Maldives, one of Asia's most romantic destinations for honeymooners according to several travel guide sites, is a country Southwest of India and Sri Lanka. Formed in a double chain of twenty six atolls facing Indian Ocean, Maldives has 1,190 terrific islands spread in its 90,000 square kilometers area. The country's capital is Male'. 

Three of the country's famous islands:

Ihuru Island. Image from

Ihuru Island beckons a spectacular scenery of ivory sand, sparkling blue water and palm trees. An ecological conscious island where visitors can see one of the world's most romantic environmental sceneries, Ihuru truly offers the best experience for honeymooners. One of Ihuru's luxury resorts is Angsana with its Beachfront villa costing $545 per night with free breakfast for two.

Nalaguraidhoo Island
Nalaguraidhoo Island. Image from

Very exclusive tropical island paradise with gorgeous beach and idyllic surrounding and located in the South Ari Atoll 100 kilometers from Male. Sun Island Resort and Spa, a beachfront hotel, offers $1,188 for four nights. It has a balcony facing the sea, tennis court, outdoor pool and spa.

Veligandu Island
Veligandu Island Resort. Image from

Only 15 minutes by plane from Male, this island in the North Ari Atoll is surrounded with long stretches of white powdery beach, turquoise water and a magnificent lagoon , features over-water and beach side villas. Its pristine beaches and crystal water provide a unique experience of a romantic getaway for honeymooners. There's only one hotel in the island, Veligandu Island Resort, which offers the best accommodation and luxurious holiday travel. Rate $3,300 for 6 nights, all inclusive water villa.

International travelers may catch any of these international flights:

Bangkok Airways         Bangkok, Thailand
British Airways             London, England
China Southern             Guangzhou, China
Emirates                       Dubai, UAE
Malaysia Airlines          Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Qatar Airways              Doha, Qatar
Singapore Airlines         Singapore
Sri Lankan                    Colombo, Sri Lanka

For more information how to get there including visa and other requirements, visit this LINK and for budget and expenses (flight, booking, transfer) calculations, visit tripadvisor at this LINK


Earlied said…
I miss these sights...used to be fed up by the sun, sea and sand. But now it's one that i look forward to for our holiday. Very brilliant photos joyce. Thanks for sharing.