Got to visit Eden Nature Park once again. Peace. Serenity. Stillness. Bonding. You've got the best of time and relaxation at Eden.

Entrance Area

Last January 5, 2012, Saturday, we'd a Christmas Recollection at Eden, it was the second time that our annual recollection was held there, the first time was in November 2008. You might wonder why it was called "Christmas Recollection" here's a little explanation: In the Catholic calendar, Christmas season officially begins on the birth of Jesus (December 25) and ends on the Feast Sunday of His Baptism, normally falls on the second Sunday of January (Sunday after the Epiphany or Three Kings), this year, 2013, Feast Sunday of Baptism is on January 13, thus our recollection still falls on the Christmas season :-)

It's good to be at the heart of nature once again with the stunning backdrop of the mountain, rolling hills and green plants, it makes me feel good. The cool breeze of the countryside provides comfort and serenity, it's a welcome respite from the clutters of the daily life in the city.

Actually, I am not really very obsessed with Eden as I grew up in the province with the same landscape of trees and hills but the well-developed environment, organic farm and amenities that Eden provides are what make the  the experience very different. 

Eden is located at Toril approximately one hour ride from Davao city. Visitors may hire a cab from  the city proper as no public utility bus or jeep directly travelling there. What's good at Eden is the private leisure it provides. 
Organic Farm

It is a home to botanical garden, bed of flowers, pine trees, organic vegetables, adventure and lush tropical foliage. It has indigenous creatures too with Deer park and Bird walk. Extreme sports adventure can be experienced at Eden too. At night you can go camping at its trail site. Or go walking among boulders in the morning and try zip line in the afternoon. 

Eden offers the best experience of being relaxed and stress-free. The cool mountain air, the fresh organic foods harvested from the farm and the calmness of the surrounding. This nature park resort is truly a good destination to unwind and loosen up.
Green Salad fresh from the resort's organic farm

The first time I visited Eden in 2001 the surrounding was not yet fully developed but the basic facilities were already there, got to ride the cable swing for the first time :-) and we did fishing. In 2008 more amenities were added and the foods had improved!

Taking Indiana Jones this year for the third time

 Second time in November 2008
What to do at Eden:
  • Fishing
  • Bonding with family and friends
  • Eat and eat :-D
  • Mountain trekking
  • Mountain and sky adventure
  • Swimming
  • Relax and unwind
  • Contemplate :-)
Facilities, Amenities, Leisure Areas:
  • Indiana Jones (cable swing)
  • Swimming Pool
  • Camp site
  • Fishing Village
  • Skyride
  • Botanical Garden
  • Restaurant
  • Boutique/Souvenir's shop
  • Bird walk/Deer park
  • Organic farm
  • Cottages/Suites
  • Function Hall
  • Garden Party
At Eden, you can choose to stay overnight or just take a Day tour with family, friends and special someone.

Day Packages:

Entrance and Meal
        Adult: P470.00 Child (4-10 years old): P300.00
Plated Snacks 
       Adult: P200.00 Child (4-10 years old): P170.00

Shuttle Tour: P120.00
Skyride rate: P150.00
Horseback Riding: P55.00
Fishing Village: P85.00
Swimming Pool: Adult - P80.00 Child - P55.00

For more information about the resort's room rates, accommodation and other packages for special occasions, visit Eden's official website