Hello travellers! Are you looking for a new holiday destination to spice up your summer break?

Here's the newest beach resort in Mindanao I discovered recently while watching Kris TV. It's called Dedon Island. Utterly beautiful!

I never heard about it even if I came from the same region (Caraga), so while watching, I could not help but be captivated with its gorgeous surrounding and facilities.

Formerly known as Pansukian Tropical resort, Dedon Island is a secluded holiday destination located in the southern part of Siargao, Surigao City, Caraga Province, Philippines just around the corner of the legendary surfing point, Cloud 9.

The accommodation is extremely luxurious, the management would even allow visitors (maximum of 34 people) to book the entire resort for an exclusive stay  just like what Kris and her entourage did!
The Island
The villa

The resort boasts world-class amenities, incredible architectural design, outdoor lounge furniture and lush tropical environment. It is surrounded with mangrove trees, powdery sand and fringed through Rainforest hills and lagoon.

Absolutely fantastic! According to Kris Aquino, Dedon Island is more stunning than Amanpulo in Palawan. Oh my! We all know how expensive and how ultra-exclusive Amanpulo is, it's like taking a Caribbean holiday. Now, we've got an idea how expensive Dedon Island is, haha!

Spectacular views of Dedon Island, Siargao

Well, dreaming to get there is not bad...

Let's just hope the resort will offer promotional rates one of these days :-) I was really amazed with the beauty of Dedon island, simply gorgeous! I like the outdoor furniture, especially the swingrest, the one where Kris seated during her interview.

Its restaurant serves both local and international cuisines. I was able to watch a German chef, interviewed by Kris while preparing a unique Kinilaw of Tangigue.

The swingrest hanged between trees. Visitors may take a 
a good rest here or maybe sleep

I saw Kris sat on the swingrest and I thought it's just a normal sofa built outside the villa, but when I saw its view from a distance, it's another outdoor lounge furniture wonder! Perfect to take a short nap or rest with friends. It looks superb and very cool! The calmness of the environment and soft breeze from the trees will make visitors drowse to sleep when taking a rest there, perhaps :-D

The furnishing at its cottages and villas are made from local materials, wonderfully crafted but designed under the influence of Filipino culture. The materials from fabric to chair covers down to the last details of the roofing of the villas, the structure of the verandas and the furniture showcase the regional heritage of the Filipinos.

Aside from the architectural design and tropical environment of the resort, there are lots of things you'll enjoy doing there, activities to indulge during the day include windsurfing, Kayaking, island excursions, stand-up paddle among others. The Padie activity along the river is one of the most exciting because visitors can experience the thrill of paddling while on top of a wake board. There's nothing to fear since you have to wear a life vest.
Kris Aquino walking on foot along Dedon's shoreline.
Don't be discouraged with the black images you saw, it's the corals, normally present
 in all Surigao beaches. It's not harmful, there's nothing to fear because it will just "hide" during high tide, it is only visible during low tide. I used to play with this kind of coral when I was still growing up in the province, it's lovely to hold, it is slippery but won't make your skin itchy. 

Walking on foot around Mangrove and a the Sea Pagoda is another exciting thing to do in the island. I saw Kris taking a walk at its long coastline and at the mangrove area, it was beautiful, a perfect moment to indulge while taking a break from swimming. While at the Sea Pagoda, Kris kept on praising the thrilling big waves at the surfing area not far from the resort.

With its spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, luxury accommodation and gorgeous architectural design, Dedon Island is truly an exciting holiday destination to consider this summer!

It's a mix of fun and adventure. As I watched Kris and her entourage frolicked around the area, I  must say that there's no other beach resorts in the Philippines that offer the best of both worlds other than Dedon Island.

The Nestrest at Dedon with Sea Pagoda in the Background

And there's another piece of art of an outdoor furniture that amuses me--the Nestrest! Never saw this stuff before. Nestrest is beautifully designed for an outdoor respite. Visitors can take a rest there, sleeping or reading books or talking with friends.

Veranda or Lanai

The island has two types of cottages: The Tropical Villas and Garden Cottages and both have window seats that can doubled as extra beds. Not sure if the resort retains the garden cottages which are a lot cheaper than the Villas. Just contact the management by visiting their OFFICIAL SITE  if you have further questions.

Rates however are quite expensive. For Filipino travellers, it's like going to a foreign country!

Click the above list to enlarge. If you find the above image blurry please CLICK THIS LINK

Facilities at Dedon Island:
  • Infinity Pool
  • Sea Pagoda
  • Hobie cat
  • Lanai
  • Volleyball/and tennis
  • Billiard area
  • Massage center
  • Nestrest
  • Swingrest
  • Gardens
  • Hammocks along trees
  • Restaurant
  • Cocktail bar
What to do at Dedon Island:
  • Island Excursions
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Offshore Surfing
  • Sports like volleyball, tennis
  • Padi Diving
  • Walking around mangrove trees
  • Windsurfing
  • Ocean kayaking
  • Mountain biking
How to get there:

For international travellers, the quickest way to get to Siargao is via Cebu International Airport. You will be picked up from the airport to the resort. For those who want to travel at their leisure time, there are chartered flights available from Cebu to Siargao Island. For Mindanao travellers, you can take a bus ride from any point in Mindanao to Surigao City.


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