Each one of us has a unique travel dream.

It could be just within our country of birth or abroad! This absorbing desire to go into an adventure once in a lifetime is part of everyone's curiosity what's on the other side of life. I am no exemption. I have this unique travel dream too!

I always considered travelling as the most wonderful escape from clutters and pressure in life. To be able to visit the fantastic places I only read in books is such a huge accomplishment.  One of the most beautiful regions in the world I longed to see is the romantic region of TUSCANY in ITALY.

Sounds super ambitious, but one of my fantasies in life really is to experience a relaxing TUSCAN HOLIDAY! It started as a fascination towards renaissance culture, history and arts that grew into an obsession of a grand European tour where Tuscany is the ultimate destination. 

Tuscany is one of the regions in Italy on the central part and its capital is the artistic city of Florence. It is often dubbed as the world's greatest repository of art collections, from paintings to frescoes, sculptures and architectural masterpieces. Some of its famous cities are Florence, Sienna, Pisa and Chianti. With its interesting history, culture, food and romantic landscapes, Tuscany, for me, no doubt, is one of the best regions in Europe to explore for leisure, adventure and learning.

The vineyard in Chianti, the wine producing region in Tuscany

Tuscany is also known for its breezy scenery, spectacular beaches, breathtaking countryside and authentic Italian dishes. Its artistic legacy and influence on high culture made this historical region even more interesting especially among artists, scholars and researchers.

Beautiful Tuscan beach!

Four of Tuscany's most beautiful destinations I dreamed to explore:

Florence - This is Tuscany's capital. Considered as the birthplace of the Renaissance period in Italy, it is highly popular due to its legendary artistic culture, so much so that it is consistently named one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Sienna - Famous for its medieval buildings, arts, museums and cuisine, Siena, no doubt, is one of Europe's lovely places. Its countryside is dominated with rolling hills, beautiful scenery and relaxing mountain paths. Some of the best attractions in Siena according to an Italian travel guide online are the following: Piazza del Campo, Palazzo Pubblico, Piazza del Duomo, Siena Cathedral and Torre del Mangia. Siena also offers unique Italian food and wine.

Pisa - Home to one of the world's oldest universities, the University of Pisa. This Tuscan city houses some of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy including the Square of Miracles known in Italy as Piazza del Miracoli. 
Piazza del Duomo where the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is located

Square of Miracles is where the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is located, it is a bell tower of the Cathedral located within the ground of Piazza del Duomo. The baptistery located within the cathedral is considered one of the largest baptisteries in Italy. Other must-see landmarks around the Square of Miracles are enchanting monuments, treasures and the famous Camposanto, an ancient monumental cemetery located north of the Square.

Chianti - Located between the cities of Florence and Siena, Chianti is very famous for its stunning hills, vineyard, castles, medieval villages and churches. But most of all, this city is popularly known for producing the best wine varieties in the world. Delectable regional Italian food can be tasted in Chianti also and because of its close location to Siena and Florence, visitors can easily reach Chianti in just a short travel.

There you go, the reasons why Tuscany is my ultimate travel dream!