Food is always part of every traveler's itinerary because it provides comfort and respite while on the road. There is something in food also that I personally find very relieving when I am taking an outdoor adventure, it's the delight of keeping my stomach full while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding. It balances everything.

So here, I will be presenting the scrumptious meals/pastries I devoured recently and the joy it gives to my often-times-insatiable appetite.

I went out last March 9 with my close friend and former colleague in the University, Rowena Tagaan, to watch movie in Trinoma Mall and because we're both passionate towards eating and have hearty appetites and easily get hungry with no apparent reasons, we agreed to wolf on foods!

When I am strolling around the mall my craving for pasta is excessively epidemic, so naturally I suggested that we would look for a food establishment that offers pasta concoctions.


While walking around, looking for a food house, something caught my roving eyes, a list of menu at World Chicken. I saw several sets of meals composed of pasta and boneless chicken that looked so insanely delectable!

And that's it! We came closer and navigated the menu and chose my all time favourite--- Fettuccine Carbonara! Rowie chose the Asian Noodles meal.

Insanely scrumptious pasta meal at World Chicken in Trinoma Mall!
First set: Carbonara, Toasted Garlic Bread, 
Boneless chicken drizzled with custard cheese sauce. Price: P170.00
Second set: Asian noodles with Mashed Potato with gravy, 
Boneless chicken drizzled with mushroom sauce. Price: P150.00

World Chicken offers a wide selection of pasta concoctions from Fettuccine Carbonara to Pesto to Bolognese and a lot more. The boneless chicken is equally satisfying! I love this set of meal because the pack is so huge it can be shared by two persons per order. World Chicken is located in the food court area of Trinoma mall in Quezon City.


I am not a cake person, much more chocolate, I rarely eat cake because I don't like sweets that much, it makes my head swirl in anxiety, but this cute layer of Chocolate mortle cake from Goldilocks is so mouthwatering I was not able to resist the temptation when Rowena bought one layer for my sister's birthday.

Lush Chocolate mortle Cake with Cherries!

Mouthwatering cake! So rich and creamy, yum!!!


I am not into coffee because I don't like its after-taste of coffee. I don't like cold drinks. I cut on chocolates also. So naturally Starbucks never appeals me. But Rowena is a coffee addict and loves Starbucks so when we go out, her usual destination is Starbucks and I would just release a deep sigh and support here.

The moment we dash on the counter to choose an order, I could not make up my mind so easily because none of the listed items in the menu sounds so interesting. I am a Green Tea drinker and I prefer it with honey and always choose the warm variety. So after navigating the menu of Starbucks, I always settled with anything that has Green Tea.

 Belgian Waffle drizzled with smoothie cream and heavy chocolate syrup

Green Tea Frappuccino, the only item in the menu of Starbucks that appeals me

Hazelnut Macchiato, one of Rowie's favorites

Starbucks coffee house has been known with its unique blending of flavors of coffee concoctions, but I am not really into it, coffee always gives me a terrible after-taste that lasted almost an hour, Frappes never appealed me also, but because my friend is really a coffee lover I got to support her every time we're on the road!