If you love the goodness of Crepes and the creamy delights of Gelato, an Italian Ice Cream, then Crepelato is just right for you. Crepelato sells authentic gelato ice cream in varied options. You can have it in a cone or in a crepe. They offer a gelato platter with different kinds of gelati mixed in one serving.

Crepe plus Gelato = heavenly combinations of Crepelato

Crepelato desserts are best coolers and offer a unique ice cream experience because gelato is very creamy and tasty but less than fats. Unlike the ice cream variety, gelato is sturdier and creamier, the taste is fantastically great! Awesome!

What's good about gelato at Crepelato is its health benefits. It contains less than fats and infused with fruits in season. It is yummier than ordinary toppings of gelato varieties. What's really good at Crepelato is that they want you to taste first which flavor you would like to choose so it's a bit of an add-on to their service.

Lately, they are offering non-dairy gelato varieties like soya milk and coconut sugar concoctions which are ideal for vegetarians. They also have cool and unique creations like gelatea, blending gelato and tea in one scrumptious serving!

For folks who want to have a formal lunch or dinner, Crepelato offers pasta and chicken meals which are usually served with bread.

I had visited two Crepelato outlets in Davao City: NCCC Mall and the main outlet in Mayon street near Sampaguita hotel. Both are equally awesome!

So if you happen to visit Davao just drop by at any of Crepelato outlets and try the heavenly combinations of crepes and gelato.


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