Aquaria beach resort, Batangas

Scorching heat of the sun, tormenting weather, blistering temperature even at night time, These environmental symptoms only indicate one season - finally, it's summer!

When summer season hits the landscape of the Philippines, the weather is terribly punishing and the atmosphere inside the house is almost as hell, so taking a relaxing escape elsewhere to chill down is definitely on everyone's mind. 

Summer Travel

I've no definite travel plan at the moment, maybe I’ll try a solo adventure somewhere else. Perhaps, Tagaytay, the easier route from Metro Manila.

I want to take a relaxing road trip in the countryside, marvel at the cool shade of nature, trek at the rolling hills, smell the freshness of the lush tropical plants, experience the stillness of the surroundings and feel the smoothness of the afternoon breeze. 

Serenity. That is.

Hot Spring Resorts (especially in Laguna) are good but beach is a tempting option, so maybe a quick trip to Batangas is a good consideration. 

Though I hate the blistering heat of the summer sun, I love the idea of walking along the shoreline than romp off at the pool side with the crowd.

The tropical environment of Philippine beaches is so refreshing and soothing plus the sounds of the crashing waves is relaxing to tired senses. 

While contemplating my summer escape, I would like to take a quick trip down memory lane and  reminisce some of my most memorable travels.