When I am very hungry, the first thing that would come to my mind is devour oriental foods! ^____^

Yeah, I love everything about oriental cuisine from Chicken Teriyaki to Maki to Gyoza to Siomai. It satisfies my cravings and hunger. I love the way oriental meals are prepared, the taste is just right, there's always excitement in every bite!

So here, presenting my food walk to two oriental restaurants!

TOKYO TOKYO, Skyranch, Tagaytay

I've come to visit Tagaytay last weekend with my friend, Rowie Tagaan, and because we did not eat anything for breakfast since leaving Picnic Grove, we're really super hungry when we arrived at Skyranch. We've only one clear purpose where to spend lunch, at an oriental restaurant! Tokyo Tokyo naturally became the first choice. 

Though my favorite meal at Tokyo Tokyo is Honey Chicken Teriyaki, I chose other meal option to explore other varieties. I settled with Salmon Donburi and Rowie shared her California Maki order with me. Comparing Donburi and Chicken Teriyaki, the latter is still the tastier and yummier!

 California Maki! Php 45.00 I am a certified maki addict!

Salmon Donburi meal!Php 99.00


Oh I adored this chinese restaurant. Their meals are insanely delectable! Most foods in the menu of Superbowl of China are buffet-like sets which are very ideal when dining as a large group. But if you want an individual/single order, you have an option to choose the supersolo meals which are equally gratifying and bulky.

The sets of meals I tried at Superbowl so far are Lemon Chicken and Braised Beef Brisket equally gratifying! Lemon chicken has a sumptuous orange sauce and I really loved every bite, the chicken is well fried and the blending of the sauce balances the sweetness with a spike taste of other herbs. The price per order of each of these meals is not really horrifying! It is very affordable, don't worry.

 Superbowl of China! Fulfilling...

 Braised Beef Brisket Supersolo Php 129.00
Tender meaty savoury beef soaked in heavy oriental sauce with vegetables

Super bowl Lemon Chicken Supersolo Php 112.00
Very tasty chicken fillet (tenderly fried) with thick lemon syrup dip