Maldives is a tropical paradise in South Asia located southwest of Sri Lanka and India. Formed in a double chain of 26 atolls, the country has 1,190 terrific islands spread across its 90,000 square kilometers area of land. Its strategic location along the Indian Ocean provided this island nation with an unrivaled luxury of having the best beaches in the world. 

Surrounded with palm trees, sparkling clear water, ivory sand and turquoise lagoons, Maldives beckons idyllic relaxation and offers the best holiday getaway for beach lovers. Truly, a dreamed destination for people who adored the atmosphere of ocean and sun-kissed shorelines.

However, unlike in the previous years where an escape to this island seems like a  far reaching dream among budget travelers, lately, budget trippers can now embark into an ambitious Maldives getaway without ripping much of one's budget plan. The  government of Maldives adjusted its regulations, allowing locals to operate guesthouses and organize day tours to luxury beach resorts for budget travelers.

Sounds terrific right?

Though Philippines has some of the best beach destinations in the world, dreaming to be in a foreign beach is not a bad idea. In fact, it's a well-deserved retreat for a tired soul. A great escape from a sordid life in the metro.

Beach is a perfect sanctuary to loosen up. The view of the ocean relaxes tired senses and the crisp breeze rolling from the sea provides a soothing relief. There's nothing more satisfying in life than feel the tang of the afternoon air at the sea side while listening to the gentle splashing of the waves. And it's more dreamy if all these frills can be experienced once in a lifetime in a foreign beach. And get lost in paradise. 

Maldives exactly paints this dreamed beach holiday trip abroad. Closer to the Philippines, the travel doesn't require weeks of absence from home or work. But here's the cliche, it seems everyone is talking about the wonders of Maldives but only few individuals ever show interest discovering the real Maldives. They only talk about the country's romantic beaches but don't have any idea how to get there, how much the trip would cost and where exactly this country is located.

Sparkling aquamarine water in Maldives 

I haven't gone to Maldives but I dreamed that someday someone would take me there 😅 and enjoy the best of this country's private holiday frills. It doesn't have to be expensive, a day trip to a secluded beach side is enough. I never dreamed to get tanned in a foreign land, I just want to experience the sugary sand beneath my toes in a foreign shore.

So let's get to know more about this smallest nation in Asia

Maldives is a nation island composed of more than 26 atolls, and some of it are inhabited. Literally floating by the sea, this nation is endowed with romantic and exotic beaches sprawled across its 1,190 islands. Its powdery shorelines and lush tropical trees lure travelers to explore this spectacular island in the most fascinating way.

Based on online articles and testimonies of travelers who already experienced the best of Maldives, this destination offers the best holiday experience for beach lovers.  Its beach resorts are rated world-class with accommodations range from water-bungalows, floating cottages, private villas, garden suites and ocean villas. However, lately, locals offered affordable accommodations through guesthouses for budget travelers. And the best way to experience the real Maldives is to stay in a guesthouse.

For choices of guesthouses, CHECK THIS LINK

The country's famous islands 

As with most nations situated near the ocean, Maldives is composed of many islands with exclusive beach resorts. The following are the most popular:

1. Ihuru Island - an ecologically-conscious island, Ihuru is surrounded with a spectacular scenery of crystal clear water, ivory sand and lush palm trees. This island offers the best experience for honeymooners who love to frolic in a lovely beach with an assurance of privacy. 

2. Nalaguraidhoo Island - An exclusive tropical island south of Male, this is one of the most pricey areas in Maldives with rates per night ticking at $1,000. But visitors are assured with a perfect beach getaway with its terrific beachfront villas  offering nothing but comfort and exclusive high-end amenities.

3. Veligandu Island - Located in the North Ari Atoll, this island is closer to the airport, only 15 minutes. This explains why Veligandu is one of the most expensive resorts in Maldives. Rates per night picks at around $1,200 per night. But with its floating villas, beachfront cottages and pristine beaches with long stretches of coastline, no traveler will ever complain with the incredible getaway experience this island provides. 

This is the same island where  Stilts beach resort in Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines is often compared. The floating cottages and villas of Stilts are reminiscent to the Veligandu's beachfront rooms and bungalows by the sea accommodations.

How to get there?

For Asians, going to Maldives is quite easy. There are direct flights from Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka serving a route to Male, the capital of Maldives. The resorts are just 5 kilometers from the airport. For International travelers, there are regular flights coming from the Middle East, USA and Europe.

 Paradise Island Resort in Maldives
Paradise Island Resort is located on the eastern edge of North Atoll in Male sets in a massive reef enclosed lagoon

A typical Maldives travel usually picks up around Php40,000 per person for a four-night stay in a guesthouse, this is the cheapest rate a traveler could ever get in Maldives, so a sojourn to this magnificent tropical nation needs a whole year preparation.

What to expect when visiting Maldives?

Maldives is a Muslim country so it's very important to respect their local culture. Bikinis are not allowed in full view of the public except on private beaches. Alcohol is prohibited unless guests are billeted in a private resort where an exemption has been granted. This is perhaps why Maldives isn't popular to foreigners who like beach parties. Excessive alcohol drinking and loud parties are strongly prohibited there. However, this island is popular to celebrity couples and to the famous and rich craving for some degree of privacy.

Currency of Maldives is Maldevian Rufiyaa. One US dollar is equivalent to MVR 15.40. One MVR is equivalent to 3.40 Philippine peso.

Entering Maldives:

There's no pre-arrival visa required when entering Maldives for all nationalities. The country offers visitors a 30-day free visa upon arrival, however each person is required to have at least US$30.00 per day on his or her own possession to be allowed to enter the country.  Maldives immigration only requires a valid passport with six months validity and with machine readable zone. Other requirements include a valid return air ticket and proof of booking to a hotel or resort. 

You may visit the official website of the Maldives immigration website for further information. CLICK HERE


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