When coming to Manila, don't miss the opportunity of visiting the little Europe in the metro --- McKinley Hill in Taguig!

You know, I always love Europe and it has been my ultimate dream to take a leisure trip around the continent, particularly in Scotland, Britain, France, Italy and Switzerland and a Tuscan Holiday is an ultimate obsession!This dream however remains a dream, but as we all know, God is good!!! Sometimes He creates certain forms of miracles to pacify our longings. Because I cannot afford to go to Europe at the moment, God allowed me to work in an environment that has a taste of Europe ^_____^

Experience a taste of Europe in McKinley Hill!

If there's one business district in Metro Manila that combines the energy of a sophisticated urban living and the elegance of Europe then it's McKinley Hill at the Fort Bonifacio in Taguig. From the imposing buildings, stunning landscape down to the artistic architectural design of the high-end structures, McKinley is truly beyond imagination when it comes to modernization in the Philippines with a brush of a western culture!!

The transformation of McKinley Hill into a luxurious district is being handled by the Megaworld Corporation, a high-end property developer and the country's premier BPO office space provider that has been targeting an upper class real estate development in Metro Manila.

McKinley has state-of-the-art, large-scale condominiums, business establishments and town houses that are extremely modern, designed under a strong European influence. It is also home to some of the most highly reputable multinational companies operating in the Philippines, Accenture, Wells Fargo, Thomson Reuters among others. High-end condominiums and town houses mushroomed around the area leaving it no room for economical shelters to be built, making McKinley Hill one of the most expensive districts in Metro Manila.

According to the Megaworld Corporation site, the concept of McKinley Hill is developed for the successful set and for international engagements in the country. Aside from high-rising condominiums and offices, McKinley houses international schools and embassies.

Luxurious Properties in McKinley Hill

1. The Florence - Offers the finest things of an urban living from retail stores, to restaurants and condominiums. The architectural design is patterned after the artistic Italian city of the same name.

2. Viceroy Executive Residences - High-rising condominiums designed for the elite and business leaders.

3. The Venice - composed of event pavilions, arcade and a beautiful Piazza.

4. Morgan - Townhouses and condominiums

5. Stamford - a world-class community with beautifully designed condominiums where you can experience the life of privilege and glamour

6. Tuscany Hill Estate - Are you dreaming to have a Tuscan adventure in Italy but cannot afford a ticket at the moment, why not visit the Tuscany Hill in McKinley instead? I am very lucky because I always pass here everyday. It's an illustrious clusters of residential houses designed under the Tuscan influence and Mediterranean mode, it has an array of cafes and restaurants too.

7. McKinley Hill village and gardens - Beautiful town houses designed under the Italian countryside concept and the Caribbean scene, it has a beautiful garden, trees and beautiful pathways.

The Tower of Venice Piazza (orange structure) from a distance

When I arrived in Manila in 2013 and my friends brought me to Razon's in McKinley to try its scrumptious Halo-halo and Sizzling Bulalo, I was amazed with the grandeur of the surrounding, the magnificent buildings, the cool atmosphere, the luxurious ambience. It feels like Italy! So lavish and glamorous, but when I learned that the cost of living here is terribly expensive, my fascination towards the place waned down and did not dream to get a job here.

But oh, well, life sometimes can be so cunning and tricky, pushing us a little harder to test our endurance.  Late last year, I had a final interview at one of McKinley's "resident" companies and my anxiety began. I had this slight reservation working at this district due to the distance of travelling and the expensive lifestyle. There's no public utility jeep, no carenderia and boarding houses, so I was hoping that if ever I got accepted on the job I would be assigned elsewhere. Unfortunately, I ended up at McKinley still hehe!

My travel everyday from Caloocan City to McKinley, Taguig, which takes almost three hours depends on the dense of traffic, is kinda toxic. But since I don't want to start my day in a bad light, I just treated each moment as a great opportunity to do a sight seeing in the city and the moment I enter the vicinity of McKinley hill and feel the European-like atmosphere, all the reservations and stress I felt eventually vanish.

McKinley Hill as viewed at the 6th floor of the Tower A of One Campus Place
The stunning skyline of McKinley Hill.
Each day, in the morning, I would sit beside the window of the pantry
on the 6th floor of the McK Tower A to get a perfect view of the European atmosphere of McKinley Hill.

McKinley Hill is just a stone-throw away from Bonifacio Global City, another high-end district in Taguig that offers comfort, leisure and luxurious lifestyle, also a project of the Megaworld Corporation.

So if you are coming to Manila, seize the opportunity of visiting McKinley Hill, it's simply elegant!You will experience a different thrill and style of being in a European surrounding.

How to go to McKinley Hill

McKinley can be reached by any means of transportation except jeepneys.

From Bonifacio Global City (BGC)/Market, Market
  • Take taxi or van
From Magallanes MRT station
  • Go to San Lorenzo place (just within Magallanes MRT station's area) and ride a City Link bus or Van, these PUVs have daily routes to McKinley Hill.
What to do in McKinley Hill
  • Dine! It has some of the finest food establishments in the Metro. Plus the surrounding is ideal for photo souvenirs.
  • Be amused with its European atmosphere.
  • Take a leisure walk along its quiet and glamorous streets.
Best establishments to visit at McKinley Hill
  • Don't miss dining at Razon's (near Florence Way). Its halo-halo is ultra-delicious, and the sizzling bulalo is so insanely delectable!
  • Tuscany - Not just a private estate but a food destination as well.
  • Venice Piazza - It feels like a shopping mall with fashion boutiques and foods!