Had a good time with colleagues last April 26 at Cattleya Resort in Antipolo City. It was just an overnight stay, the fact that we're in a hurry to leave the area on the following morning, I wasn't able to take nice shots of the resort.:-D

Pool side of the vacation rental home within Cattleya Resort

Cattleya is not your usual idea of a typical resort, it's more like a village with several vacation rental homes. But the place is not disappointing as you might think, in fact it is ideal for people who may want to escape the extreme hot weather in the city and cool down privately.

It is extremely private with just only visitors who booked at its specific rental home can occupy the pool area and the ground. The swimming pool is not really huge, you should take extra precautions, especially if you have kids, when walking around the pool area, you will topple if you won't look on your steps.

Cattleya resort is a huge village situated at the scenic landscape of Antipolo city. Its location guarantees a breathtaking view of the panoramic vistas of the province of Rizal, so relaxing! At night, visitors will be treated to a spectacular sight of the vibrant city lights, while embracing the chilly breeze of the evening air.

Visitors have several options to choose for a rental home within the resort. Area varies according to accommodation rate packages. Each block in the village has a two-storey house with a swimming pool and a spacious ground.

So when you rent a place at Cattleya you have to rent the entire block, you will be guaranteed with an ultra-exclusive privacy in a homey environment anyway. The house our team rented has three spacious bedrooms, two comfort/bath rooms, a kitchen, refrigerator and a living room.

Good for team buildings and exclusive party events, this resort has all the comfort of a relaxing  home away from the maddening crowd in the city. The sprawling ground can hold games and other fun activities of the celebration, so you won't be bored when deciding to rent any of the rental vacation homes at Cattleya.

Cattleya Resort, your home away from home
With pretty ladies: Dianne, Jessica and Jen in the bedroom
posing a break before plunging at the pool!

What I love about the place is its ultra-exclusive mode of accommodation. Calm. Homely. Cozy. Relaxing. I like the comfort and the privacy the resort provides, so cool!

Visitors are free to bring foods and drinks! There's a kitchen and a grilling area where meals can be prepared.

The accommodation includes videoke machine rental too, but visitors can only enjoy the videoke facility up to 12:00 midnight due to a city ordinance strictly followed by the resort. 

The accommodation is 12 hours (not 24 hours) so better plan your stay when coming to Cattleya.

For rates and information about the resort, visit their SITE