prices.