Taking a world travel is one of my wishes, and it seems my life will not be complete without realizing this dream, but since it requires tons of money and preparation, my dream, as of now, well, remains a dream. While relishing some hopes of realizing this life's greatest wish someday, I will have to list down the places I want to be in before going to the house of the Lord.

IGUAZU WATERFALLS (near the border of Argentina and Paraguay)

I first saw this incredibly breathtaking gift of nature in the film "THE MISSION" , a story about the daring act of Jesuit missionaries in the 16th century to christianize the Guarani tribes in South America along the Paraguay border. 

Its wide range location is shared by three South American countries: Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Iguazu, in my eyes, depicts perfection when it comes to a picturesque mountain and waterfalls. It has a rugged cliff and the water and the surroundings are simply extraordinary! 

Iguazu is often dubbed as the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, wonderful than Niagara falls that former US First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, was heard blurting "poor Niagara".

Due to its dangerous elevation, far-away location and treachery cliff, trekking Iguazu is very difficult to realize. But my dream is just to view the area in the background and I don't want to do mountain climbing anyway.


One of the most frequently visited landmarks in England, Windsor Castle simply amazes travellers with its unique history and glorious past.

Dubbed by 19th century diarist, Samuel Pepys, as the most romantic castle in the world, Windsor Castle echoes mystic and charm. The castle has a beautiful avenue called "The Long Walk" constructed during the reign of King Charles II and patterned after the manicured garden in the Palace of Versailles in France. The Long Walk has a well-maintained garden, park benches, bed of flowers, plants and other natural wonders.

Windsor Castle is the weekend residence of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and the official seat of court during Easter Sunday, New Year and Royal Ascot. It has two working farms, several state apartments, beautifully-trimmed garden, gift shop, chapel and orange orchard. A guided tour to Windsor can be organized on several schedules and I am looking forward to the day I can finally visit this wonderful royal fortress.


I heard this many times "Paris is one of the most exciting and lively cities to visit" and ever since the day I heard it, I did not stop dreaming that one day I could visit this city of romance! While browsing a tour guide for France, I was stunned with the extraordinary beauty of the garden of the Palace of Versailles!Such a terrific site to behold!

The Palace is located just outside Paris and its 250-acre manicured garden allured visitors due to its breathtaking design and style. History has it that the spectacular garden influenced King Charles II of England in the 17th century to design Windsor Castle's Long Walk avenue.

It is the former home of the French monarchs and the palace's structural design can be attributed to various royal occupants. And taking a trip there is like a grand treat of a lifetime. With its fantastic garden, relaxing environment and colorful history, Palace of Versailles is more than just an exciting place to visit.


Back to England! And to the most terrific and incredible garden in the world!

Alnwick Gardens is located in Northumbria near the border of Scotland. Though not privately owned by the Duke of Northumberland, Ralph Percy (who owns Alnwick Castle, made famous by Harry Potter films as Hogwarts), the Garden creation was primarily supervised by his wife, the Duchess of Northumberland.

According to its official website "its masses of pink Tulips are sweeping over the hills of the Cherry orchard, a truly spectacular site", oh well that's why I am so obsessed with this place to visit someday because I love Tulips!

It has a magical landscape, like a fairyland and its surrounding is perfectly covered with magnificent architecture, lots of trimmed plants, waterfalls, beautiful spring flowers and other amazing ornaments. This is one of  the most beautiful places I want to visit when someday I could take a grand European tour, well in God's time.


When it comes to Castle, apart from Windsor Castle in England, nothing beats the grandeur and fantasy of Neuschwanstein Castle.

Perching above the rugged hills of Hohenschwangau village near Fussen in Bavaria, Southwest Germany, this fairytale castle is one of Europe's most popular tourist landmarks with a record of more than one million people visiting this ancient royal fortress annually.

This castle is a former home of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, the mad King whose eccentricities in life prompted his ministers to declare him lunatic and unfit to rule a Kingdom. Originally, he intended to make this castle his private home and a personal refuge away from the irritation and annoyance that came with being a King. He also made this as a homage to his favourite artist, Richard Wagner, but the Bavarian government incurred heavy debt for financing this castle that after the King's death (in a mysterious circumstance where many believed the King was murdered), the government decided to open the castle to public to generate income.

today, this wonderful castle is very famous among travellers and honeymooners. It is also prominently featured in many fairytale movies and became the basis of the design of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle. Black Forest in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany is also one of my dreamed destinations. Oh I hope I could visit Germany someday!

ISLE OF SKYE (Scotland)

From Germany to England and Scotland. Another lifelong wish is to see and visit Isle of Skye, a picturesque British isle located off the West coast of mainland Scotland, it is known for its natural beauty, wildlife and tranquil surroundings. I want to see the Ornsay isle, Knock castle, the serene countryside, the beautiful sunset at one of its bay areas.

