I love Tagaytay!!

It could be the city's cool climate or its natural scenery that lures my interest to make a repeat trip, whatever it is, Tagaytay is always a convenient choice for a quick weekend getaway. The place is very ideal, aside from its proximity to Metro Manila, it has so many things to offer -- food, relaxing atmosphere, gorgeous tourist spots and breathtaking view of the romantic skyline at night time.

And yesterday was another day of fun and leisure at the country's second summer destination! It's no longer summer season in the Philippines though but I still love visiting Tagaytay because of its ultra-relieving vistas!

Had been planning for months to dine at Bag of Beans and visit Sonya's Garden to buy herbal plants but kept stalling the idea due to other weekend tasks until yesterday when we finally decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, due to drizzly weather, we're not able to go to Sonya's Garden, so we went to Puzzle Mansion instead.


Address: 3650 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing WestTagaytay City, CaviteTel.No. (046) 413-4356
Truly impressive! I'm referring to its very relaxing ambiance, cool tropical setting and delectable dishes! If there's one coffee shop outside Metro Manila that I would love to spend my leisure time talking with closest friends while enjoying meals, it should be Bag of Beans.

The refreshing environment sets the mood and provides relief, and I love the homey feel that this restaurant provides to diners, quiet, idyllic and relax, as if I was just chilling at the balcony of someone's house, enjoying a home cook meal and having a care-free conversation with a friend

Shop of Goodies
View from the top 
The homey atmosphere of the restaurant

Bag of Beans Coffee Shop reflects an atmosphere of a European restaurant with oriental touches, it has a natural backdrop of lush tropical plants, Asian-inspired furnishing and garden and a classy architectural design. I love the structure of this restaurant, table arrangement is segregated in different junctions that suit the style preference of the diners. My favourite area however is the one on the balcony because it reflects my choice --- homely comfort. The soft breeze that rustles above the trees made the environment more tranquil and soothing.

Lasagna! Php 245.00
Caramel Macchiato Php 110.00

Basically a coffee shop, Bag of Beans has expanded into a classy restaurant over the years offering international cuisine and pastry concoctions, it has a special buffet section with more food options in bulk sets for diners. The comfort of being at home is visible in every corner of the restaurant where delicate arrangement of tables and chairs are accentuated with ornament details under the heavy influence of an authentic oriental garden.

It has a special souvenir's shop for visitors who may want to bring home goodies, most of the products are organic and freshly made so spending your hard-earned money for pasalubong is not that bad.

Asking if I still love to come back to Bag of Beans some other time, my answer is YES! It's worth of my money!


Address: Purok 4 Cuadra St. Barangay Asisan, Tagaytay City, Philippines
Tel.No.+632 661-0019
Operating hours: Monday to Saturday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Straddled between the farm area and the uncultivated grassy fields of Brgy. Asisan, Puzzle Mansion probably is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Tagaytay for visitors who love arts and paintings.

Started as a hobby of solving jigsaw puzzle by businesswoman, Gina Lacuna, Puzzle Mansion houses the museum of the world's largest collections of jigsaw puzzle. In 2012, Lacuna beat Brazilian hobbyist, Luiza Figueiredo, in the Guinness World Records for having the largest collection of jigsaw puzzle.

Originally, Puzzle Mansion, is a tourist inn facility with 11 rooms offering bed and breakfast accommodation to tourists, it has an infinity pool, a function room for special celebrations and a beautiful garden with a wishing well fronting the puzzle collection museum.

Portrait of St. John Paul II
The royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

There's a puzzle portrait of St. John Paul II placed right at the entrance area of the museum. It was a beautiful feeling having seen the face of the late beloved pope among the portraits. Other famous works of arts I saw among the puzzle collections: Monalisa, Van Gogh Painting among others.

The puzzle collection covers almost all sections of the society from famous people to popular landmarks and paintings of rennaisance artists. Entrance fee is Php 100.00.

The long road leading to Puzzle Mansion

The road leading to Puzzle Mansion is not an easy one, though the infrastructure is good and the environment is well-maintained, finding its direction is quite a challenge. Private cars are welcome inside the vicinity of  the Mansion so there's no worry of taking a long walk from the road to the museum but for us who just came hiring a tricycle, we laboured quite really hard trekking the hilly side of the narrow road leading to the museum but the effort was worth it, we enjoyed the experience walking along the windy road.

Tips when visiting Puzzle Mansion:
  • If you are commuters, the only way to reach this spot is through a tricycle ride. Fare is Php60.00 (for two)
  • Make an arrangement with the tricycle driver to fetch you after your visit.
  • The largest jigsaw puzzle made by the owner that gave her an accolade in the Guinness Word Records can be found at the upper stair of the museum, so don't miss the opportunity of visiting this area.