I am always enthralled with the natural, fresh beauty of the surroundings, modern buildings never fascinate me, so taking a trip to hinterlands, farm, beaches or countryside is more exciting than roaming at posh city malls. Isle of Skye is simply fantastic, its calm and poetic environment is a perfect place to spend a quiet day planning and writing manuscripts.

BORA BORA (French Polynesia)

Who does not want to visit this captivating paradise in the South Pacific?

When it comes to natural and spectacular beauty of the sea nothing compares Bora Bora!With its legendary charm and unbelievably alluring seaside, Bora Bora is often called the most beautiful island in the planet and it seems to be everybody's idea of a perfect holiday getaway.

Often referred as the Paradise in the South Pacific, Bora Bora is located along the Tahitian Island of French Polynesia, a French overseas collectivity. Its blue lagoon, ivory sand, sparkling blue water and lush tropical environment are what makes Bora Bora an incredible holiday escape. It is one of my dreamed places to visit too even once in a lifetime. But with almost $2,500 rate per night accommodation, Bora Bora might be just a dream :-D

MUSTIQUE ISLAND (St. Vincent and the Grenadines, North America)

I've come to know this mysterious (because it is somewhat unheard!) name while reading the book, "The Royals" by Kitty Kelly when she mentioned that Princess Margaret (younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II) often holidayed at Mustique during her youth and in fact the Princess built a beautiful villa there called Les Jolies Eaux in a 10 acre plot given to her by the island's owner as a wedding gift. So I made a research about this island and, yes, I was stunned with its breathtaking location and surroundings through photos!

Mustique Island is part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in North America near Barbados and St. Lucia--all constitutes the Commonwealth Realms of the British Queen. There are direct flights, according to the Mustique official website, from Britain, Canada and the United States and in order to get there, visitors may take a direct flight from either of the places mentioned above to Barbados or St. Lucia, Mustique is just few minutes away from these locations.

Mustique is a private island spread in 1,400 acres owned by Lord Glenconner and has 70 luxury villas for rent with a whopping $4, 250 to $150,000 each villa per week!Argggh..The island continues to attract famous and rich people, well with its price tag, naturally only their "class and kind" can afford. Famous people who regularly holidayed in Mustique are Prince William, his grandmother's cousin, Lord Liechfield, Sir Richard Branson, Mick Jagger and fashion icon, Tommy Hilfiger. The villa owned by Princess Margaret was sold by her son, Viscount Linley, and is now available for rent.


This is one of my childhood fascinations. Back then, I thought Pyramids are not real and just part of the world's ancient legend but when I grew up I learned pyramids are real and one of the wonders of the ancient world that survived in the present days!

The site is simply captivating, with its famous architectural relics of the early generation and amazing design, not to mention its historical existence, this part of the ancient world is so magical that dreaming a leisure trip there is always a fulfilling idea.

Though Egypt lately became the centre of intrigue and controversies, it did not stop me from wishing someday I can make a trip down there to see the pyramids and other historical, ancient architectural landmarks all over Egypt.


Tuscany, a beautiful and romantic region in Italy, is one of the places I am dying to visit if given a chance to travel to Europe, it's simply wonderful! The breezy environment, the seaside, the vineyard and the authentic Italian cuisine, so fabulous!

Aside from the spectacular Tuscany, I also want to take a trip to Venice to ride the famous Gondola!

Super romantic and relaxing, Gondola is a boat-hire  passing through a wide canal in Venice, it is perfect for honeymooners and people who enjoy the pleasure of taking a boat ride.


Switzerland is my childhood dream. Ever since the day I saw the glossy posters of the romantic Swiss alps in my father's table, I did not stop dreaming about visiting Switzerland. This beautiful and progressive nation in Europe offers the best experience to travelers who adored nature because of its mountaneous landscape, breathtaking countryside and cool alps!

The slopes are simply terrific especially during winter and the municipality of Klosters tops it all. It is the favourite skying destination of the British royals. Prince Charles and his sons, William and Harry, often spent winter holiday in Klosters.



Stela Trindade said…
You don't have to endure any hardship when visiting the falls. You only walk a lot if you want and all is paved. English is spoken everywhere and they say Argentinian side is better. At the time I had my American hubby with me and he didn't want to go try immigration to cross over. Across the street from the entrance is the bird park. Ah, you take a 1/2 hour bus ride to the entrance.
Joyce Lamela said…
Hello Stela,

Thank you for your comment. You already visited this place?wow great!Yeah Iquazu is such a magnificent place to visit, when I saw the waterfalls, I cannot wait to go to Argentina border to see this fantastic gift of nature :-)